General Hospital Update Monday 1/22/01


General Hospital Update Monday 1/22/01

By Afrikka

Elizabeth is in her studio painting when Lucky knocks on the door. She wants to know if he got any information on Emily. Lucky tells her that Alexis wouldn't help him because of attorney/client privilege. Liz comments that Alexis is more concerned about Zander than Emily. Lucky agrees but tells her that he didn't think that Alexis knew where Zander and Emily were. Zander and Emily are waiting at a bus station. They are in Arizona, and Emily talks about her birth mother. She muses about Arizona sunrises; Zander says there are sunrises like that in Mexico. Emily asks if that is where they are going. Zander says it's her choice.

Nik and Gia return to the cottage. He comments that she looks unhappy and guesses it's because of her mother. She admits her problems with her mom, but notes they are not as bad as Nikolas' problems. She tells him that being a model is not acceptable to her mother. Emily and Zander talk about riding the bus cross-country, she likes the idea of that kind of freedom. They engage in playful banter.

As they are about to leave his hospital room, Sonny tells Carly to go home without him. She is worried that something is wrong, he says he has an errand to run. Carly wants to know where he has to go. She is worried that he will go meet Sorel. It's not about Sorel, but it is something that Sonny has to do alone. Carly is upset. She tells Sonny that he is still hurt and shouldn't be going anywhere alone. Sonny counters that he will have Rick with him, and she has nothing to worry about. Carly points out that the last time she let Sonny out of her sight he died. He doesn't want her to make herself even more upset. Carly questions if she's breaking the rules by worrying about him. Carly tells him to go, but warns if he gets hurt and someone knocks on her door, wearing his blood, that she will never forgive him. Sonny tells his wife that she is the one who kept him alive, and promises to be home in two hours. Sonny is still in a lot of pain.

Lucky and Liz continue to discuss Emily. Lucky doesn't think that Emily will come back to Port Charles since she is with Zander. Liz is surprised; she doesn't think Emily will leave her family forever. Lucky disagrees. Lucky wants to try to find Emily on his own, he is sure that he knows her will enough to find her. Liz wants to go with Lucky to look for Emily. Lucky says no way. Lucky doesn't want Liz to go with him. He thinks it will take weeks to find her, and Liz has her test shoot for Deception. He thinks that Liz will get the job, although Liz isn't sure. She doesn't think she should underestimate Carly.

Nik wants to listen to Gia's problems with her mom. She avoids the subject by mentioning all the horrible things Nik has to deal with in his family, and her problems are minor. He once again tries to get her to open up, when she resists again, he gives up. Gia decides to share her conversation with her mother about the modeling. Gia wants to be able to make her own decisions, instead of having her mother try to make them for her. Nik agrees that it is unfair but says that Gia can stand up to her mother. Gia doesn't think that anything she does will be good enough for her mom. Nik says she should go for the job for herself, but Gia doubts her chances of getting the modeling job. Nik warns her against allowing people to manipulate and run her life. He is obviously, also referring to himself.

Carly is in the penthouse talking to Johnny. (Yea! Johnny finally does more than open the door.) She is talking incessantly, obviously nervous. She questions Johnny about why he didn't go with Carly; he replies that he wasn't asked to. Carly would rather have Johnny with Sonny because Johnny would tell Sonny if he was doing something dangerous, and Sonny listens to Johnny. Carly wants to know if Johnny knows where Sonny went, he doesn't. Johnny tries to reassure Carly and listens patiently as she chatters on trying to relieve her worry. Alexis arrives looking for Sonny and is a bit concerned to find that he isn't at home. Alexis wants to know if Carly knows where Sonny went, Carly responds that she never knows anything about Sonny's business. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives at Lily's grave. He talks to her about his near death experience. He has vague memories about seeing her when he "died." He tells Lily about all Carly's flaws and about how he loves her anyway. He says would never leave Carly, not even for Lily. He knows that she understands. He tells Lily that he is happy because Carly loves him.

