General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/24/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/24/01

By Afrikka

Laura steps off the elevator into Deception's reception area. Liz is waiting for her. Laura has just returned from her trip to Paris and would like to speak with Liz about the test shoot. Laura tells Liz a little about her time in Paris. Liz chimes in that she would love to go to Paris. Laura suggests that she may get her chance as the Face of Deception (FOD). Liz admits that she is excited about the prospect of getting the job. Laura assures Liz that she is perfect for the job. Liz questions her about the competition.

Gia arrives at L&B to speak with Nik. She tells him that Carly has called her and wants to meet at Deception. Gia is concerned that Carly wants to back out of giving the test shoot. She is working herself into a frenzy wondering why Carly would have called her; Nik tries to calm her down. He warns her against jumping to conclusions and suggests that she call Carly and asks her what the meeting is about. Gia doesn't want to do that, she entreats Nik to call Laura on her behalf.

Taggert enters Mac's office. There are no leads on Sorel; Mac is adamant that Sorel is found. Mac asks about Zander. Taggert has a report that the FBI spotted Zander in Colorado but, as he tells Mac, the lead failed to pan out. "Agent Scott", Taggert says, left the report, on his desk. Mac questions the strained relationship between Taggert and Hannah. Taggert assures him that it is a non-issue, but Mac wonders if Taggert's job will suffer. Taggert admits that he and Hannah can't agree on Sonny.

Sonny comes down the stairs; he is wincing with every step that he takes. Carly sees him and chastises him for being out of bed. He protests that he is fine, and doesn't need her help as he tries to sit down on the couch. Carly goes to help him anyway, and it is apparent that Sonny is in a lot of pain. Carly makes him promise to sit still all day; he says he doesn't know how. Carly promises to give him couch potato lessons when she comes back. She has to go to Deception for a meeting, but promises to return soon.

Bobbie enters Luke's office calling for Roy. When she is certain that he is not there, she starts rifling through drawers and files. She finds a file with Roy's handwriting and as she does, Felicia enters the office. Bobbie is startled and looks relieved that it is only Felicia. Felicia calls her on her snooping.

Mac acknowledges Taggert's feelings about Sonny, but insists that Sonny is the victim in the case. Taggert is convinced that Sonny may have more information than he's giving. Mac tells Taggert that the first priority is to find Sorel and Zander and to get information from the dirty cop. Mac advises Taggert that acting out on a vendetta will cause both personal and professional problems. "Like you and Luke," Taggert responds to Mac. The statement throws Mac, at that moment someone knocks on the door. It's Ofc. Conrad, the dirty cop. They want to question him. He immediately denies any improprieties. Mac questions him as to whether he has ever been on Sorel's payroll. He answers no. Taggert employ s a bluff to scare the officer who finally admits to supplying the uniforms. He gives them the address that he delivered the uniforms to. Mac calls to have Conrad taken back to his cell. As he leaves Mac suggests that Conrad may be offered a deal. He offers a compliment to Taggert on his quick thinking. He sends Taggert off to secure a warrant to investigate the location.

Felicia shares with Bobbie that Luke has called her. She relates that he is in Istanbul suffering from food poisoning. Bobbie wants to know if he is okay. Luke has asked Felicia to check on Helena's bank accounts for him. Bobbie admits that she was looking for something about Melissa. Felicia wonders what Bobbie is looking for. Bobbie is afraid of what she may find, but is more afraid not to look. She is sure that Roy is hiding something. Felicia urges Bobbie to tell Roy what she's been doing. Bobbie says that there is a wall between them and she thinks it's because of Melissa. Felicia tells her that the wall is being built with the lies that Bobbie keeps telling Roy. She relates it to her experience with Mac and how her lies destroyed their trust. Felicia advises her to tell Roy about her fears or forget about her all together.

Roy arrives at Sonny's penthouse per Sonny's request. Sonny wants to know if Roy has any information about Sorel and if he is still involved with the FBI. He mentions that Alexis told him that the FBI was interested in Zander's case after Roy had gone to see them. Roy admits that he did mention that Zander might be a good candidate for the witness protection plan. Sonny thinks that Zander will be killed if the FBI doesn't find him before Sorel does.

Nik doesn't think that asking Laura is a good idea. Gia thinks he's trying to get out of doing her the favor. He explains that Carly will find out from Laura that Gia called her and feel betrayed and forget about using Gia. Nik thinks Carly is stubborn and won't bail on Gia. Gia says that she thought that Nik was rooting for Liz. He is neutral on the subject, but tells Gia to do the best she can. She is much calmer when she leaves for the Deception offices.

As Mac leaves his office, Mayor McClintock is standing at the door. He is upset that Sorel is not in jail, and blames Mac. He says that Sorel had to be released because of Felicia's interference. Mac stands his ground and only admits that Sorel had to be released because of a legal technicality. The mayor warns Mac to do his job and keep his wife out of police business or turn in his badge.

