General Hospital Update Friday 12/8/00


General Hospital Update Friday 12/8/00

Alexis informs Sonny that Mac has canceled their deal with Zander. They worry what to do now to keep the teen from the chair. She warns him that he could get in more trouble and says she's fond of him. He says since everyone already thinks he's pulling the strings, why not do it? They chat about Carly's bachelorette party for her.

Sonny goes to the police station; Taggert baits him as usual, this time about Zander. Sonny tells him that Zander is "a witness, not a killer" and accuses Taggert of being so blind because of his hatred for Sonny that he will watch the kid die. Taggert says the two things have nothing to do with each other. Sonny tells him the truth about what happened but Taggert doesn't believe it. Sonny says he's in the middle of this only because he doesn't do his job. He's trying to clean up the mess so no one else gets hurt. When Taggert keeps making obnoxious comments, Sonny points out that Stefan is alive, even though they were so sure that Luke killed him--just like he's sure that Zander killed this guy.

Luke talks with a collection agent on the phone from his office. He lies that he found the bill and he did pay it. He blames it on the post office and Roy. Alexis drops by and asks Luke if he's "free tonight". He flirts with her and then wants to talk about Stefan's return. She says they'll talk about it another day but invites him to Ned's bachelor party. He declines. She begs him to go because most of the people there don't like her. She lists the people coming, mostly Quartermaines. Luke suddenly decides to go because of Edward's presence, but he doesn't tell her why. She's just grateful that he's going.

Roy brings Bobbie the bill from her car servicing, which doesn't show that the brakes were fixed. She is sure that she told the guy to do it and once again wonders what's wrong with her. Roy drives Bobbie to the party. Elizabeth asks Bobbie if she can close early for a big date. Bobbie agrees as she leaves. Later, Elizabeth lets Lucky in. He has a grocery bag. There are candles everywhere; they kiss. He notices that there is no one else there. They have a quiet evening and kiss. Then they dance to the jukebox. They blow out the candles before heading upstairs.

Gia tells her mom about her new job. Florence is not thrilled but looks forward to Gia going back to school. Then Florence talks about her own possible new job at GH. Florence then turns to bitching about Nikolas, so Gia lies that they never see each other, they're just roommates. Just then, Nikolas shows up, so Florence doesn't believe her. Nikolas says he just wanted to remind Gia about the party. They explain that the party is a girls-only for his aunt Alexis, who is an attorney. Florence walks away from the table so Gia chides him for almost blowing her lies.

Alan and AJ plan Ned's bachelor party at Jake's. Alan assures her that their party will be tame. Alan wonders if AJ should leave since the alcohol might be too much of a temptation. AJ quickly turns the topic to Ned's many marriages. Edward shows up but he's not happy to be there. They both are disgusted wth AJ, who is swigging from a flask. The Jake regulars are a riot in comparison with Edward and Alan. Tony, Nikolas and Juan arrive for the party. Juan looks down. Tony and Alan chat about AJ's drinking problem. Nikolas asks Juan if he's okay. He tells him about his problems with Emily. Nikolas expresses his sympathy. Ned arrives and they all greet him. Later, we see the guys playing pool. Edward has cotton in his ears because of the loud music. Alan asks AJ to have something to eat before he makes a toast to Ned. AJ isn't interested in anything but drinking. Nikolas tries to make Juan see that there are two sides to his problems but he's not hearing it. AJ makes fun of Ned and his impending marriage as he gets drunker. Ned asks Alan to make AJ leave. Edward figures out that AJ's flask has water, not vodka. They wonder why he did it. Edward says, "It's just an excuse to be obnoxious!" to which AJ retorts, "What's yours?" Nikolas offers to help drunk and depressed Juan home. Juan can't believe these problems between him and Emily now that everything else is working out in his life.

Before Alexis' party, Felicia greets Chloe; they catch up. Felicia fills her in on what happened in the courtroom for Luke's trial. Chloe offers her sympathies. They sit down to chat some more about Felicia's love life. Felicia shares how much fun that she and Luke have together but sighs that he doesn't fit into her life. Then they talk about Jax and Stefan. Felicia can't believe how kindly Chloe talks about Stefan. Felicia warns her that Stefan "is not a nice person" and worries how close Chloe is to him.

Bobbie and Monica run into Gia outside the party and chit-chat about Florence before going in. Gia meets Chloe. They admire the centerpieces that Chloe made. Alexis arrives and they joke around. Alexis tells them that she invited Luke to Ned's party. Bobbie jokes that Luke will win all their money in poker. Chloe makes a nice toast to Alexis. Alexis asks them for a favor. She wishes that Eddie's Angel would disappear but says in case the media comes, she hopes that they didn't hire a stripper. Bobbie says that Carly might have. Just then, Carly comes in, carring Deception samples for them. She says she wouldn't hire a stripper. Carly bonds with Gia, who says that Elizabeth is not her friend. Gia mentions Taggerts mentor Zeke to Carly, saying that wasn't he Sonny's step-father. Carly just says it's not a good memory, don't go there. A male stripper comes in after all; everyone wonders who ordered him. He strips down to tiger-striped briefs and crawls on Alexis' lap. Just then, the reporters come in and snap pictures, then run out.

Roy comes by Luke's office and they talk about how much they need cash for the club. Luke says they're headed for a party to steal money from the Quartermaines, especially Edward. They arrive at the party just as Juan and Nikolas are leaving. Luke tells Ned that Alexis invited them. Ned welcomes them. Luke flashes a deck of cards and says, "anyone for poker?" catching Edward and Alan's eyes. They play poker and Luke wins. Tony chats with AJ, wondering why he's there since he doesn't like Ned. AJ wants to have fun. A large cake is wheeled in. Out pops a Lois-lookalike who congratulates Ned on "Wedding number six".

Sonny visits Zander. Sonny warns him to be more careful and tells him to calm down. He asks Zander who made the deal and who pulled it. Zander just worries about being killed by Sorel. Sonny advises him to do whatever Alexis wants and nothing else. Zander is frustrated. Sonny gives him his word that he will protect him. Zander wonders why he will; Sonny says that he is useful against Sorel. He warns that "the cops are not your friends". Zander thanks Sonny before he leaves.