General Hospital Update Friday 2/2/01


General Hospital Update Friday 2/2/01

By Afrikka

Carly has a book on Martinique to show Sonny. Sonny tells her that the church they are to be married in will not be in a travel book. They talk about their upcoming wedding. They talk about renewing their vows before god. Sonny tells her that he wants to do that. Sonny and Carly are kissing and there is a knock at the door. Carly doesn’t want to answer it. Johnny enters; it’s Elton to see Carly. Elton has brought the proofs from Liz’s shoot. Elton is in awe of Sonny and is introduced to him by Carly. Carly offers to go to the office, but Sonny says no. As he is going upstairs, Alexis enters. Elton rakes Alexis over the coals for destroying his reputation. Sonny is able to stop Elton’s tirade. Alexis and Sonny leave the penthouse to talk about Zander. She tells him that Sonny can re-post the bail for Zander. Sonny doesn’t want to upset Carly with talk of Sorel, and he will post Zander’s bail. Carly is not impressed with Liz’s pictures. The only pictures that are really good are the ones taken by Lucky.

Stefan and Helena encounter one another on the docks. Helena inquires about Nik and tells Stefan she has a plan for Nik. Stefan warns her to stay away from Nik, “or what?” Helena questions. Helena wonders why Stefan feigns to protect Nik, even though they are not on speaking terms. She tells Nik that Stefan has ruined Nik, and is now living with the unsuitable Gia. After Stefan leaves, Helena tells Andreas that she is ensuring that Stefan takes care of Gia so that he will be even more hated by Nik.

Gia is caught admiring Nik in his bedroom. He asks her what she’s doing there. She tries to cover by saying that he was snoring. Nik says that he wasn’t sleep. Nik wants an apology. Gia says he must be dreaming. Gia wants to know what she needs to apologize for since Nik said that she would probably lose the FOD to Liz. Nik counters that she called Laura a liar. Gia points out that Nik stormed out of Kelly’s and should apologize to her. She would like for Nik to take her side once. She tells Nik that she stood up for him against Stefan and Helena. Nik reminds her that she doesn’t pay rent. Gia notes that he’s always throwing that in her face, she admits that she really wants the job but everyone is against her. She thinks that Nik is still in love with Liz. Nik gets angry but does tell Gia that she has a chance at becoming the FOD. She says that she’s moving out, immediately. Nik lets her leave but gets up to go after her.

Jason is lying on the couch in Liz’s studio. Liz opens the door, but Jason doesn’t know who’s coming and hides in the closet. Liz calls for Jason. She has brought him dinner. He thanks her, and says he doesn’t need anything else. Liz tells him about her photo shoot. She shares her discomfort, and Jason remembers that a photographer attacked Liz. Jason asks if Liz wants the job. Liz doesn’t really seem to want the job as much as she is doing it for Laura. Liz admits she’s very happy.

Felicia is at the police station looking over files. Mac comes and asks her how she’s doing. He has brought her some of her favorite tea. Bobbie arrives at the station to talk to Felicia. She tells her that she met Melissa, who admitted writing the letter. Felicia thinks that’s great. Bobbie, to the contrary, she is now more worried than ever. Zander is brought in from the jail and Mac tells him that he is being granted bail again.

Emily is at Kelly’s. Edward is trying to rent the room at Kelly’s right out from under Emily. Tammy won’t take Edward’s $2000 a week bribe for the room. Emily says if she doesn’t room at Kelly’s she’ll find somewhere else. Edward says he’s going to call the police and report her as a runaway. Lucky tells him to back off. Lucky tells Edward that his moving away from home was the best thing for him. Edward doesn’t want any Spencer parenting tips. Emily doesn’t want to fight. She reminds Edward about the time when they bought the tree and she says that she hoped that he would say he didn’t want her to leave, but he never did. She tells Edward that the issue at hand is trust; not their trust in her, but hers in them. She only trusts Lila. Edward questions her further, finally gives in and leaves. Emily admits that she’s not okay.

Lucky and Emily talk about her decision, his concern about Zander and if Zander is worth it. Emily takes a room at Kelly’s.

