General Hospital Update Monday 1/15/01


General Hospital Update Monday 1/15/01

By Afrikka

Sonny wakes up to Carly sleeping in a chair next to his hospital bed. He tells Carly he wants her to go home and get some rest. She tries to protest, telling him that she has left his room and visits Michael everyday. Sonny tells her she shouldn't be visiting Michael, and asks her how she can be of any use to either one of them if she collapses from tiredness as he's being released. Carly tells Sonny that she worries about him when she's gone and Sonny reassures her that he will be fine and that he will feel better knowing she's resting. Carly reluctantly leaves.

Maxie enters Kelley's where she sees Lucky. She is obviously pleased to see him. They strike up a conversation. Lucky asks her how things are going and she tells him that she is not involving herself in her parents' problems. Maxie then tells Lucky that she's been focusing on her music, playing the guitar. Lucky is surprised and tells Maxie that he plays the guitar as well, they have some dialogue about playing. Lucky tells her that he plays to get his mind off of his problems. Maxie is basking in the attention Lucky is giving her. Elizabeth comes to the table and asks Maxie if she wants to order or if she is waiting on someone. At that moment, Felicia enters Kelly's. Lucky tells Felicia that he and Maxie have been talking about her guitar playing and how he hoped that Maxie didn't annoy her mother as much as his playing annoyed his. Felicia looked questioningly at her daughter. Later Maxie thanks her mother for not revealing that she doesn't even own a guitar. Felicia tells Maxie that she would never have done that and that she understands that Maxie wanted to have something in common with Lucky, but cautioned her that it might not work out the way she wanted it to. Maxie told her mother that she knew Lucky was in love with Liz but that anything could happen in the future.

Nik and Stefan are at the cottage discussing the Cassidine trusteeship. Nik asks Stefan why Helena hasn't been arrested. Nik rants about all of Helena's recent misdeeds, faking Stefan's death, kidnapping Chloe and framing Luke. Stefan counters that the police are probably unwilling to pursue a case against Helena since she always avoids punishment for her crimes. Nik asks Stefan what kind of person would keep a woman away from the medication she needs to save her eyesight and then suggests going to Chloe to have her press charges against Helena. Stefan does not want him talking to Chloe about the matter of her kidnapping. Stefan is adamant that Chloe has no desire to relive her time on the island, and despite Nikolas' arguments to ask Chloe to give a deposition about her kidnapping, Stefan insists that Chloe not be bothered. Nik takes his uncle's position as being too overprotective of Chloe. Nik questions whether anything else happened that he should know about. Stefan denies that there is, and gets Nik to back off by suggesting that Chloe's health may be jeopardized by having to testify against Helena. Stefan leaves and Gia comes down the stairs and questions why their arrangement as roommates must be kept from Stefan. Gia's question anger Nikolas, he tells her that he is trying to protect her but wonders why he even bothers. He brings up the incident in Kelly's when Gia was unsympathetic to Emily's plight and tells her that if she doesn't like how he is handling things then she should move out. She agrees and Nik storms out of the cottage.

Emily is in her room at boarding school plotting her escape. She contemplates calling Nikolas after she gets as far as she can with the money she has, but doesn't think he will help Zander in any way. Meanwhile, Zander is in Alexis' apartment speaking with someone from Emily's school. Zander says he's Nikolas Cassidine in hopes of being able to speak with Emily. The school won't connect him, so he pleads for an address "to write to Emily," which he does manage to get. Alexis comes downstairs and Zander lies to her and tells her he was talking to Liz. Alexis tells Zander that while she disagrees with the Q's sending Emily away, she does know why they did it. She advises him that after he testifies against Sorel, Emily will be out of danger and the Q's may bring her back home. Zander knows that Sorel's conviction will take months. Alexis implores Zander to be patient. He tells her that he will try and that he's going to see Sonny. As Zander leaves, Roy is knocking on Alexis' door, he and Zander talk and he tells Zander that he got a big break and that he shouldn't blow it. Zander leaves and Alexis tells Roy she has called him to ask him to testify against Sorel. Roy tells Alexis that his past as an FBI informant would be detrimental to the case if he had to go on the stand.

