General Hospital Update Friday 1/26/01


General Hospital Update Friday 1/26/01

By Afrikka

Liz arrives at Deception for her test shoot. Elton greets her, like a hurricane, as the Face of Deception. Liz looks overwhelmed by Elton's larger than life personality. He ushers Liz into Laura's office, where the photographer, Theo, is waiting for Liz's arrival. Laura introduces them and tells Liz that he is the man that will turn Liz into the new FOD.

Stefan encounters Nik at the Grille. He wants to discuss the situation and hopes that Nik will forgive him. Stefan pleads with Nik to understand his rationale for his actions. He wants to know if there is some way to repair their relationship. Nik doesn't look pleased.

Felicia arrives at the police department to meet Mac. They discuss the warrant that he is waiting for to search Sorel's office. Taggert enters to advise Mac that the warrant has been issued. Felicia chimes in that she will be ready to go after she calls the girls. Taggert is surprised and questions Mac about Felicia's involvement, especially with the mayor's disapproval. Mac insists that he wants Felicia help and as the commissioner he will do what he pleases.

Sonny is downstairs at the penthouse heading toward the kitchen when Carly comes downstairs. She knows that Sonny was going to the kitchen to make breakfast. He tries to deny it. Carly asks if he is hungry and offers to make him an omelet, he declines, and she suspects that he will be in the kitchen as soon as she leaves. Carly guides him to the couch and helps him sit down. Sonny tells her that she should go so that she won't be late for Liz's test shoot. Carly says she's not going anywhere until she finds out what her surprise is. She makes him promise to call her if he needs anything. After she leaves, Sonny calls Jason. He asks if there is any news on Sorel. He wants Sorel gone so his family will be safe.

Mac insists that Felicia is one of the best investigators that he knows, although Taggert agrees he is concerned. Mac says the mayor can kiss his "badge. Felicia understands that Taggert is concerned about Mac and warns that the mayor may take his badge if he finds out about her involvement. Mac thinks that if they catch the shooters the mayor won't care how they did it. Taggert disagrees and Mac tells him that they will box up the evidence and bring it to the station for Felicia to look through, because they need her help. Felicia assures Mac that she will be there when he returns.

Jason is telling Sonny that Carlo has dropped out of site. Sonny says that both Sorel and Carlos disappeared at the same time and are probably working together. Sonny tells Jason that they will take action just as they had planned. He reiterates that he must protect Michael and Carly.

Theo is examining Liz's face, he is impressed with her look. He assures Laura that he knows just how to shoot her for the best result. Laura promises that she will have a great time at the shoot. Carly arrives and introduces herself to Theo and comments that she would have liked to meet him before he met Liz. She then proceeds to exacerbate Liz's nervousness by telling her she has bags under her eyes. Laura quickly ushers Liz out of the office. Laura advises Liz not to listen to Carly, that she looks great. Liz appreciates the support and leaves. She will meet them all at the studio. Meanwhile, Carly is in the office working the Gia angle with Theo the photographer. Laura comes in and isn't pleased with Carly's maneuverings.

Nik has a business meeting with Ned and doesn't want anything to do with Stefan. Nik believes that it is all about money and not about him. Stefan tells him that the money is part of the Cassidine name, and tradition. Nik counters that the Cassidine family is merely rich and they have made no contributions to society. He doesn't think that the money has made anyone in the family happy. Stefan is trying to make Nik understand his position when Chloe enters and asks for a moment alone with Stefan. Stefan pleads with her to confirm the fact that Stefan worried about Nik while they were on the island. Nik is disgusted that Stefan would ask Chloe to defend him. Chloe once again asks for a moment alone with Stefan and Nik obliges. Stefan tries to thank Chloe, but she was not trying to help and condemns him for his actions.

Taggert and Mac arrive at Sorel's old office space looking for evidence. They are looking around, but they haven't found anything. They find a locked safe, Mac thinks it's probably booby-trapped.

Benny arrives to see Sonny. He tells Benny that he talked to Jason. Benny knows that Carlos and Sorel will be coming after Sonny. Sonny lets Benny know that his main priority is his family. Sonny can handle the business but not putting Carly and Mikey in danger. He wants extra security on her and he doesn't want her to know anything. Benny thinks Carly will suspect something, but Sonny has an excuse for Carly. Benny is sure that Sonny is still a target. Sonny will be ready for that threat.

