General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/31/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/31/01

By Afrikka

Lucky arrives at the studio. He asks Liz if she heard him knocking. Liz claims that she was thinking about what to paint. Lucky wonders if she is really worried about the photo shoot. Jason is shown in Liz's closet, listening to her and Lucky. Lucky tells Liz that she's beautiful. Liz is very jumpy and says that she just wants to forget about the shoot. Lucky agrees and suggests that he would like to make love all night. Jason hears this as well.

Helena and Florence meet on the docks. Helena says she had been meaning to call her about Nik and Gia's relationship. Florence admits that she is unhappy with the situation too. Helena questions whether Florence has advised Gia to stop what she's doing to Nik. Florence is outraged and counters that she is worried about what Nik is doing to her daughter.

Nik is clapping for Gia, who was practicing for the shoot. Nik tells Gia if she was only practicing that she will blow everyone away when it's time to do the real shoot. Gia wants to know what Nik is doing there. She is uncomfortable with Nik having seen her practicing. He says he forgot his notebook and cell. She thinks they should leave; Nik would like to see her continue. Gia says he will have to get his laughs elsewhere. Nik protests that he wasn't laughing -much and proceeds to tease her by striking his own pose. Gia says it will take talent to get the job. Nik asks her what it will take to be the FOD, Gia insists that it takes magic. That Liz doesn't have. Nik wants her to show him some more of her moves. She turns on the music and poses for him. Nik comes behind Gia and puts his arms around her. They start to dance to the music. Nik says to Gia "you know what?" Gia says yes, that he can't dance. Nik counters that she doesn't know half of what he can do. Both are being very flirty. The show is over and Gia leaves.

Sonny is down on one knee, he just asked Carly to marry him. Carly looks uncertain, she wants Sonny to get up before he hurts himself. He reminds her that he asked her a question. She is confused and says that they are already married. Sonny tells her that they married for the wrong reasons, without a priest, and without making the promises that she deserves. He asks her again to "please" marry him. Carly gives him a huge smile, and says that she will. They kiss.

Helena and Florence continue their conversation. Florence reminds Helena that she is the one who said Nik was using Gia, and Nik was the one who suggested they become roommates. Helena intimates that Gia is after Nik's money. Florence refuses to allow Helena to use Gia as a scapegoat for Nik's actions. Florence warns Helena to keep her nose out of Gia's business vowing if she doesn't she will have Florence to contend with. Florence walks away. Helena tells Andreas that it's a shame that Mrs. Campbell is so uncooperative and that she will have to find someone else to take care of the Gia situation.

Mike and Tammy are talking at Kelly's. She asks him what he's doing because one of her friends has given her Santana tickets, and she wants to treat him. Mike appreciates the gesture but tells Tammy that he's been mooching off her and Sonny for too long. He needs a job.

Alexis and Taggert enter Kelly's. Taggert says that Zander shouldn't have jumped bail if he didn't want to get arrested. Alexis insists that Zander was worried about Emily when he flew to California and was about to turn himself in. Taggert says that Zander will be safer in jail. Alexis says that isn't true. Zander was threatened in jail and shot on the police steps. Alexis wants Zander to get credit for bringing Emily home. Ned walks in at that moment. He asks Alexis to confirm that Emily is back home. Alexis excuses herself to explain the situation to Ned, which she does. Ned wants to know where he and Alexis stand.

Carly tells Sonny that him asking her to marry him again, was the sweetest gesture anyone ever made toward her. Sonny says it wasn't a gesture; he always wanted to remarry her. To give her the wedding she deserved. Sonny admits that he forced her to marry him, the first time, because he knew he couldn't live without her. Carly tells him that she was afraid to marry him because she didn't think that he could love her the way she loved him. He tells her that they are meant to be because they are both screwed up.

