General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/30/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/30/01

By Afrikka

Roy is in Alexis' apartment. He is telling her about the Leo Bedford case. He tells her that he didn't want to go after him, that he was the key witness, and that the government through the book at him. Alexis wants to know why he wants the records sealed. Roy replies that he was a different person then and he doesn't want anybody to read about the case. Alexis advises that he is not in danger and she didn't think a judge would seal the records. Alexis suggested it might be better for Roy to tell Hannah and Bobbie about the case, before they found out from another source. Roy didn't think that was a good idea, but he promises to think about it. He asks Alexis how much he owes, when she says nothing, he leaves. Roy seems to be agitated.

Bobbie is at Melissa's door. She is surprised that Melissa knows who she is. Melissa invites Bobbie inside. Bobbie tells Melissa, she must be wondering why Bobbie is there. Melissa assumes Bobbie is there because of the letter.

Zander is at the Q house. Taggert and the police are there as well as most of the Quartermains. Emily pleads with Taggert not to cuff Zander and tries to explain that he was going to turn himself in. Edward chimes in that he doesn't believe that Zander was going to turn himself in. Emily turns her anger toward Edward. Monica tries to calm her, but she is hurt and angry. She defends Zander's actions. Monica makes a plea on Zander's behalf to have the cuffs removed. Zander asks Emily to call Alexis for him.

Luke, dressed in his ridiculous Darius Cassidine costume, is meeting with a bank representative. The man tells Luke that he needs to answer three questions to verify his identity. Luke manages to successfully guess the answer to the first two questions. He initially misses the third about the month of Stavros' death, then makes up a ruse about the Russian/vs. Western calendar and eventually gets it right. The man is satisfied with Luke's identity and advises him that they will finish their business in the morning.

Sonny is talking on the phone to Jason, who is at Liz's studio. Sonny wants Jason to make sure that he will remain out of site. Jason assures him that he's in a safe place. Their plan will not work if Sorel knows that Jason is back. Sonny won't risk Carly. Jason tells him not to worry, that he will take care of Sorel.

Liz is at the photo shoot, and she is obviously uncomfortable. Carly is taunting Liz and looks pleased at Liz's distress. Laura encourages Liz to relax. Carly tells Laura that Liz has a deer caught in the headlight look. Gia and Nik look on dismayed. Lucky arrives, and Liz's entire demeanor changes. She is thrilled that Lucky is back. While she greets Lucky, Carly advises her that time is money. Laura thinks it's okay to give Liz a break. Carly, in typical Carly fashion, insists that they are. When the photographer resumes, he tells Liz to think of something fun, but still looks uncomfortable. Gia wonders if the photographer said fun or funeral? Nik tells Gia that they're leaving. As they leave Laura calls a break. Liz tells Lucky that she is blowing her chance.

Bobbie tells Melissa that she did come about the letter. Melissa isn't surprised that Roy would show it to her. Bobbie notes that Melissa doesn't seem surprised to see her. She admits that she has been thinking of Roy since she sent the letter. Bobbie admits that she knows about Roy's history with Melissa and her brother, Leo. Melissa admits that she was angry during the trial, that she felt betrayed, but that it was a long time ago. Bobbie admitted that she thought Larkin sent the letter, because of Roy's part in exposing him. Melissa denies having any contact with Larkin since the trial. Bobbie confirms, once again, that the letter was from her.

Emily calls Alexis and asks her to meet Zander at Q house. Edward is ranting incessantly, as usual. Alexis asks to speak to Zander. She is short and sarcastic when she asks him "so you decided to return?" He is contrite, and tells Alexis that he still wants to testify against Sorel, if she is still his lawyer. Alexis assures him that she is for the time being, and not to answer any questions. She then speaks to Taggert and asks him to wait for her at the Q house. He gives her a hard time but she stands her ground. Alexis goes to Sonny penthouse. She tells him that Zander and Emily did return, but Edward called the police. Alexis wants to know if Zander will be in danger in jail. Sonny has people on the inside of the jail. Sonny insists that Zander has to come through. Sonny advises Alexis that she has to make sure that Zander's testimony has to be airtight enough to put Sorel away. Sonny says that Sorel tried to kill him and that he considers that to be an inconvenience. Alexis wonders what will happen if Sorel keeps running, Sonny doesn't think he's smart enough to do that. Alexis asks if Sonny will post bail again. He says he will if he has to. Alexis tells him that she's glad she's working for him, because he can be terrifying.