Deception's photographer picks up on the vibes between Laura and Carly. He tells them that he will shoot them both but that he cannot settle their dispute between Gia and Liz. Laura picks up on his discomfort and assures him that it is their enthusiasm which is making the atmosphere slightly tense. Laura and Carly assure him that they just want good pictures so that they can choose the FOD. Laura tells Carly that they are lucky to have Theo as their photographer. Carly knows this but also knows that Laura was trying to ensure that Liz was successful. Laura admits that they are different people. Carly questions if she is just realizing that. Carly goes to her office, but before she does, she let's Laura know that she still thinks Gia is the one.

Liz returns to her studio, Zander and Emily have left her a message that they stepped out. Liz peruses herself in the mirror, she hears the photographer's voice in her mind. As she checks the address for the shoot, Liz flashes back to when Tom, her rapist, attacked her. Gia knocks on Liz's door. She has come to ask Liz if she will back out like she offered to do weeks ago. Liz reminds Gia that she didn't take her up on her offer. Liz wants the job now and is going to try to land it. Gia believes that Liz never intended on backing out of the chance to be the FOD, she accuses her of being fake and trying to maker herself look like a martyr in Nik and Lucky's eyes. Gia storms out and promises Liz that she doesn't stand a chance against her.

AJ is at the station with Hannah, he wants to know what is going on with the search. Hannah says that nothing is going on, but that they have FBI looking in both New York and Los Angeles. Hannah suggests that there is no evidence which would lead them to believe that Emily was kidnapped. AJ wants to know what he should do, he admits that Edward is ready to call a PI and the media. Hannah doesn't think that is a good idea. She thinks that Emily and Zander will return to Port Charles. The media, she says, will also alert Sorel to Emily and Zander's vulnerability. AJ understands. Hannah warns him about drinking himself into another coma. He admits that he hasn't had a drink since Emily was sent away, but suggests that he may return to drinking if the mood strikes. Hannah believes that Emily is fine and that AJ need to take care of himself. AJ and Hannah hug as Taggert walks in. Hannah tries to begin a conversation with Taggert but he cuts her off. Felicia starts looking over Sorel's documents.

Stefan continues to claim that he did everything for Nik. Chloe is dubious and asks Stefan if he even knows what love means. He responds that he will do anything for Nik. Chloe counters that love is not a battle, or desperate, doesn't have an agenda, and is never an excuse to hurt someone. He won't leave Nik alone, but he promises that he will make everything right. He leaves. Ned enters as Stefan is leaving. He makes sure that Chloe is okay. Chloe wants to know if Ned has contacted Alexis. He tells her that he refuses to make the first move. He doesn't believe that Alexis cares enough for him. Chloe reminds him of how he felt when he thought Alexis had died, he says of course he does. Chloe urges him to try to reconcile with Alexis. Chloe points out that Alexis has flaws, but has tried to meet need more than halfway. She then compares their relationship to the ones she has had with Jax and Stefan. She says that the love the he and Alexis have is good and strong and worth fighting for, because Alexis is a wonderful woman.

Gia finds Nik at the Grille, bar. She tells him that Liz is not as innocent as he thinks. Ned comes by to cancel his meeting with Nik. Gia comments that Ned hates her, Nik tries to reassure her that he doesn't hate her. She explains her encounter with Liz. Nik isn't surprised that Liz changed her mind because she is a fighter.

Liz arrives for the photo shoot, she is very nervous and keeps flashing back to Tom. She is startled when Theo comes out to begin the shoot. Laura asks Elton about Carly because it's time for them to go over for the photo shoot. Elton tells her that Carly left so that she could stop by home before heading to the studio. Laura is about to leave as well when Stefan shows up. He pleads with Laura to help Nik to forgive him. Laura is incredulous and wonders why Stefan would think she would help him.

As Felicia is sorting through the documents from Sorel's office, she receives a call from a costume clad Luke who is still in Istanbul. Felicia asks Luke if he got the fax and they engage in some inane banter until she sees Mac. She hangs up quickly, but she does tell Mac that it is was Luke on the phone. Mac admits that he knew it was Luke by the look on Felicia's face. Felicia looks disturbed by Mac's observation.

Carly arrives home to check on Sonny. Sonny is sleeping on the couch. Carly covers him, takes a moment to watch him sleeping and then goes upstairs. A sleeping Sonny begins to have another nightmare about the shooting. Only this time he turns over to check on a female figure lying in the snow, when he turns the body over it's Carly. She's dead. Sonny screams "No!"

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