General Hospital Update Thursday 2/1/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/1/01

By Afrikka

Nik enters Kelly’s. Liz is working. She tells him that he looks tired and offers him a cup of coffee. Nik comments on the shoot. Liz doesn’t think that she did a good job, and Nik doesn’t think that Carly and Gia’s presence helped. He apologizes for Gia behavior, but Liz says that he doesn’t have to apologize for Gia. She doesn’t want their competition for the FOD to hurt her and Nik’s friendship. Nik assures her that it won’t. Nik says he lives with Gia but doesn’t agree with the things she does. Liz is sure that Gia is nervous and showing that in a different way. Liz doesn’t think it will be the end of the world if she doesn’t get the job. Nik thinks it will be for Gia if she doesn’t get the job because she is trying to prove herself. Nik then wonders why he is making excuses for Gia, and Liz wonders the same thing. He defends Gia’s insecurities, but Liz isn’t buying it. Nik thinks Gia is probably jealous of Liz. Liz thinks that she is most jealous of her and Nik’s friendship.

Mac and Laura encounter one another outside of Kelly’s. He tells Laura that she looks great and suggests that being a CEO must agree with her. Laura tells him about the photo shoot. A young boy approaches them selling roses and asks Mac if he’d like to buy one for his girlfriend. Mac and Laura smile nervously at each other. Mac asks how much the roses are. The boy quotes a price and then explains that the white roses are for new friendships and the red roses are for love. Mac decides to buy two yellow roses. He gives both to Laura, one he says is for her Deception success, the other is for their old friendship. The enter Kelly’s and sit to talk. Laura tells Mac that she read the derogatory editorial about him in the paper. She thinks that she should call the newspaper editor or the mayor to support Mac, and assures him that he is the best thing to happen to Port Charles. Mac gets his take out order and leaves with a kiss, on the cheek, as a goodbye to Laura. Laura heads to the counter to talk to Liz.

Monica and Alan cross paths in a hospital hallway. Alan questions why Monica did not attend a staff meeting. Monica tells him that she was in a surgery that ran over. Alan chastises her for not calling since she wasn’t going to attend. Monica is incensed and tells Alan that she is trying to work while worrying about Emily. Alan is worried too, and they argue. Audrey and Tony witness the argument and agree that the two have to really be in love to withstand the insults they hurl at one another. Monica is worried that they won’t regain Emily’s trust again, her and Alan start arguing about Emily and the baby they were trying for. Tony and Audrey come to break up the argument. Monica admits her problems and fears to Audrey who suggests that Monica may want to visit the ObGyn, Dr. Meadows. Monica doesn’t want more bad news. Alan tells Tony that he has one last chance to get being a parent right, with Emily, and he doesn’t want to blow it.

Zander is brought into the interrogation room where Emily is waiting to see him. They talk about whether or not Zander will get out again. Zander says even if they put the old deal back on the table, that he won’t be able to raise bail. Emily says she will go back to ask Sonny. Zander doesn’t think Sonny will help again after he lied to him and jumped bail almost costing Sonny $2 mil. Emily tells him not to worry. She then admits that she’s moving out. Zander doesn’t want her to move out because of him. Emily insists it not because of him, it’s because her parents don’t trust her. She will live at Kelly’s and work part time to pay the rent.

Dara sees Felicia looking over the Sorel files. She gives Felicia a disapproving look and Felicia says that Mac authorized her to help him. Dara knows, but she thinks Mac is letting his personal feelings get in the way of his professional judgment. Dara warns that Mac could lose his job because of Felicia. She asks Felicia hasn’t she hurt Mac enough. She doesn’t think that she should cost him his job too.

Luke is in disguise as Darius Cassidine. He is at the bank safety deposit room. He talks the banker into leaving him alone, to look over the contents of the box. Since Luke has no key, he tries to pick the lock. He is unable to open the box, and finally resorts to trying to blow the lock off. He is unable to but sets the fire alarm off. The banker comes in, Luke makes up a story and departs the bank without having gotten into the safety deposit bank.

Bobbie lights candles for a romantic evening with Roy. She tells him the dinner is in honor of them and she wanted it to be special. Roy tells her anytime spent together is special to him. The lights go out. Bobbie wonders what happened. Roy goes to investigate and comes back to tell her that the brownstone is the only building with no lights. He wants her to call Hannah, he thinks it might be Larkin.