Liz asks Lucky about how badly she was doing. He does confirm that she was a little stiff. He tells her he thinks she's beautiful. He is very reassuring. Lucky turns on the lights, some music, and starts taking pictures of Liz. She is immediately at ease. Lucky talks Liz through various scenarios while snapping pictures. Carly comes in and sees Lucky with Liz. She looks upset and the prospect that Liz might do well. When everyone comes back from the break, Liz is ready to go. Laura is pleased, and Carly is unimpressed.

Emily thinks Zander's current predicament is Edward's fault. Edward wants Zander to wait for Alexis outside. Emily comments on the cold temperature outside. Alan agrees, but Monica counters that it's her house and she wants them to stay. Taggert will not wait outside and decides to go back to the station. Emily doesn't want that. Lila has an idea to solve the problem and decides to serve tea.

Bobbie is walking around Melissa's apartment. She is nosing around on her desk. Melissa sees her but doesn't make her presence known. When she does, she tells Bobbie about the rigors of her job. She seems to be a nurse or doctor because she earlier mentions being on call. Bobbie thanks Melissa for her time and leaves.

Gia returns to the site of the photo shoot looking for Theo the photographer. Gia turns on the music and pretends she's at her photo shoot. She's giving herself direction. Nik silently enters and watches the show. Gia imagines herself in the outfit Liz had on at the shoot. Nik claps for Gia; she looks embarrassed to have been caught.

Carly enters the penthouse, which has been lighted with candles. There is champagne chilling and Sonny is looking exceptionally handsome decked out in an all black suit. Carly questions if he made all the preparations himself, he confirms that he did. She pulls him to her for a kiss. She breaks the kiss and tells Sonny that she needs a moment to get used to it (the romantic setting), and that she's not used to having those kinds of things done for her. Sonny pours the drinks while Carly comments on the test shoot. As far as she's concerned, it went well. She knows that now Sonny is going to give her the surprise that he told her about. He tells her she's too impatient, he wants to have his drink and converse. Carly warns that she gets cranky when she doesn't have her way. Sonny teases her.

Jason is looking at Liz's paintings when he hears the door open. He hides and when he shows himself, he startles her. She looks happy to see him, and Jason comments that it's good to see her. Liz hugs Jason and asks what he's doing there. He can't say, but he would like to stay at Liz's studio. Liz warns that Lucky is on his way to the studio. Jason tells Liz that no one can know he's there. She doesn't want to hide anything from Lucky, and she knows that he wouldn't tell. Jason is adamant that no one can know. When Lucky arrives, Liz hides Jason in a closet. She answers the door, and Lucky wonders what took her so long.

Alexis arrives at the mansion. Taggert says that without a court order Zander is going to jail. Zander thanks Lila for the cookies. Lila is obviously felled again by her soft spot for bad boys, and smiles warmly as Zander departs. Emily hugs Zander as he leaves, and vows that she will never forgive Edward for calling the police.

Carly wants a hint as to what her present is. She asks if it's shiny and wearable. Sonny tells her she's not even close. She wants to know if they are going on a trip. Sonny wants to know if she can be quiet. She laughs and tells him that he knows she can't be quiet. He hands her a glass and toasts to a long, noisy life. He asks her if she's ready for her surprise. She is. He takes her glass and motions for her to sit down. He struggles with a little help from Carly to get down on one knee. He tells her that he loves her more than anything, that she completes his life, and he wants to spend the rest of it with her. Carly eyes are glistening with tears, and Sonny asks her to marry him.

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