General Hospital Update Thursday 1/18/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/18/01

By Afrikka

Felicia, Maxie and Georgie arrive at Kelly's to surprise Mac for his birthday. They are going to order birthday pancakes. Felicia and Georgie leave the counter and go to a table to wait for Mac, while Maxie questions the waitress about Lucky. She's a little deflated when she learns that he already left with Liz. Mac arrives and is greeted with a round of "happy birthdays" by Felicia and the girls. He tells them that everyday is special with them around. The four of them sit in Kelly's while the girls tell Mac their plans for his birthday. They will eat breakfast, then go cross-country skiing. Mac thanks Felicia for helping to plan the birthday celebration. Mac says it feels like old times. Felicia knows that although they can't go back, that she considers Mac her best friend and wants to always remain friends. Maxie and Georgie bring out a stack of blueberry pancakes with candles in them.

Roy enters a sleeping Bobbie's room, the transcripts from the trial are on the bed in plain view. Roy slides into bed with Bobbie waking her with kisses. Bobbie and Roy are in the bed making out when Roy questions Bobbie about all the papers in the bed. She realizes that he might see the documents and hurries to put them in a drawer. She tries to divert his attention, and he asks her if she is okay. They engage in playful banter. Roy brings up the fact that Felicia seemed worried about her and that she apparently forgot to tell Felicia that she was going to the conference. Bobbie looks pensive. She lies to cover her trip to Chicago. Roy questions her about New Orleans (the location of the supposed Nurse's conference) Bobbie is unable to answer Roy's questions about the city and her trip there. Bobbie professes her love and says that she doesn't ever want anyone to come between them.

Lila is sitting in the Q living room eating a nicely prepared breakfast. Edward enters and asks her for some hot coffee. Lila reminds Edward that her breakfast is off limits to him. Alan enters the living room and greets his parents with a cheery "Good Morning." Edward suggests that he won't be so pleased after he tastes the coffee the staff left for them. Alan tastes the coffee and spits it out. Alan thinks Edward should fire the entire staff, but Lila absolutely forbids it. She says the boycott will end when Emily is brought home. Alan can't do that, because it would endanger Emily. Chloe enters the room looking for fresh coffee. Ned enters with a "good morning," to the group. Edward is in bad spirits and has to answer the phone when it rings. It's St. Catherine's for Alan. Alan is obviously shocked by the news, which he relays to the family, Emily is gone. Ned says he knew this would happen.

Alexis is on the phone in her apartment trying to find some case law to help Zander keep his plea agreement despite jumping bail. There is a knock on the door. It's Stefan. Alexis tries to brush him off by telling him she's busy. He is concerned about Nik, while Alexis is worried about saving Zander's life. Stefan thinks Nik's life is going down the drain and asks if Alexis knows that he is living with Gia. She knows, but counters that Nik is a big boy and can pick his own girlfriends and roommates. Stefan is adamant that Gia be removed from Nik's life. Alexis thinks that Stefan has more pressing issues to worry about, like the fact that he lied to Nik about his disappearance.

At the cottage, a tired looking Nikolas sits on the couch. Gia comes down and is surprised he's up already. She asks if he stayed up all night thinking about his uncle. She grabs his hands, which are cold. He says he's been out walking by the lake, remembering the Stefan, he used to know. He questions how Stefan could betray him. Gia tells him that he doesn't know for sure if the accusations are true. Nik says that they are but he couldn't see Stefan for who he really was, before.

Stefan doesn't think there is any reason for Nik to find out the circumstances of his "disappearance." Alexis reminds Stefan that he wasn't away on a holiday and that he led Nik to believe that he was dead. He defends his actions by saying he was only trying to protect Nik. Alexis warns Stefan to tell Nik first, before someone else can spill the beans. He tries to convince Alexis that Nik never has to find out. Alexis thinks that if Nik finds out from someone else, Stefan will lose his trust forever. Alexis hugs Stefan as he leaves. At the cottage, Nik questions why he never saw Stefan for who he really was. Gia tries to comfort him. She suggests that he confront Stefan and find out the truth instead of believing his grandmother. Nik doesn't need confirmation and thinks that Stefan will try to twist the situation and say he did it out of love. Gia says that maybe Stefan really believes that he did fake his death to protect Nik. Nik can't believe Gia is defending Stefan. She says she doesn't care about Stefan, she just wants Nik to stop torturing himself.

