General Hospital Update Monday 12/4/00


General Hospital Update Monday 12/4/00

by Suzanne Lanoue

Elizabeth walks into Kelly's with a shopping bag; she shows Tammy something she bought for her weekend. Roy, who has been fixing the stove, tells Tammy that he thinks everything's okay now from the fire. Gia talks AJ's ear off as they walk into Kelly's, about ideas she has for promoting the team. He is handing her money when Hannah and Taggert walk in. Taggert grabs the money and says he doesn't know she knows AJ. She takes the money back and says AJ's her new boss. They explain what she's doing. Taggert congratulates AJ and heads off to work. AJ says he wants to take her to the football practice and show her around, etc. but Hannah asks for a word alone with Gia. AJ leaves Kelly's. Hannah tells Gia that she thinks Gia would be great at her job, but she's concerned about AJ's higher priorities. Gia tells her off. Hannah confides her problems with AJ in Roy. He observes that AJ seems to be getting to her. She wonders if she should do anything about Gia or how she can get through to AJ. He says that she obviously feels something for AJ so she should just figure it out and get it out of the way. He has to leave to pick up Bobbie from work.

Luke is in his office when he hears someone breaking in. He tests his alarm system on Felicia, who is not happy that he called her there. He wants her to hear his latest plan. She gives him five minutes. He says he plans to walk into Helena's lawyer's office to steal her access to the Ice Princess. He wants Felicia to pose as Olga, Darius Cassadine's sister. She points out that it's "fraud". He doesn't agree. She keeps pointing out the drawbacks. He wonders why she's worrying about Mac, unless she's planning to reconcile with him. She says she wants to do right by her girls. Luke says it will all work out and somehow he convinces her. He tells her to go dress like a Cassadine ("like a repitilian creature and sucks blood and hangs upside down") and meet him back there. She leaves.

Later, Felicia returns, dressed to the nines as Olga. Felicia is in his Darius garb. They joke around as they leave for their big job.

Alexis visits Laura, who forgot that Alexis is her financial consultant for Deception. Laura moves an appointment. Alexis remarks that it's strange that they are connected now without Stefan.

Nikolas hugs and cries into Stefan's shoulder. Lucky and Bobbie whisper, wait until Luke finds out. Stefan joyfully hugs his nephew. Nikolas guesses that this is because of Helena. Stefan explains that Helena kept him prisoner and then took Chloe prisoner, too, then they escaped. Chloe confirms his story. Nikolas is outraged at Helena's latest dirty deeds. Alan and Monica plan to tell Lila so she won't found out from the press or something. Nikolas hugs Stefan again and apologizes for not trying to find him. Stefan assures him it wasn't his fault. Nikolas goes to tell Laura and Alexis. Lucky offers to go with him but Nikolas wants him to go to his planned weekend with Elizabeth. Tony tells Chloe that radiology is ready for her. Mac tells Stefan he wants to take him to the station for questioning. Stefan doesn't want to go but gives in. He says he has questions for Mac, too. Chloe tells Tony what a "hero" Stefan is. Bobbie scoffs at the idea.

Lucky comes by Kelly's. Elizabeth tells him that she promised Emily she would ask him about VD and HIV testing. He says he was tested in April when he came back. She kisses him and thanks him. He tells her the big news about Stefan. He wonders if they should go in case Nikolas needs them and asks what she thinks. Gia comes up and wonders what's up with Nikolas. Lucky tells her about Stefan's reappearance. She questions Lucky, shocked, then she leaves to go find Nikolas at Laura's office. Lucky and Elizabeth decide to go ahead with their weekend plans. Lucky asks Tammy, "remember that conversation we had, when we first met?" She does and he thanks her. Neat!

Nikolas tells Alexis the news about Stefan. She is happy and not entirely surprised. But she is surprised to hear that Chloe was with him. She rushes off to GH to see her. Gia comes by and hugs Nikolas in happiness. She offers to stay with him while he waits for Laura to get out of a meeting. He tells her what he knows, which isn't much. He asks her to remind him next that he has a fight with his uncle, about this day and how much he loves him. Laura comes in. Nikolas introduces Gia and gives Laura the news. She's stunned.

Sonny tells Mike that it's good he's at the park. They talk about it being an AIDS anniversary, they lit a candle for Stone. Mike chats about Michael. Things are better between them. Mike leaves, not wanting to push his luck. Sonny picks up Michael to take him home for dinner. He gives him over to Johnny to take him, so he can take a walk. Sonny tells Carly that she can come out now from the bushes. Eventually she shows her face, looking guilty. He asks her if she's happy now. Carly says that he did so much for her and she just wanted to return the favor. All he needs is his father, so that's why he set him up. He doesn't let her off the hook easily. He is pissed again at her impulsiveness and deception, and scared that she's not listening to him because it puts her in danger. He says she is violating their trust, which puts everything they have in jeopardy. She apologizes, realizing how important it is to him, and promises she won't do it again. She is very quiet and contrite. They draw closer and hug. She asks him if they can have dinner together. He says they can after he does something at the warehouse. 

Later, Johnny escorts Carly to the park restaurant; she asks him to go get her car. He does, reluctantly. Sorel comes up and offers to escort her. Sonny arrives and tells him to get away from his wife.

Mike comes in to Kelly's and greets Tammy; he shares the good news about Sonny forgiving him. They sit down to chat.

Ned comes to GH when he hears that Chloe is there. They hug happily. He is sorry that he didn't know that those phone messages were fake and asks where Jax is. She explains everything that happened. She asks about him and Alexis. He tells her about their getting married. Alexis arrives as if on cue and hugs Chloe. They chat about the island. 

Stefan asks Mac why he didn't question Helena more about his supposed demise. He pretends to be annoyed that Mac prosecuted Luke instead, which means Helena won't be caught for what she did. Mac is unrepentant, sick of the whole thing. Taggert questions Sorel after Mac and Stefan leave the room. Taggert asks Sorel about Zander Smith. Sorel pleads ignorance and says talk to his lawyer. Taggert wonders if Sorel is "stupid enough" to go to war with Sonny.

Roy picks Bobbie up from GH and wonders what the to-do is about. Bobbie tells Roy that Stefan turned up alive after all. They chat about it on the way home in the car. Bobbie rants and raves about Stefan. Suddenly Roy realizes there are no brakes in their car and they skid.

Alexis hugs Stefan when he returns to GH to see how Chloe is doing.

LUcky and Elizabeth arrives at their weekend getaway cabin. It's a huge room with really ugly furnishings. He takes her hand and they are glad to finally be there.