General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/23/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Afrikka

Emily and Zander prepare to leave for Mexico. Zander tells Emily if she is having second thoughts, they can go back to Port Charles. Emily wants to go. At the Q mansion, Monica enters the family room, she has been to St. Catherineís about Emily. Edward blames the school for Emilyís disappearance. Monica thinks the family is to blame, she believes if they hadnít sent her away, Emily would not have run away.

Nik and Gia are in the cottage sharing an intense kiss. When they finally pull away, Gia apologizes and says that she was trying to comfort Nik. Nik says that it was just a kiss. Gia promises that it wonít happen again. Nik agrees that most roommates donít share kisses. Nik thanks her for her support and she jokes that she is providing emotional support for rent credit. Nik thinks sheís earned a monthís rent. Nik inquires about the stages of grief, and is disheartened when Gia says that there are 7 but that sometimes people will get to 5 and then go back to 3. Gia points out that despite all that Stefan has done, that Nik still loves him.

Stefan enters Helena cabin. He congratulates her, she wonders on what victory is he congratulating her. Itís about Nik, he knows that she told him about Stefanís faked death. Helena gloats in Stefanís face, that now Nik will know who he really is.

Sonny and Carly enter the bedroom. Carly is helping him walk to the bed. He says he doesnít need help. She helps him get into the bed, he protests that heís fine. She wants him to get some rest, but Sonny wants to know if she is going to give him any incentive. He wants to be with his wife. Carly starts to unbutton his shirt, she is happy about the prospect of being with him. When she sees the bandages, she pauses, disturbed by the sight of them. Sonny wants to know whatís wrong.

Monica rails that listening to Edward is the reason that Emily ran away. Edward counters that it was the ďdeviantĒ Zander that lured Emily away. Monica wonders how her and Alan could have made such a huge mistake. Lila entreats the family to listen to Emily and to respect her choices once she is finally home. Monica knows that Emily feels betrayed. Alan agrees with Edward, that Zander is the problem. Monica doesnít know how to protect Emily. Edward decides to make a call to unseat Mac as Police Commissioner. He says heís going to call one of his judges to make sure that Zander is thrown in jail and denied bond when he is found. AJ storms in, grabs the phone and hangs it up. He thinks that Edward will only make a bad situation worse. AJ says that if any one of them has anything to do with sending Zander to prison, that they will lose Emily forever.

Emily assures Zander that she does want to go to Mexico. She wants to know where they should go. Zander suggest they go to a city along the coast so he can work on the docks. He then admits that heís from Florida. The last boarding call for their bus sounds, and they head off to get on the bus.

Carly quickly gets up form the bed. Sonny tells her to come to him, she is concerned about him. He wants to know why she is trying to get away from him, and why she wonít look at him. He wants to know if it is the bandages. Carly replies that she thinks it makes her feel scared. Then she tells him she knows that nothing is promised and that loving someone canít make them live. Sonny tells her that she is the reason that he is alive. He soothes her fears and they kiss.

Nik promises that he is through with Stefan. Gia wonders what Nik will do, she knows that he loves Stefan. Nik says that he loved the man Stefan used to be, or the man he portrayed himself to be. He tells her about how Stefan drugged both Leslie and Helena. He questions whether Stefan had anything to do with Luckyís kidnapping. Nik admits that he had forgiven Stefan so many times before, because of lies, but he wonít forgive this time. Nik wishes that Stefan were dead, he doesnít think that Stefan loves him and that he only loves power.

Stefan chastises Helena for being in such a rush to tell Nik about Stefanís misdeeds, that she hurt Nik. Stefan asks if she even cares, to which Helena responds that she did care about how much Nik would be hurt. Helena tells Stefan that he has painted a false picture of her, to Nik, since he was a child, telling him that she wanted to control the money. Helena denies there is any truth in that. She loves Nik and she wants him back. She also admits that she did it to free Nik of Stefan and that she cares nothing about the pain that she caused Stefan. She thinks is deserved.

Sonny and Carly are kissing, she is concerned about him and tries to get him to rest again. He wants his wife and they engage in playful teasing, wrought with sexual tension. Carly begins to unbutton her shirt and makes Sonny promise to be still. She places little kisses all over his body. Both are being very playful, Carly removes her shirt and they kiss.

Gia questions what Nik will do to break free of his family. He will continue to work at L&B, he will live his own life and will request that Alexis be named trustee. Nik says that money canít buy love, but that it can buy lies. Gia says that if Stefan was telling her the truth, then Nik has obligations to meet because he is a prince. Nik wants to know when Gia spoke with Stefan. Stefan is goading Helena by pointing out her unsuccessful attempts to get rid of him. He thinks that their battle should have remained between them. Helena counters that Stefan made the rules when he took Nik away from her, and states that Nik is exactly like Stavros, that he is strong, fearless, charming and lovable. Helena says the game is over and Stefan is defeated. Stefan puts on his gloves, while telling Helena that he has nothing else to lose. Helenaís face reveals that she is fearful for her life. Stefan leaves. Helena comments to herself, that Stefan is not as lethal as he thinks and that Stefan would never kill her because he adores his mother and always has.

Carly and Sonny are in the bed after making love. Sonny tells Carly that he went to Lilyís grave. A flicker of uncertainty crosses Carlyís face. He begins to tell her about what he saw when his heart stopped. That Lily was waiting for him, and that she had their child with her. He tells her about going to Lilyís grave after the miscarriage and asking her to watch over the baby. Carly is surprised. Sonny tells Carly that he had the choice to live or die, and he chose to live because of her. Carly shares that she thought she would die when his heart stopped. She didnít think that she would ever find love again if he died. She admits that he is everything to her although neither one of them expected the other, but she loves him despite all of his faults. They share more of their thoughts and feelings.

Gia shares her conversation with Stefan outside of Kellyís. Nik apologizes to Gia and says Stefan has no more say in his life. Nik promises that Stefan will use Gia, if he thinks she will help him. He warns her against falling for his act.

AJ tries to reason with his family, Lila agrees with what AJ has to say. Edward disagrees and thinks they need to send Emily to a real boarding school. Monica and Alan both reject Edwardís suggestion, they will not send Emily off again. Zander and Emily are on a bench outside the bus station, the bus to Mexico broke down. Zander describes, for Emily, what he thinks Mexico will be like. Emily asks about Florida, Zander seems to be reluctant to talk about his home. Zander knows that Emily wants to go home, to Port Charles. Emily and Zander talk about how much she loves her family and would want to go home, if they went to Mexico. She questions him about his family, he doesnít have anything to say. Zander knows that he has to go back to put Sorel away, and even if he goes to jail, he will be okay if Emily is with him. She promises that she will be and they kiss. They decide to go back.

Nik is sleeping on the couch when Gia comes down. He doesnítí have a blanket and she goes over to cover him. She smiles at his sleeping form.

Sonny and Carly are in the bed. Sonny begins to have a nightmare of the shooting. He relives the event, and wakes up abruptly in the process, hurting his wound. Carly wakes up and is concerned. She tries to comfort him and whispers to him that it is all over. Sonny still looks troubled.

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