Chloe encounters Stefan at the hospital while waiting for Tony. Stefan inquires about her health. Chloe tells her that she doesn’t want to hear his false concern. Stefan insists that he does care about her, he was trying to protect everyone from Helena. Chloe says that she doesn’t need protection from Helena since her dreams have stopped. She says her vision is clear and she sees him for who he really is. Tony calls her for her appointment and she leaves Stefan standing there.

Roy, Bobbie and Taggert are at the Brownstone talking about the power outage. Hannah arrives and tells Bobbie that the power company is saying that she is three months behind on her payments and that’s why her service was cut off, and that they sent her notices. Bobbie knows that she paid the bills and has the cancelled checks. Roy is more sure than ever that Larkin is behind it.

Mac brings Felicia dinner. She is worried about what Dara said, and asks Mac about the mayor. Mac tells Felicia that he wants her help and he doesn’t care about the mayor. If he gets fired, it doesn’t matter, he will run the investigation his way. Later Felicia wants Mac to be sure that he is asking her to help for the right reasons. Mac assures her that his department is too short staffed to have someone do what she is doing. Felicia is satisfied and they eat.

Lucky visits Zander. Lucky says that he was looking for them and was sure that they’d be half way to Mexico by now. Zander admits that they had considered it, but decided not to. Lucky wonders why. Zander says that he had things to take care of in Port Charles. Lucky says he respects Zander for coming back. Zander asks for a favor. He tells Lucky about Emily moving out and asks him to watch out for her. Lucky says he doesn’t have to ask because Emily is his friend.

Laura tells Liz that the pictures from the test shoot will be in the next day. Gia arrives and Nik goes to greet her. He invites her to come to the counter since Liz and Laura are discussing Deception. Laura tells Gia that Liz will get another test shoot if she’s not happy with the first. Gia asks if she will be afforded the same opportunity. Laura insists that she just wants to ensure that each girl has a fair chance. Laura is obviously favoring Liz. Liz walks Laura to the door, and Gia tells Nik it’s over. She knows she doesn’t have a chance to be the FOD. Nik says his mom is trying to be fair, but Gia’s not buying it.

Liz is getting ready to get off and places an order for soup and a sandwich. Tammy comments that the only person that used to get that sandwich; was Jason Morgan. Liz covers by saying Jason must have gotten her hooked on them. Nik tries to reassure Gia, but Gia insists that Laura is playing favorites. She knows that with the controlling interest, if Laura wants Liz, that she will get the job. Nik is outraged that Gia would call his mother a liar and tells Gia she has a big chip on her shoulder. Liz is listening to the whole conversation. When Nik leaves, Liz comes over and gets into it with Gia. She accuses her of using Nik and not caring about his feelings. Gia leaves as Lucky’s arriving. He tells Liz that Emily is moving to Kelly’s and wants Liz to go with him to the Q’s if Emily doesn’t arrive soon. Liz can’t and Lucky wants to know why. Liz has to take Jason his dinner and covers that she has a painting due for a grade.

Monica and Alan arrive and enter Emily’s room. Edward has called them about her plan to move out. She tells them that she needs space and respect. They beg her to stay. Emily would reconsider moving if her parents would agree that if she gets good grades and follows her curfew, that she could she see Zander. Neither Monica nor Alan will agree to that. Emily decides to leave. Edward brings Lila in. Emily tells her grandmother who questions whether Emily has thought long and hard about moving out. She assures her that she has, and Lila tells Edward that they have to respect Emily’s decision. Emily tells them that she loves them and leaves.

Bobbie and Roy run down the things they think Larkin has done. Taggert takes down the information. Hannah and Taggert agree to work together on the case and leave. Bobbie wants to know why Roy didn’t tell them about the letter from Melissa. Roy doesn’t want to get into it. He thinks the letter was from Melissa and he doesn’t want anyone questioning her, although he does think that Larkin may have planted the letter in his house. He emphatically tells Bobbie to stay out of it. It’s his past and he will handle it. Bobbie is forced to relent and tells Roy to let her know if anything happens.

Emily arrives at Kelly’s. Lucky has already asked Tammy about a room. Emily is grateful and hugs Lucky. Edward comes in and offers Tammy $1000 a week for the room that Emily was going to take. Lucky steps in and tells Edward to back off.

Gia slips into a sleeping Nik’s room. She leans down to watch him and reaches out to touch his chest. Nik grabs her hand, opens his eyes, and asks Gia what she wants.

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