Sonny is lying in the hospital bed looking over some paperwork when Zander enters the room. They talk about the indictment against Sorel. Sonny tells Zander he did a good job with his grand jury testimony. If Zander does the same at the trial, Sorel will be convicted. Zander thanks Sonny for the help that he's given to him. Zander looks troubled and Sonny asks him if there is something else on his mind. Zander, being deceptive, asks Sonny to borrow money to get an apartment so that he won't inconvenience Alexis. Sonny advises that the best place for Zander is with Alexis or in a safe house. Zander pushes for the money and Sonny relents, giving him enough for a couple of month's rent. Zander promises to repay Sonny, but Sonny counters that the best way to repay him is to get Sorel off the streets. Zander offers another heartfelt thanks to Sonny for all he's done.

Stefan arrives at Alexis' penthouse and asks her not to tell Nikolas about his role in faking his death and kidnapping Chloe. Alexis suggests that he should tell Nik himself. She advises him stop lying to Nik and stop asking her to lie for him. Though Alexis knows that Stefan acted to out-maneuver Helena. Ned arrives and confronts Stefan. He calls him a kidnapper, Stefan looks surprised that Ned knows about his duplicity. Ned correctly surmises that Stefan is there to get Alexis to help him lie to Nikolas. Alexis advises Stefan to tell Nik or she will. Alexis asks Ned if he's scared to be in a relationship with her because of her family. He tells her the only problem is her fear of commitment, but also tells her that he understands that she is that way because she has never been able to depend on anyone. He is surprised she isn't an awful person considering her upbringing. Zander returns to he penthouse. While Ned and Alexis are in the kitchen, Zander helps himself to money in Alexis' wallet. He tells Alexis he's going out, outside the penthouse he leaves a note for Alexis. Emily prepares to leave St. Catherine's by going out of the window.

Lucky and Liz engage in playful banter in Kelly's and decide to go to the movies. Nikolas enters Kelly's and tells Liz and Lucky that he told Gia to move out. Liz congratulates Nikolas, though Lucky senses that his brother is not happy with the prospect. He relates his frustration when he and Liz decided to wait, and advises Nik to kiss Gia to alleviate the tension. Zander comes into Kelly's and asks Liz to tell Emily to stay put, if she calls again. Lucky asks what Liz was talking to Zander about and Liz is evasive. Zander then goes to the phone and confirms a ticket to Santa Barbara. While Emily is packing for her escape, a classmate knocks on her door to talk about Romeo and Juliet. Emily is not interested although she does say her romance with Zander is similar to that of the tragic couple. Nik and Lucky continue to talk about Gia. Nik admits that he is attracted to her, but doesn't want her to think she has to sleep with him to stay at the cottage. Nik leaves to head back to the cottage to make amends with Gia. Nik arrives to apologize to Gia, she makes her own attempt as well, they decide to continue as roommates, as they are about to seal it with a kiss, Stefan enters the cottage.

Roy comes into Kelly's and Felicia asks him if he knows where Bobbie is. He responds that she's at a nurse's convention. Felicia looks surprised. Meanwhile, Bobbie arrives at the County record office in Chicago, looking for the transcripts from the trial involving Leo Bedford and his sister Melissa.

Sonny is surprised to see Carly at the hospital again, she has brought Michael to see him. Sonny is obviously pleased to see the both of them. Michael has made a card for Sonny and the three of them have some nice family time. Leticia takes Michael and Sonny thanks Carly for bringing him and tells her to go home and rest. Carly makes him promise to rest as she leaves. Sonny is obviously very happy, though still weak and experiencing pain. A shadowy figure enters a sleeping Sonny's room. Sonny awakens and the figure is revealed to be Sorel who states that he and Sonny have unfinished business.

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