Gia enters Kelly’s and asks Tammy about renting a room. Tammy tells her that Emily just rented the last one. Gia wants to know why Emily needs a place. Nik arrives at Kelly’s and Gia tells him that Emily’s moved in. Gia makes a smart comment, and Nik wonders what he’s even doing at Kelly’s and says he refuses to ask Gia back to the Cottage. Carly arrives and tells Gia that they are going to have a practice shoot the next day. She wants her to get rest so she will be ready. Carly assures her that she will be great, and Gia leaves. Tammy asks about Sonny and Carly asks about Mike. Tammy wonders what Carly wants. She is looking for Lucky.

Bobbie tells Felicia about the lights being turned out. Bobbie shares that Roy won’t tell Taggert or Hannah about the letter from Melissa because he doesn’t want to involve her. Felicia thinks that is a good idea, but Bobbie insists that she has to get to the bottom of the matter. Alexis and Sonny arrive at the station to bail out Zander. Mac has gotten permission to have Zander wear an ankle monitor. Alexis is not pleased with Mac’s handling of the situation. Bobbie tells Felicia that she is thinking about going to see Melissa again. Felicia urges Bobbie to tell Roy and get everything in the open. Bobbie tells her that she can’t, not until she finds out what Roy is hiding.

Liz and Jason talk about her relationship with Lucky. Jason looks wistful at a mention, by Liz, of Emily. Liz reveals that Emily is moving into Kelly’s. Jason is surprised, but not upset by the news

Zander and Sonny enter the penthouse. Sonny recounts the lies that Zander told him to get money. Zander tries to explain, and Sonny tells him to shut-up. Sonny goes on about Zander taking money from Alexis. Zander tries to apologize but Sonny doesn’t want to hear it. Zander explains that he wanted to make sure that Emily got home safely. Sonny questions why Zander didn’t come to him. Zander admits that he thought Sonny wouldn’t help. Sonny explains again, that Emily is Jason’s sister and that he cares about her. Zander apologizes again, and Sonny lightens up and tells him to come to him next time. Zander promises to do that. Sonny warns Zander to do what he’s supposed to do. Sonny tells Zander that he knows that Zander could have kept running, and the fact that he didn’t was the only good thing he did, Sonny thinks it counts for something. Zander looks visibly shaken by the confrontation.

Emily and Lucky decide to go to Liz’s studio. Carly asks for a moment of Lucky’s time. She offers him $1500 to shoot pictures of Gia. Lucky resists at first, he doesn’t think it’s fair to give Gia an advantage. Carly tells him that Deception will probably have to do another shoot for Liz since she did so poorly on the first one. She is trying to save the company money by giving Gia a practice shoot. Lucky says he’ll do it for $2500, Carly counters with $2000 and they strike a deal.

Nik is at the cottage looking out the window for Gia to arrive. There is a knock on his bedroom door. Gia says she is staying for at least the night. Nik asks if she will move the next day, and Gia asks Nik if he wants her to stay. Nik seems to be at a loss, at tells Gia she can stay if she wants. He tells her that she can’t come in his room, he asks how Gia would feel if he came in her room.

Emily encounters Juan on the docks as she’s on her way to Liz’s studio. The have angry words with one another and Juan storms off. Zander shows up soon after. He and Emily share a happy reunion. Jason gives Liz money for Emily. He tells her to say that Sonny gave it to her. Liz knows that Jason wants to see Emily. Jason can’t. He tells Liz that she shouldn’t even know, but that he needed a place to hide. Lucky knocks on Liz’s door and Jason hides. He hears, as Liz and Lucky discuss Emily and Zander. Liz manages to get Lucky out of the studio.

Sorel and Carlos meet and discuss the fact that Zander’s out on bail and that it’s time to return to Port Charles. Jason calls Sonny. Sonny tells him that Zander’s out of jail, and Jason says everything is ready on his end. They hang up as Carly enters the penthouse. He tells her it’s late and questions whether she had Rick with her. She says yes and tells him she was at work. Sonny asks her to call next time. He is obviously very concerned about her safety. Carly teases him and then apologizes for worrying him. She hugs him but Sonny still looks worried.

Felicia finds something in the files. She shares it with Mac, he is impressed with her work. Luke arrives back in PC and shows up at Kelly’s.

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