General Hospital Update Thursday 1/25/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/25/01

By Afrikka

Bobbie and Roy arrive at his apartment. Bobbie admits that she feels guilty. Roy suggests "confession is good for the soul." At that, Bobbie insists that she feels bad for taking him away from work. Roy makes a comment about the nurse's convention that Bobbie supposedly attended. Bobbie looks nervous and on edge. Bobbie thinks that she should take Roy out to dinner, Roy says no, but is willing to treat her. He turns on music (Earth, Wind and Fire's "After the love is gone") and asks Bobbie to dance. As they dance, Bobbie looks pensive and steps away. Roy wants to know what's wrong with her.

Edward is in a sour mood. He calls Reginald for ice while ranting about how well Lila is being taken care of. Reginald comes in and advises that no one will be getting served until Emily returns. He chastises Monica and Alan for sending Emily away. Edward threatens to withhold the staff's pay, but Reginald says that Lila is paying them. Reginald leaves as Monica and Alan wonder aloud about what they have done.

Zander and Emily arrive at Liz's studio. Liz is not there and Emily suggests that Zander pick the lock. He doesn't know how, he skipped Breaking and Entering 101. Emily is surprised and mentions that both Lucky and Jason know how to, so she thought he might. Emily decides to go look for Liz but Zander stops her and suggests they sleep in the boxcar. Emily is sure they will freeze. She has a back up plan, and asks Zander to wait at the studio for her to return.

Gia meets Florence at the Grille for dinner. Florence admits that she has also met Taggert and Hannah. Florence is trying to play matchmaker. Gia tells her mother that she can't stay because she has a meeting. Florence thinks that family is more important, but Gia can't miss her meeting at Deception.

Laura is on the phone in her office. She confirms that Friday is the day for the first test shoot and that Liz will be testing first. Nik comes to the door and Laura quickly gets off the phone. Nik tells her that Stefan faked his death. Laura shakes her head and says, "she knew it."

Roy turns the music off and notes that Bobbie is near tears. She covers by saying that the song always gets to her because it's about losing someone you love. She talks about the fragility of love, Roy counters that their love survived 20 years. The phone rings and it's Claude. Roy has to go back to the club to handle some business. He promises that they will pick up where they left off when he returns. Bobbie decides to start searching through Roy's things.

Gia tells her mom that getting the job at Deception is important to her, and that most mothers would be proud that their daughter had such an opportunity. Florence thinks that modeling is below Gia's potential and would be good for her if she weren't smart. Gia gets up to leave, she tells Florence that the competition is stiff and that if she won't support her, and then at least stay out of her way.

Nik is surprised by Laura's reaction. She admits that she suspected Stefan's involvement, but had hoped she was wrong. Nik says that he thinks that he knew too, but didn't want to see it. Laura is concerned for Nik and asks if he has spoken to Stefan. Nik affirms that he had, and Stefan admitted it. He explains that Stefan claimed that he did everything to protect him. Laura knows that Stefan loves Nik and that his worse fear is that of losing Nik. Nik counters that his worse fear is becoming like Stefan. Laura assures him that he is nothing like Stefan. Nik admits that he wanted Helena did after he found out that she was trying to have him committed, and that makes him just like Stefan. Laura hugs a tearful Nik, reiterating that he is nothing like his uncle.

At the Q mansion, Alan, Monica, Lila and Edward are in the family room. Reginald comes in to bring Lila a drink and to tell her what Cook has prepared for her appetizer. Edward directs a glare their way. Monica and Alan stand at the French doors and reminisce about Emily's first Christmas with them. Lila encourages them to remember the happy times and Reginald chimes in that Edward effectively ended the happy times in the Q house. Outraged, Edward orders Reginald to leave. Reginald wonders if Edward's solution to wayward family members is to kick them out. Edward fires Reginald. Reginald promises to pack his bags, but Lila pleads for him to stay. Edward says he will not stand for it, and Lila tells him to "shut-up." Edward insists that they cannot continue to live on pizza, and Lila relents and asks Reginald to have Cook make something for the whole family. Edward thanks Lila who only comments that her bedroom door is still locked to him.

Liz arrives at her studio looking for Emily. They are happy to see one another. Liz asks her how she is doing, and Emily says she's okay, thanks to Zander. She asks Liz if they can stay at her studio. Liz tells them that Monica and Alan have the police and the FBI looking for them. Emily promises that it's only for a night. Zander decides to leave, but Emily stops him and says she won't stay without him. Emily promises not to involve Liz, and Liz shares that she is involved and that Lucky is looking for them. Zander will turn himself in, but he and Emily want more time together.

