General Hospital Update Friday 1/19/01


General Hospital Update Friday 1/19/01

By Afrikka

Carly comes to the hospital and enters Sonny's room. She becomes frightened when Sonny is not in the bed and doesn't answer when she calls his name. She yells for a nurse who comes into the room. She wants to know where her husband is. Just then Sonny opens the bathroom door. He's fully dressed. Carly is relieved that he's okay, and goes to hug him. Sonny stops her, he is obviously still in a lot of pain. Carly wants to know why Sonny is dressed, he says he's going home.

Bobbie is reading the transcripts from the trial. Roy comes out of the bathroom and wants to know what she's reading. She lies and tells him it's something from the nurse's conference and she has to do a brief on it. Bobbie says it is boring reading, Roy is surprised. He thinks she looks very interested in the subject matter. She manages to changes the subject.

Stefan is explaining to Nikolas the events that transpired on the night that Helena poisoned him. Stefan explains that he was hoping to see some reaction from Helena as she served him the poison and watched it take hold. Stefan says that it was at that moment that he realized that his mother was pure evil. He realized that he had to do whatever was necessary to save them both. Nik asks why Stefan didn't come to him with the information about Helena.

At the Q mansion, Edward is threatening to call the media to publicize Emily's disappearance and offer a reward for her return. Hannah advises strongly against taking such action. She thinks that will force Emily and Zander out of the country. Both she and Taggert caution them about the danger of bounty hunters looking for the pair, as well as Joseph Sorel. Edward and Alan want to handle the situation their way and disregard police advise. AJ speaks up in defiance to Edward and Alan's plan.

Ned and Alexis are arguing at the penthouse. She realizes that she put Ned in a terrible position by telling him about Zander jumping bail and she apologizes. Ned is angry and accuses Alexis of not caring about Emily. He kept his mouth shut to protect Emily now she has run off with Zander. He questions why he worries about Alexis' needs when she doesn't care about hers. He berates Alexis for her choices, her need for independence and her loyalty to her career above everything else. Alexis is shocked that Ned is turning the conversation to the subject of their relationship when Zander and Emily are in danger. Ned claims that the basic difference between the two of them is that, to him their relationship comes first, but to Alexis, it's last on her list of concerns.

Carly wants to know when Monica discharged Sonny. He evades her question by telling her that he thought she wanted him to come home. Carly is concerned but Sonny tries to divert her. He just had major surgery and she wants to know who gave him permission to leave. Sonny responds that he hasn't waited to be granted permission for anything since he was five. He can't lie in the bed anymore, he thought that Carly missed him. She relents but informs him that he has to go straight to bed when he gets home. They share a kiss.

Roy and Bobbie are dressing after having showered. They share playful banter. He asks her if she wants to have breakfast, but she says she's due at the hospital. He offers to drive her but she insists on taking her car, she says she has errands to run. Roy turns to leave but senses something is wrong. Bobbie kisses him once more before he leaves. She then calls Felicia and asks her to meet at Kelly's.

Edward has no intention of listening to AJ's thought about how to handle the situation. AJ counters that his opinion and that of Hannah and Taggert should be the only ones that count. He reminds Edward and Alan that he has been right each time in recent situations concerning Emily and that they have both been wrong. Taggert and Hannah reiterate that bringing in the media is a bad idea. AJ wants to know what Lila thinks about the "media blitz." Edward and Alan decide to wait to talk to Lila and Monica before making a decision. AJ tells Edward that if he didn't love Emily so much, that he would let Edward do what he wanted. Then Edward would know what it felt like to be the black sheep, to be the cause of the family losing Emily. Like he caused the loss of Jason. AJ's words are upsetting to Edward but he backs down. Hannah is pleased by AJ standing up to his family, she tells him that when he puts his mind to something, he is amazing.

Nik is very angry. He tells Stefan that he did love him at one time, but that he is emotionally bankrupt, feeling only anger, rage, and the need to manipulate. Nik accuses Stefan of not caring about the pain that his "death" caused Nik. Stefan says he did it to keep Nik safe. Nik thinks Stefan's primary objective was to maintain power. He tells Stefan that it is over and storms out. Stefan professes his love for Nik and begs him not to leave.

