General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/17/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/17/01

By Afrikka

Carly arrives at Deception to talk with Laura. Carly makes some comments about how worried she is about having to leave Sonny. Laura inquires about his condition; Carly tells her that he's getting better. Laura tells Carly that they have a big problem with Deception.

Alexis and Sonny are in his hospital room discussing the fact that Zander has left town. Alexis relays the content of the letter that Zander left her to Sonny. She also tells him that Zander took $300 from her purse. She doesn't think that is enough to get very far. Sonny chimes in that he also gave Zander enough money to keep him on the run for a while. Alexis wonders why he would do that, and Sonny says that it was for Zander to get an apartment. Emily is happily surprised by Zander's knock on her dorm window. Emily asks how he got there, he tells her he just left without telling Alexis, and Emily is concerned.

Stefan and Gia are talking outside of Kelly's. Stefan once again goes into his spiel about Nik's lineage and how he has to conform to Cassidine tradition and do what is expected of him. He warns that any relationship she has with Nik will be a trivial liaison. Gia gives back to Stefan as good as she gets. She doesn't back down, but is troubled by Stefan's words. Liz and Lucky arrive at Kelly's and Lucky confronts Stefan, and tells him to leave Gia alone. Stefan reiterates his point to Gia before departing. Gia thanks Lucky for his intervention and asks if she can speak to him alone.

Nik is at the cottage with Helena. She begins telling him about Stefan's recent actions. Nik counters that he doesn't want to hear any of her lies. Helena dissects the details of the kidnapping. She tells Nik that she wouldn't put Stefan on a luxurious island and bring him an attractive companion to spend his days with. Nik once again tells his grandmother to get out of the cottage. Helena urges Nik to think about it and realize Stefan's duplicity. She tells him to speak with Chloe if he doesn't believe her. She tells him that Stefan has probably already given him instructions not to speak with Chloe about the kidnapping. Nik confirms that Stefan did indeed say that. Nik, obviously devastated, finally begins to realize the truth of Helena's words. He orders Helena out and condemns her for her role in destroying Stefan. When he is alone, Nik overturns a table in his pain. Liz, Lucky and Gia enter Kelly's. Liz, a little miffed at having to leave the two alone, goes upstairs so that Gia and Lucky can talk. Gia recaps Stefan's comments to her and asks Lucky if Stefan is right.

Laura tells Carly that the French firm that formulated the Deception perfume has a contract with another company. Carly comments that they have a patent on the scent. Laura confirms this but also says that they are facing the problem of the lack of availability and high prices for the ingredients. Laura will go to France immediately to try to make a deal on behalf of Deception. Laura also says that the test shoots and the Face of Deception launch will be pushed back. Carly is okay with the prospect since Sonny's care is taking so much of her time. Both women were very gracious and civil throughout.

Sonny questions whether Zander seemed scared. Alexis tells Sonny that Zander has probably gone off to see Emily. She informs him that the Q's have moved Emily to a boarding school in California. Sonny agrees that is probably where Zander is. Alexis wonders if Zander will come back. Sonny is confident he will. Emily tells Zander he could be throwing his life away, coming to see her. Zander says he only cares about Emily, he asks if she is okay at St. Catherine's. If she is, he will leave. Emily tells him that she is happy to see him and that she missed him. She says that she is miserable at boarding school, but that she will survive. She assures him that it's not prison, and prison is where he is likely to go if they reinstate his charges because he jumped bail. She asks him why he is risking so much; Zander tells her that she knows why. There is a knock on Emily's door. It's the headmistress. She stalls for enough time to hide Zander in her closet. The woman is willing to work with Emily if she wants to stay at the school. Alexis begs Sonny to have some of his men start looking for Zander and Emily. Sonny doesn't want to do this because if there is a leak in his organization, Sorel will know where they are, and will kill both Zander and Emily. Sonny thinks Zander will come back on his own. Alexis thinks it's a bad idea. She is concerned about both Emily and Zander's safety. Sonny tells her not to worry. Alexis asks Sonny about his $2 mil. He's not worried. Alexis assures him that if Sonny isn't concerned about the money then neither is she. Carly walks in at that moment. She wants to know what Alexis would be worried about. She wants to know if they are talking about Sorel.

Sonny tells Carly again about eavesdropping and tells her that she's a chronic worrier. She thinks she has reason to worry. Sonny doesn't want Carly interfering when he is having a conversation with his attorney. Talk of the $2 mil causes Carly to surmise that Zander has jumped bail. Alexis won't confirm and asks Carly that she not say anything because of Client-Attorney privilege. Carly won't say anything, and Alexis leaves.

Lucky goes to his room to find Liz in the bed waiting for him. They make love and later affirm their connection to one another. Liz relates her dreams of them being together when Lucky didn't pay any attention to her. They continue to talk about their romance. Elizabeth makes Lucky promise that they will hold on to their love "no matter what" happens around them. (Obvious foreshadowing)

Gia arrives at the cottage. Nik is playing chess alone. Gia is surprised and tells him she thought he hated playing. Nik responds that he does, but that it's one of the many things Stefan taught him that a prince should know how to do. He goes on about all Stefan has done and sacrificed for him. Gia doesn't know how to take Nik's actions. Gia thinks that he wants her to move out. She tells him she will go pack. Nik snaps out of his reverie, grabs Gia and tells her that he needs her to stay. Gia doesn't want to come between Nik and Stefan. She offers again to move out. Nik tells her that he has already lost his uncle and that he won't lose Gia too. Nik says that Stefan is dead and shares the tale of Stefan faking his death and kidnapping Chloe. Gia is shocked that Stefan would do such an awful thing. Nik tells her that the Stefan he saw today is a stranger, but the Stefan he used to know was a good man and loved him. Nik says he has to believe that. Nik turns away from Gia and begins to cry. Gia goes to comfort him. (Very moving stuff)

Zander tells Emily he has another present for her. It is a bus ticket to anywhere in the country. He bought one for both of them. Zander and Emily decide to go on the run together.

Sonny assures Carly that Sorel can't get near him, that's what the guard is for. Carly and Sonny talk about Zander and she offers to hire a bounty hunter to bring Zander back and suggests that then Sonny could give her the $2mil. She would use the money to launch her own Face of Deception campaign, which she thinks would be much better than Laura's. Sonny says she sounds ruthless for saying she would have Zander thrown in jail. She says she learned it from him, and denies she has any loyalty to Zander since he betrayed her husband. Sonny states that he is ready to go home and be with his family. They talk about trust and Carly says she understands how couples get to that place where they trust each other. She can trust Sonny because he knows all of her faults and he fell in love with her anyway. Sonny tells her that he didn't have a choice.

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