Carly is overwrought, she asks Alexis what she's doing at the penthouse. Alexis isn't sure. Alexis wants to know if Carly really thought Sonny didn't love her when she married him, Carly answers no. Why, Alexis wonders, did she marry him at all. Carly makes a thoughtless comment about running out of her wedding like Alexis did, that Sonny wouldn't have let her get very far. Alexis tells Carly that she was surprised that Carly came back down after bolting up the stairs during the ceremony. Carly credits Jason with talking her into it. Alexis comments that it didn't seem as if Jason forced her to marry Sonny. Carly wants to know what Alexis wants her to say. Alexis tells Carly that she hopes she realizes how fortunate she is. Carly tries, in a backhanded way, to comfort Alexis, but Alexis retreats from the penthouse.

Lucky tries to convince Liz that she is going to get the Deception job. Though Liz isn't sure, she says that at least she'll have some nice pictures to give out, maybe Lucky will get one for his birthday. Lucky is sure that by his birthday Liz will be a supermodel. Liz says even if she is a supermodel, she will only love him. Emily is excited about going to Mexico. She describes being on the run as a picturesque adventure. Zander questions Emily about law school, she doesn't care about that. Nik and Gia are talking. She is telling Nik that he is rich, spoiled and gets everything he wants. She doesn't think he understands her doubts. She questions him about nobility, asks him what it's worth. He doesn't know. She doesn't understand how Nik could have been brought up by lunatics, but ended up as a warm, kind, loving person. Nik wonders if he will end up like Stefan, cold and angry inside. He says he already feels like Stefan never existed. Gia goes into a run down of Psych 101, and the stages of grief, she is trying to comfort him by telling him that his feelings are natural. She tells him that he's not empty inside, but that his heart is breaking because he loved his uncle.

Emily and Zander talk about the fact that the police and Sorel's men are after them. Emily doesn't think that Zander can count on Sonny's help since he jumped bail. Zander tells her that they have to go, either back to Port Charles or to Mexico. Emily brings up all the things that Zander will face if they return to Port Charles; being sent back to jail, having bail revoked, and possibly being re-charged with Ted Wilson's murder. Zander says they should leave it to chance, that they will get on the next bus, wherever it may take them. North, they go back to Port Charles, South, they go to Mexico. Emily agrees.

Carly and Michael are sitting on the couch playing. Carly is telling her him that Sonny will be home soon. Michael asks if he's on an airplane. Carly says no and reminds him to be careful of Sonny's stitches when they hug and kiss him. She tells Michael that Sonny is the best thing that has ever happened to them. (really cute scene) Sonny arrives. He asks Johnny how Carly is doing, and tells him to hide the cane he is using before he enters the penthouse. Carly is relieved to have Sonny home. Michael reaches out to give Sonny a hug and a kiss. Carly tells Sonny that they love him. He tells her that he loves her too.

Lucky and Lucky share a dance before he leaves. When the dance is over, Lucky leaves and Liz makes him promise to come home soon. Emily asks Zander if he ever thinks about why he kidnapped her. She wonders if it was because she was the closest to him, physically, when the cops arrived. She admits that she thought he was cute. He admits that he wanted to be rid of her, but he also wanted to be close to her. Zander says he must have picked up on something, that she was strong and sweet, and that's why he grabbed her. They share a kiss; the bus announcer calls the next bus, which is going south.

Gia wants to know what Stefan was like when Nik was growing up. He says that Stefan was his best friend, that Stefan taught him everything he knows and shaped his whole world. Gia states that Stefan loves Nik. Nik wonders when he stopped and how he could have let Nik believe that he was dead. Nik begins to cry and hugs Gia. They kiss.

Sonny is showing signs of his soreness. Carly wants to know why he's not in bed. He says that she would just wake him up. Carly takes off Sonny's shoes, and notes that she hasn't asked him where he went. He thinks she worries too much. Carly tells him that he has her heart, that she is the happiest she's ever been and that means she gets to worry about him. She comments that he looks tired and should go to bed. He will but first entices Carly into a kiss.

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