General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/16/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/16/01

By Afrikka

Felicia is sitting with Roy in Kelly's and asks where Bobbie is. Felicia is surprised to hear that Bobbie's at a nurse's conference in New Orleans. Roy thinks it's odd that Bobbie didn't tell Felicia where she was going. Meanwhile Bobbie is questioning the county clerk in Chicago about the case, specifically about Melissa. After finding out that it could take at least six weeks to have the transcripts sent to her, she turns on the charm to get the clerk to show her the transcripts without any paperwork. Felicia tries to cover for Bobbie, pretending to remember, belatedly that Bobbie did mention the conference.

The headmistress catches Emily as she is trying to escape from St. Catherine's. Ned and Alexis are enjoying time together in the penthouse. They decide to go to the bedroom to avoid being interrupted by Zander. As they head upstairs, there is a knock on the door. It's Helena.

Stefan walks in on Nik and Gia as they are about to kiss. Nik immediately goes on the defensive, telling Stefan that the situation with Gia is none of his uncle's business. Stefan disagrees and states that Gia is "unsuitable." Gia counters that since Stefan doesn't know her, he must be commenting on race.

Sonny tells a menacing Sorel that he's dumber than he thought. He advises Sorel that he should be leaving the country since he's been indicted on first-degree murder charges. Sorel assures Sonny that he has travel plans in the works. Sorel threatens Sonny. Sonny is unafraid and tells Sorel that he's a "dead man." "Not if you're dead first," Sorel replies as he lifts a pillow intent on smothering Sonny. Carly walks in at that moment, and begins to attack Sorel with her purse. Carly continues hitting Sorel while yelling for help. As she picks up a chair, Sorel turns to leave but departs telling Sonny "it's not over yet." An orderly hearing the commotion enters. Carly rails that the man who tried to kill her husband was in the room. Sonny very calmly tells the orderly that Carly is mistaken and that there is no need to call the police. Carly, though visibly upset, follows Sonny's lead, and apologizes for her "mistake." As soon as the orderly leaves, Carly questions Sonny as to why he's protecting Sorel.

Helena breezes into Alexis' penthouse enumerating Stefan's recent misdeed. Alexis and Ned assure Helena that they are well aware of what Stefan has done, and that it's up to Chloe to press charges. Helena suggests that Alexis needs to see Stefan for who he really is. Alexis responds by telling Helena, that whatever Stefan is, is a result of having her as a mother. Alexis thinks that Nikolas would do well to stay away from both Stefan and Helena. Helena counters with a veiled threat to Alexis as she leaves.

Stefan continues to give Nikolas his spiel on protecting the Cassidine legacy and lineage. Nikolas is not interested in the traditions and responsibilities of being a prince and tells Stefan this in no uncertain terms. Nikolas also drops the bombshell; he and Gia are living together. Emily is talking to the headmistress of St. Catherine's. She warns Emily that trying to leave the school may force her parents to send her somewhere less pleasant. She also has birthday presents for Emily sent from home and reminds her that all the girls at the school don't have families that care enough to remember birthdays. Emily is left to ponder that as the headmistress leaves.

Roy and Felicia are talking about his love for Bobbie and his feelings that he is unworthy of her love. Felicia counters that Bobbie's troubled history with men is understandable in the context of Bobbie's losing Roy all those years ago. Felicia asks Roy if his love for Bobbie interfered with other romances. (she is obviously digging) Roy says that his job as an informant wasn't conducive to romance. Felicia leaves. Bobbie is unable to find what she is looking for before the clerk tells her she has to leave. Bobbie then sweet-talks the clerk into giving her a few more minutes to keep looking. Bobbie finally finds the testimony she is looking for, in it Melissa testifies that Roy used her to get close to her brother Leo.

Nik is done with having Stefan talk down about Gia and asks him to leave. Nik is firm about his decision to be friends with and be involved with, whomever he chooses. Gia comes down the stairs and asks about Katherine. Nik tells her a little about her. Nik apologizes for both Helena and Stefan's treatment of Gia. Gia tells Nik that after seeing him with his family, she is going out to find her mother and give her a hug.

Ned tells Alexis that she should follow Nik's lead and distance herself for the Cassidines. Meanwhile, Emily is reading her cards and opening birthday gifts from her family. Zander is on a plane about to land in Santa Barbara.

Carly questions why Sonny would let Sorel go. Sonny thinks Sorel is working with someone and that he may be more useful alive if he can lead Sonny to his partner. Carly wonders how Sonny can be so blasť about almost being killed and what would have happened if she hadn't showed up. Sonny promises Carly that he loves his life and his family too much to die. A delivery from the Grille arrives, Carly has ordered in since Sonny is such a "picky eater."

Laura comes into Kelly's, she sits and talks to Roy about Deception. She gets a call from Elton. Laura will have to fly to Europe immediately to handle some Deception business. Mike comes in to see Tammy and tells her that she has been so helpful to him during the crisis with Sonny. He wants to take her out to dinner.

Ned and Alexis second attempt at romance is again interrupted by a knock on the door. It's a package from the courthouse. As she accepts the package, she sees the letter that Zander left, on his way out of town, telling her that he was leaving. Alexis is very upset, Ned wants to tell Monica and Alan to protect Emily. Alexis begs him not to because that would infringe on Zander's right to Attorney/Client confidentiality.

Carly is feeding Sonny dinner when she gets a call from Laura. It's urgent Deception business and Laura needs to see her right away. Carly is reluctant to leave, but Sonny insists he'll be okay since Rick is now guarding his door.

Alexis goes to Sonny to tell him that Zander ran. Sonny thinks Sorel had something to do with it. Alexis is not so sure. Zander shows up in Emily's room (some security, eh?) with pixie sticks for her birthday. Roy offers to close up for Tammy so that she and Mike can go out. Bobbie calls to check on Kelly's and is caught off guard when Roy answers.

Stefan encounters Gia and suggests that they need to discuss Nik. At the cottage, there is a knock on the door, Nik goes to answer it. At the door stands Helena. She has important information to share with Nik about Stefan.

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