Liz tells Lucky that she would love to make love to him, but that she isn't very good company and wants to paint and clear her head. Lucky agrees but he wants to stay and wait. She tells him that she needs to be alone, and kicks him out. He relents but tells her to paint fast and use her key to his room when she got to Kelly's. Jason comes out of the closet and thanks Liz for not telling Lucky he's there. Liz wants to know why Jason's there.

Stefan encounters Helena on the docks and comments on her lurking about with Andreas. Helena counters that it's "tedious" how Stefan manages to stay alive, and wonders if there will ever be any use for him. They argue over the pain Stefan has caused Nik. Helena believes that Stefan will be the one to extricate Gia from Nik's life.

Ned admits that he swallowed his pride to come and apologize to Alexis. He was miffed that Roy showed up and she dropped everything to talk to him. Ned questions the effort that Alexis has put in the relationship. She tells Ned that she loves him and she wants things to work out. Ned questions if she really means that. Hannah arrives and Taggert tells her that Emily and Zander are back. Taggert relays the story of Zander's arrest and says that he used kid gloves with Zander. If Hannah doesn't believe him, she can ask Alexis. Hannah says she believes him. Taggert counters with "except when you don't." Taggert admits that sometimes he can be cold. Hannah says they need to figure out if they can get past it, and admits that she doesn't know if they can.

Jason tells Liz he's there for business and he can't tell her more than that. He insists that no one but Liz can know he there. He explains that there are security issues he is dealing with and Sonny is the only other person who knows he's in PC. Jason tells Liz that he knows it would be hard for Liz to keep his presence from Lucky and apologizes for putting her in that position. He tells her that he can leave, but she has to promise to keep his secret. Liz says that Jason can stay, but wants to tell Lucky. When Jason explains why she can't, she still agrees to let him stay.

Sonny says that the way they fight, they need to have God's blessing. Carly knows that religion is important to him. He feels that it's important to have a real wedding, one where the bride doesn't run away and have to be talked down by the best man. Carly says that she didn't marry Sonny because of Jason. Sonny again tells her that he heard her promise to marry him, for Jason. Carly questions whether he heard the part when Jason asked if she had ever felt the way she felt about Sonny, for Jason. Carly tells Sonny that she was positive that he hated her, and didn't believe Jason when he told her that Sonny did care for her. She was sure that he was only marrying her to stay out of prison. She relays the bet she and Jason made. Sonny jokes that Carly can't pass up a bet. She admits that though she wasn't sure about him and that she was sure about how she felt about him and took a chance. Carly can't believe she's getting married again. She starts to ask about the details, the church, but Sonny says there's a small problem with the church. Sonny tells Carly that he has a chapel in Martinique in mind, or they can get married in a church in PC. The choice is hers. Carly says that she would love to marry him on the island.

Ned and Alexis hammer out the problems and misconceptions in their relationship. Alexis feels like she's sacrificing too much. Ned thinks he's the one who always has to make sacrifices. He says they are delaying the inevitable. They part and Ned wishes Alexis a "happy life."

Hannah meets AJ at the docks. He is holding his flask. He admits that he's happy that she's back but that it's hard to watch his family bury Emily with their demands. Hannah thinks that he can help Emily. AJ thinks Hannah thinks too highly of him, and admits that he wants to kiss her. He pulls her to him and they share a kiss. Hannah is affected by the kiss.

Sonny and Carly have a romantic talk in their bedroom. Carly is afraid to admit their lover for fear of losing it. Sonny promises that it's not going anywhere.

Nik and Gia meet Lucky at Kelly's. Nik and Gia engage in playful banter and Lucky tells them that Emily's back. He says that he would invite them to go see Emily too, but thinks that Liz had enough of Gia for one day. Lucky tells them that Liz is at her studio and Gia comments that she thinks it's strange that Liz is painting after Lucky's been gone for a week.

Liz brings Jason pillow and blankets. She asks him if he needs anything, he says no. Liz tells him that she and Lucky are doing better than ever. She wants to leave before Lucky comes back to look for her. She tells Jason that she's glad that he came to her.

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