General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/5/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/5/00

Alexis tells Stefan that she knew he was alive. Chloe and Ned chat with them about Helena and the island. Alexis tries to figure out Helena's strategy. More hugs. Ned sees Tony and wonders if Chloe's tests are back. Tony tells her that there is damage because she went off her medication, but if she starts taking it and improves again, they will schedule radiation again after she improves. Stefan offers the Cassadine resources and suggests Chloe gets a second opinion. They find out that Jax is looking for Brenda and offere their sympathies. Chloe insists on going to the penthouse, despite Ned's objections (Bad memories because of Jax). Alexis tells Stefan to stop worrying, Chloe is tough. He denies it but she knows better. He counters that she's hiding something. She admits that she and Ned are getting hitched. Stefan sighs heavily as Alexis babbles on. He tells her that marrying Ned is "absurd".

Nikolas fills Laura in on what happened with Stefan. Laura is disgusted at Helena's machinations. Nikolas talks about his feelings for Stefan and how happy he is to have his uncle back. They hug; she's happy for him. He asks her how she feels about Stefan. She says she'll go see him at some point. He blurts out the question of whether she loves Stefan. She says no. But they both love Nikolas very much and that won't ever change. They hug. Gia returns to tell Nikolas that his cab is "double-parked" Nikolas leaves at Laura's insistance. He thanks Gia for visting him at Laura's.

Stefan and Alexis continue to argue about Ned as Nikolas and Gia walk up. Alexis leaves, not mad. Nikolas introduces Gia to Stefan. Stefan smiles slyly. Later, they bid Gia goodbye, and Nikolas and Stefan drive home. Gia looks worried.

Luke and Felicia meet with Helena's bank manager, posing as Darius and Olga Cassadine. Luke manages to work an insult against Stefan into the conversation. Luke tells him that they want to see the bank holdings of the Cassadine estate. The man tells him that it would take a court order. Felicia causes a commotion to distract the man. While Luke berates the man, Felicia sneaks a peek at the bank records. Felicia and Luke make a hasty exit, leaving the man looking befuddled. Felicia tells Luke that she got the password. They come back later to break into the office and try out the password in various places they hack into. They are interrupted by Helena and the bank manager coming into the office. They hide. Helena tells the man that she's concerned about Nikolas' behavior and the company he's keeping. She might want him "committed for his own sake". She tells him about Nikolas hiding the dead cop in Windemere's freezer, "frequenting wild parties", and lying. The man tells her that it's not that simple. She knows he will come through so he says he'll start on the paperwork. The bank manager mentions her relatives Darius and Olga stopping by. She asks him to describe the duo. The man describes Luke in an unflattering way, saying "not everyone should wear a hairpiece", LOL They leave. Luke and Felicia emerge from their hiding place. Luke is angry at the man's description; Felicia can't believe what she has planned for Nikolas. She thinks Luke should tell Nikolas what Helena said; he doesn't care about Nikolas. She says she will, then, but he tells her she'd better not. The phone rings and they hear someone at the door, so they head for the closet again. The bank manager gets a call from Stefan; he thinks someone is playing a joke on him until Stefan makes it clear who he is. Luke and Felicia overhear the man saying that Stefan is alive. "I knew it!" Luke says. Felicia can't believe it, either. They sneak out.

Lucky and Elizabeth joke about their new room. Things are kind of awkward. She assures him that she's ready. He suggests they dance. She agrees so he puts on music. They get romantic while dancing and exchange their usual romantic dialogue. Then they kiss, he carries her to the bed, they make out some more. Then they finally get naked and make love. Then they lie in each other's arms in bliss. She confesses that she was "a little afraid" of how it would go but now she's glad they did it. He's glad it turned out "perfect" for them both.

Roy and Bobbie have a minor fender bender; both are fine. The car rammed into something after the brakes failed. She is surprised because she just had them serviced. He looks for evidence that someone tampered with them, like Sorel. They go to GH. Tony takes Bobbie for tests, even though she says she's fine. Tony brings her back and she is fine.

Sorel makes veiled threats to Sonny and Carly, warning him to stay away from Zander's case. Sonny refuses to back off. Sonny warns him to stay away from his family. They argue about Zander. Sonny suggests he leave the country. Sorel leaves after making another threat. Carly is upset and doesn't want Sonny to just shrug it off. Carly takes Sonny to her Deception offices. She rants about how small her office is and blames Laura. Carly goes through some boxes while she and Sonny argue Deception. Sonny gets quiet and tunes her out. She wants to know what's going on, so she can prepare if something bad happens. Sonny assures her that Sorel's threats mean nothing. She points out how distracted he is. He says Sorel is "desperate" or he wouldn't have spoken in front of her. She wants him to confide details to her but he won't. He says that Zander will take care of Sorel and all he has to do is take care of her and stay out of his way. They hug.

Ned escorts Chloe into the penthouse. She wants to say goodbye to Jax. Ned says he might be back. She says she saw the girl and it looked just like Brenda. He wants to know why she's staying there. She says she will move out but tonight she wants to say goodbye. He assures her that Jax loved her; she knows and that's why it's so hard. They hug. Alexis picks up Ned; Chloe tells them she's glad they're getting married. Chloe looks around the apartment, then out the window as she cries.