General Hospital Update Friday 12/1/00


General Hospital Update Friday 12/1/00 

by Suzanne Lanoue

Chloe and Stefan fly home. She can't believe they made it. He says he's glad she her escape plan worked. She worries about Helena but he says he'll take care of her. His concern is Chloe's health so she says she'll go right to the hospital and thinks that there is "no permanent damage". He admires her optimism and says he'll go with her. She says that Nikolas and Alexis will be so glad to see him alive and asks if he wants to call them now. He says he can't do it over the phone.

At Kelly's, Nikolas fills Ned in on Juan's spectacular appearance at the mall. Nikolas puts in a good word for Gia. Ned says he doesn't want to hire anyone new right now. Nikolas keeps pushing and says he can give her an interview anyway. Ned says he'll think about it.

Gia meets with a man who works for a store, representing L&B and Juan, saying she is their PR person. He asks if she can get Eddie Maine to appear at the store, too. Just then Ned walks in so the man goes over and introduces himself before Gia can stop him. Ned grimaces when he hears the man call Gia L&B's PR person. Ned calls her an "assistant" but doesn't blow her story. He says that he can't appear but he will work with Gia on the Juan appearance. After the man leaves, Ned yells at Gia for misrepresenting herself. She tries to make him see that she was just trying to impress him. Ned tells her that she doesn't work for L&B and probably never will, so she'd better stop trying. AJ, who has been at the bar, comes over after Ned leaves and tells her not to let him get to her. They sit down and she fills him in on what's been going on with her job search. AJ tells her that next time she should get the job before she lands the deal. AJ finds out that Gia is Taggert's sister. He gets her chatting about what she wants. He tells her she's smart and motived, even though she has no job experience. He tells her that he bought the local football team so how would she like to be the PR assistant. She looks suspicious but thanks him. T hey toast. 

Lucky comes in to Kelly's and chats with Liz, who has the whole weekend off. He tells her that they'll have their special weekend. She worries about him spending his money but he assures her that he'll have plenty. She says it doesn't matter where they are as long as they're together, but he wants their first time to be "special". Liz shows Lucky a brochure for a cottage getaway. Lucky wants to borrow Nikolas' car but hasn't asked him yet. Liz says she wanted to tell Liz about their going away and he is going to have to tell Nikolas, but they agree not to tell anyone else. Lucky says he's going to GH for a therapy session and asks Nikolas to go with him for the ride. They leave. Lucky asks Nikolas for the use of his car and fills him in on his getaway with Liz. Nikolas is thrilled to hear about it. Lucky is clearly uncomfortable at the discussion.

Monica greets Bobbie and Florence at GH. The latter is there for her "final interview". They chat about the job and Florence's children. Alan comes up and wonders what they are talking about. Later, Tony comes up right after Florence's interview, saying he heard that she will be the new hospital administrator. Monica is just about to talk to Alan about Florence when Chloe and Stefan walk in. They all gawk at Stefan being alive. Bobbie is particularly shocked but says, "Oh my God, I was right". She accuses him of faking his own death and framing Luke for his murder. Alan goes to call the cops as Chloe explains that Helena held them both captive. Tony worries about Chloe's symptoms and treatment. They tell him about her dizzy spells. Bobbie doesn't believe the story and asks how they escaped. Stefan is defensive, which makes her more suspicious. Bobbie tells Stefan what Luke went through. Stefan says Helena is the one responsible. Tony makes a call and tells Chloe that he is getting things ready for her tests. 

Emily bids Lila goodbye so Edward asks where she's going. Em fills him in on her day, saying she's shopping, etc. Edward grills her, saying he knows that she's going to see "The deviant". Emily says yes, she is going to see Zander on the way. Lila tells Edward to knock it off. A.J. comes in and wants to talk to Em. Lila makes Edward wheel her out of the room to give them privacy. Emily doesn't want to be lectured about Zander again. AJ points out that Zander's not innocent and he thinks Zander is using her. She says that's not true and maintains that he's being honest with her. AJ thinks she's just feeling bad for him because he's "the underdog". Emily won't listen and leaves.

Em goes to Kelly's to see Liz. Liz tells Em about Lucky finding her birth control and that she and Lucky are going away for a romantic weekend. Em is thrilled and envious. Liz gives her more details about their weekend. They chat some more about love, sex, etc.

Zander gets a visit from Mac. He has the "Snitches die" paper crumbled in his hand. Mac questions him about the events that happened with Sorel and Sonny's visits. Zander assures him that he's not working for Sonny and that Sorel murdered the guy, not him. Mac tells him to wake up, his only hope is to let Mac help him. Zander tells Mac the details about what happened with Ted's murder. Mac doesn't believe him. Zander asks him what he would do, since he can't prove any of his story. Mac tells him he needs to cooperate and be accurate. Zander swears he's telling the truth. Mac leaves. Emily comes in so Zander tells her that Alexis wants to make a deal in return for testimony against Sorel, but the cops don't believe her story. Em thinks it will work out. Zander tells her that the deal still won't let him out. They bicker. Emily maintains that Alexis will be able to pull something to get him out. She kisses her hand and thanks her "for caring".

Carly has a business lunch with Sonny. He says he loves her ideas and he knows Deception will work out for her. She is happy about the job but says she and Laura have to work out some ideas. Sonny teases her. Carly wanted to pick up Michael but she has meetings with Laura so she asks if he can do it. Sonny says he will; she wants him to take Michael to the park. They kiss goodbye and she leaves for her meetings. After she leaves, she makes a call on her cell phone, asking someone to meet her at Kelly's. Next we see Carly meeting Mike outside of Kelly's. He is surprised that she called him. She gives him a hard time about the gambling. He says he hasn't bet since that night. She thanks him for helping her fight off Sorel's guys. Carly tells him that Michael has been asking about him. Mike asks if Sonny has mentioned him. She says Sonny has been too busy worrying about her. Mike asks about Michael and says he'd like to see him. Carly lies that Leticia is taking Michael to the park, if he wants to drop by. Mike says he'll try.

Sonny takes Michael to the park and pushes him on the swings. Mike comes up and sees them and hesitates. (So much for Sonny's bodyguards!) Mike listens as Sonny talks to Michael about how he'll always be there for him. Mike walks up and says hello. Sonny isn't happy to see him. Mike says he didn't know Sonny would be there. Sonny knows that Carly is responsible. Mike says she means well. Meanwhile, Carly lurks in the bushes nearby to see how it goes. Mike says if Carly is wrong about Sonny needing him, to just say so and he'll leave. Sonny doesn't care what he does. Mike apologizes for what he did (slapping Sonny) and says he knows the wall Sonny put up is for a reason. He knows that Sonny can't forgive because that's how he stayed alived. He says he helped Sonny be a survivor but he knows that his being sorry doesn't help any. Mike tells Sonny he loves him. Sonny doesn't react and keeps pushing Michael on the swings. Mike is about to leave when Sonny says he didn't think Mike would come back.

Mac comes in to GH and is livid to see Stefan alive (because of what the trial cost him personally). Stefan fills him in on the details, leaving out of course that he put himself & Chloe on the island. Mac doesn't buy the story, either, so Chloe stands up for him, saying they were both victims on the island. Chloe explains how she was grabbed in Paris. Bobbie is not surprised to find out that Chloe only has Stefan's word that it was Helena that held them captive. Monica is thrilled that she's okay; Alan concurs. Mac thinks it's still suspicious. He wonders why Helena would do it. Just then, Lucky and Nikolas walk off the elevator. Nikolas is stunned. Tears fill his eyes as he says, "Uncle?"