Laura says that she would be more worried about Nik if he weren't so mad at Helena. Nik thinks that there is a big difference between hating Helena and wanting her dead. Laura says that she has often wished Helena dead, but is sure that neither she nor Nik have the capacity for that kind of violence. Laura knows that Nik is honest and kind and good. Nik wishes that he could forget about the Cassidines. Laura tells him that he can never forget, but he can walk away. Gia arrives she wants to speak with Laura, but will leave if she is interrupting.

Liz tells Zander that her and Emily need a minute alone. Liz thinks that Emily and Zander need to call Alexis and turn themselves in. Emily promises that Zander will turn himself in, but tells Liz that Zander may go to jail and this could be the only time they have to spend together for a while. Liz warns her to be careful. Emily compares her feelings for Zander to Liz's feelings for Lucky. Emily wants to forget about everything but being together for one night.

Bobbie is going through Roy's drawers until she finds letters from Melissa Bedford. Melissa letters indicate that she and Roy were lovers. Bobbie continues to read the love letters from Melissa to Roy. She is crying. Taggert arrives at the Grille to meet his mother. Hannah arrives and realizes they were set up to share dinner. Florence arrives and Taggert wonders where Gia is. Florence promises that they will have a great time even if it's just the three of them. Florence leaves Taggert and Hannah alone at the end of the meal. Taggert thanks her for being so nice to him mom. Hannah admits that she had a good time. Taggert apologizes for flying of the handle with her. Hannah doesn't see things his way; she doesn't want to end up hardened by her career, like Taggert.

Gia wants to know if her test shoot has been scheduled yet. Laura tells her that she won't have a date until after Liz's shoot. Gia just wants to be prepared and Laura assures her that as soon as she knows, Gia will know. Laura has to go home to tuck Lulu in, Nik gives her a hug and she leaves. Gia is upset because she doesn't think that Laura is going to test her. She begs Nik to tell her if he knows anything about it. Nik reiterates that he is not choosing sides. Gia counters that Lucky is and Nik reminds her that Liz is Lucky's girlfriend. Gia wonders what Nik would do if she were his girlfriend. "Pray," he responds and offers her dinner.

Emily lights candles in Liz's studio. She tells Zander that it's like their own private world. Zander says the only things missing are pixie sticks and music. Emily turns on the radio, and wishes that she and Zander could be together forever. Emily starts to think about the possibility of Zander going to jail. They promise not to think about what will happen. Zander admits that he dreamt about being with her and that no matter what happens he will find his way back to her. Emily wants to make the most of their time together and they kiss. They are about to make love when Zander pulled back. Emily wants to know if she did something wrong and if Zander wants her. He does, but he also understands the gravity of his situation. He doesn't want to make love with his problems hanging over them; Emily assures him that this is what she wants. Emily is mortified, and chastises herself for coming on to Zander when he doesn't want her. He tries to explain himself, but Emily doesn't want to listen. Zander reminds Emily that she nearly ran out of the room when they first kissed. Emily protests that it wasn't the kiss but her growing feelings for Zander that scared her. Zander doesn't want Emily to feel like he's used her, and he thinks she is special. He wants to be with her more than anything, but he may have to go to jail. Emily promises that she will be waiting for Zander.

Monica and Alan talk about Emily. Monica hopes she is with Zander, because Zander told Lila he would always protect Emily. Alan is appalled and accuses his mother of being a romantic. Alan wonders what would have happen if Monica hadn't decided to stop trying to get pregnant. Monica corrects Alan and reminds him that it was their decision. He disagrees.

Nik is in his room, shirtless, working out on the floor. Gia enters the room in a sexy slip and takes a moment to appreciate Nik unnoticed. Gia makes her presence known; she needs Nik's help. He isn't interested. She comes around to sit near him, her attire catches his eye but he doesn't let on. They engage in a playful conversation about her paying rent and his turning the cottage into a gym. She needs him to change the light bulb since she is suddenly afraid of heights. Nik is obviously smitten with Gia. Later that night, Gia slips into Nik's room to check on him.

Roy comes back home with flowers for Bobbie. He asks her if she's okay, which she affirms, but Roy can tell when she's lying. She says she has to go pick up Luca and has to leave Roy without having dinner. He suggests dinner for the three of them, which Bobbie declines. She turns to leave and Roy calls her back, she forgot her flowers. She is very upset.

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