Alan is still on the phone with St. Catherine's. There is no sign of Emily, Alan tells them to call the state police. One of the girls said they saw Emily leaving with a young man. Ned is visibly upset, and tells the family that Emily may not be alone, that she may be with Zander. Alan and Edward both chastise Ned for not telling them sooner. Ned agrees and storms out of the room. Edward suggests calling the police. Lila is against it contacting the police, she doesn't want Emily to be a fugitive. Lila and Chloe leave the room, at which time Alan and Edward decide to call the PC police.

As Mac, Felicia, Maxie and Georgie leave to go skiing, they run into Chloe coming in for a cup of coffee. She asks the waitress if she has seen AJ, just then, AJ walks in. AJ thinks that Emily is in danger because of Zander. Juan walks in on the conversation and overhears that Emily has disappeared with Zander. AJ thanks Chloe for telling him about Emily and heads for Q house. Juan speaks with Chloe and tells her that he is not sure that Emily will come back home and that all she cares about is Zander. Chloe tells him she's been trying to reach him all morning, she tells him that Emily has run away and Zander jumped bail. AJ is outraged. Alan wants to call Monica, but Edward doesn't want him to call her yet He would rather call the police. Alan consents to letting Edward call the police.

Ned storms into Alexis' penthouse and lays into her for putting Emily's life in danger. He tells her that Emily is gone and that she was seen with a young man. Alexis surmises it was Zander, she hopes that they will come back on their own. Ned doesn't think that they will come back. He rails that Alexis saved Zander from the death penalty took him into her home and that he repaid her by stealing her money, jumping bail and kidnapping Emily. Alexis suggests that Emily went willingly. Ned wants to know why Alexis keeps defending Zander, she responds that he is her client, and as an attorney, that's what she does. Alexis verbalizes her feelings about Zander, that he's made mistakes, that she does feel used, and that it is personal, but she thinks those things are not as important as saving him from being executed for a crime he didn't commit. Alexis tries to apologize, but Ned doesn't want to hear it.

Nik is in the study at Wyndemere waiting for Stefan to arrive. When Stefan enters the room he is happy to see Nik. He incorrectly assumes Nik is there to discuss Gia. Nik is simmering with anger and he tells Stefan that he has taken steps to make sure that Stefan is never reinstated as trustee of the Cassidine estate.

Hannah arrives at the Quartermain mansion to take a statement. Taggert enters the room and is surprised to see her there. Alexis tells Ned that attorney/client privilege is sometimes a burden, but that he can't tell anyone about Zander. He asks her if she even cares about Emily. He wonders if a person has to be a client before Alexis will care about them. Alexis doesn't think Ned is being fair. She tells him that if the police find out, Zander and Emily could be in more danger, she says that Sonny can best find them safely. The phone rings, Alexis answers it and finds out that the PCPD knows that Zander jumped bail. Alexis hopes that Ned didn't notify them.

Nik tells Stefan that he didn't realize how alike he and Helena. He confronts Stefan with his crimes, Stefan tries to deny it. Nik calls him a liar and implores him to tell the truth for once in his life. Stefan runs down all of the things he's done for him, when Nik presses him for an answer to his question, Stefan admits that he did fake his death and kidnap Chloe. Nik tears into Stefan about his lies, he tries to articulate the pain he felt when he thought he was dead. As Nik turns to leave, Stefan tells him that he loves him and begs for a chance to tell the whole story.

Alexis is angry when she finds out that Ned told his family about Zander. She says that he has endangered both Zander and Emily and that Sorel can find them more easily. Ned says that he doesn't care about Zander. Alexis asks if he doesn't care about her either, to risk her career. Ned doesn't care about Zander or Alexis' career, he is only worried about Emily. Ned and Alexis cannot agree on the subject of Zander. AJ confronts his family about Emily's disappearance and tells the family that Emily probably left with Zander on her own, because her family wouldn't compromise with her.

Hannah and Taggert talk about the case. Taggert is very understanding about the situation. He thinks Emily left with Zander and wasn't kidnapped. Hannah is surprised that Taggert is so compassionate toward Zander and wonders "who the real Marcus Taggert," is.

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