Juan enters L&B. Ned and Nik are there and Juan tells them that there is no word on Emily. Nik knows that the timing is bad, but tells Juan that he's been offered a touring gig with a boy band. Juan is excited at the prospect, but he must leave next month. Juan isn't sure that he should go until he knows that Emily is safe. Ned assures Juan that Emily would want him to achieve success.

Sonny questions why Roy won't testify against Sorel or ask the FBI where they are looking for him. Roy understands that Sonny is questioning everyone's loyalty to him since the shooting. Roy tells Sonny that he's not working for the FBI and he is not protecting Sorel or trying to get over on Sonny. He just doesn't want Zander to get in between Sonny and Sorel. Roy speaks briefly about his role in the Leo Bedford case. He thinks Zander is loyal to Sonny and will testify. Sonny thinks that Roy hasn't figured out which side he's on. If he's a cop or a criminal and admits it makes Roy hard to trust. Roy parts but not before telling Sonny that he needs to insure Zander's safety.

Liz admits she wants the job, but knows that Gia thinks she has a chance at the job too. Laura assures Liz that while she is her first choice. Liz is concerned that Gia is getting her hopes up for nothing. Laura says that she wouldn't offer Gia a test shoot if she didn't have a chance at the job, and that both she and Carly will make the decision about the FOD. At that moment, Carly walks into Laura's office. She is surprised to see Laura back from Paris. Carly sees Liz and comments that Liz was the first person that Laura called upon her return, instead of Carly.

Sonny is on the couch sleeping. Mike enters the penthouse with a bag of groceries. Mike promises Johnny that he'll be quiet, but Sonny tells Mike that he's not sleep. Mike wants him to rest while he prepares some food since he knows that Carly doesn't cook and Sonny can't get around. Sonny doesn't want any food, but says that he wouldn't mind some company. Mike sits down to talk to Sonny and Sonny asks about his gambling. Mike denies placing any bets lately. He asks about Michael and tells Sonny that he stopped by to see him. Mike and Sonny get into an argument about Mike's cooking. Mike admits that he was scared that Sonny wouldn't survive. Mike tells Sonny about how Carly was sure that Sonny wouldn't die and that Carly loves him a lot. Mike wants Sonny to admit that he lived for Carly. Sonny does and wonders if he should give her something in return.

Laura tells Carly that she had a successful trip and that the French firm signed a contract to provide them with the things they needed at a fair price. Laura then asks about Sonny's health. Carly happily admits that he's doing better and has returned home. She then turns her attention on Liz; she wants to know why Liz is there. Liz was just finding out about the test shoot. Now that she knows, Carly thinks she should leave before Kelly's gets swamped. Liz thanks Laura, says goodbye and leaves. Laura admonishes Carly for her rudeness to Liz and Carly admits that Liz inspires that in her. She wants Laura to give Gia a fair shot; she doesn't want Liz getting any extra help. Gia walks in at that moment and says that she thought she was only going to be meeting with Carly. Laura looks as if she thinks Carly is doing the same thing she accused Laura of doing. Laura comments that she is sure that their meeting was meant to be private since Carly didn't tell her about it. Laura leaves them but not before telling Gia she would like to see her after her meeting, she slams the door on the way out. Carly wants to assure Gia that she has her support and that she thinks that Gia is beautiful and has everything the FOD campaign needs to launch the product.

Bobbie admits that she had planned to tell Roy the truth, but chickened out. Felicia wants Bobbie to go to Roy and tell him the truth. Bobbie feels that Roy has hidden so much of his past from her and that means he is hiding a part of himself from her. Roy enters the room, he senses that he has interrupted something, but neither woman 'fesses up. Felicia hurriedly leaves and Bobbie tells Roy that she needs to ask him something. Bobbie once again decides not to tell Roy the truth. She tells Roy that she loves him and refuses to let anyone or anything tear them apart.

Chloe enters L&B and tries to get Ned to call Alexis and tell her how much he loves and misses her. Ned doesn't think that they have the same priorities. Ned always makes the concessions and he refuses to do it again.

Laura assures Gia that she would not test her if she didn't have as much of a chance, as Liz, of getting the job. Felicia arrives at Mac's office. Mac tells Felicia about what has transpired during the day. Felicia asks if she can help Mac. Mac thinks it is a great idea.

Carly arrives after Mike has left. She wakes Sonny up. He tells her that he feels better, now that she's home. He asks her what she has planned for the rest of the week. Carly wants to know why, but Sonny will only say that he is planning a surprise for her. Carly is obviously excited by the thought and wants to know what the surprise is. Sonny's not telling. She lies and says she hates surprises and that she won't leave Sonny alone until he tells her what it is. Sonny's lips are sealed.

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