Alexis doesn't want to talk about their relationship. She has more to worry about. Ned thinks that her unwillingness to talk about their problems speaks volumes. He tells her that it's time to cut his losses. Alexis asks him not to do this to her, especially during the crisis at hand. He leaves. Hannah is praising AJ for the way he handled his family. He doesn't think much of it. Lila comes in and thanks AJ for talking sense into Edward.

Bobbie arrives at Kelly's and tells Felicia about the transcripts. She says that there is a lot about Roy that she doesn't know. Florence Campbell walks in and is happy to see Gia. She offers to buy her breakfast, but Gia declines, she's in a rush. Florence hopes she's off to school and Gia admits that she decided not to enroll. Florence is not pleased when she finds out that Gia is considering a modeling job. Detective Garcia comes in and asks Liz if she's heard from Emily. She hasn't and discovers that both Emily and Zander are missing. Lucky, who is sitting at the bar with Liz, is clearly upset by the news.

Taggert enters Sonny hospital room as he and Carly are kissing. Sonny and he trade some barbs. Taggert threatens Sonny with arrest. Carly jumps to her husband's defense, she tells Taggert that she will press charges for harassment. Taggert responds by saying that he is ready to press charges against Sonny too. Sonny wants to know what for, shooting himself? Taggert says for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Taggert tries to bait Sonny but he won't bite.

Bobbie is concerned because Roy never told her about Melissa, she thinks that something is wrong. Felicia tries to calm Bobbie and tells her that Roy probably didn't want to open old wounds. Bobbie's not so sure. Florence is dismayed, she thinks that modeling is beneath Gia. Gia mentions famous models Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. Florence brings up the obvious; they are not black, to which Gia counters by naming successful models like Tyra Banks and Iman. Florence thinks it's a long shot at best. She wants Gia to live up to her potential. She and Gia can't agree and Florence leaves Kelly's. Both women are very upset. Liz tells Garcia that Emily hated St. Catherine's. He asks about Zander, and Liz tells him that Zander did tell Liz to tell Emily to "stay put," if she called again. Liz doesn't have any other information to help Garcia. Lucky thinks its deja vu. Liz reminds Lucky that Emily left on her own this time. Lucky leaves, he thinks he knows someone who can help.

Lila wants to know about agent Scott. AJ is tight lipped, Lila thinks that Hannah is a nice girl. When AJ says that she's in a relationship, Lila thinks that things can change. AJ laughs at his grandmother trying to play cupid.

Carly rails at Taggert and questions why the cops weren't there to protect her husband when Sorel showed up. Taggert is surprised and wants to know why the police weren't notified. Carly makes a couple of digs at Taggert. Taggert leaves. Sonny reminds Carly that she has to stay out of his business. Carly asks if it is because he doesn't need her. Sonny is exasperated and tells her that she knows that's not true. Carly wants to know if she is supposed to just sit back while one of his enemies is coming after him. Tony comes in to see Sonny since he wants to leave. Carly questions Tony about whether it's safe for Sonny to go home, she seems to want Tony to say that Sonny has to stay. Tony says that Sonny is doing much better and if he wants to leave he can after signing out. Tony advises him to avoid exertion.

Bobbie wonders why Roy doesn't just call Melissa to find out if she actually wrote the letter. Bobbie has to find out. Roy comes in and wants to know why Bobbie isn't at the hospital. He wants to know why she told him she had to work but she went to Kelly's. Bobbie lies again to Roy. Lucky arrives at Alexis' apartment to question her about Zander. Alexis is bound by client/attorney privilege. Lucky gives Alexis a hard time and tells her she only cares about her career. At the Q mansion, Ned tells Chloe his relationship with Alexis is over. Chloe tells Ned to give it time.

Nik meets Gia outside of Kelly's. She asks about Stefan. Nik says he doesn't have an uncle. He wonders if he is cursed to be unfeeling and unable to commit. Gia assures him that he is not like the rest of his family. Lucky comes to Kelly'' and tells Nik and Gia about Emily. He leaves to find Liz and Nik and Gia head home.

Alexis shows up at Sonny's hospital room. She wants to tell them about the situation with Emily. They know because of Taggert. Alexis looks distressed makes a vague comment about her problems, and leaves to go wait for Zander to call. Sonny wonders what is bother Alexis. Carly is sure that when Alexis realizes what is bothering her, Sonny will be the first to know. As they get ready to leave, Sonny tells Carly he's not going home with her.

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