General Hospital Update Thursday 11/30/00


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/30/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned talks to someone about the honeymoon; Alexis gets him off the phone. She tells him that week won't work for her because she's in court (for Zander). He can't do it the next week because he has a concert in Austin. They bicker, then make up. Ned still badgers her to postpone the case.

Edward phones the society page office to give them a "tip" about Ned's wedding--this afternoon Alexis will be signing her prenuptial agreement. Lila tells him to hang up. He tells her that this time, the ELQ stock will stay in the family when Ned's marriage breaks up. The normally sweet Lila says, "Oh my God!" in frustration. Edward visits Alexis and Ned at her place. Edward wants them to sign the prenup. Ned yells at Edward that a prenup is not necessary and in fact, since they will be married for good, it's insulting. The Herald reporter that Edward called earlier shows up to witness their signing. Ned goes to shred the prenup in front of the photographer but Edward stops him. Alexis asks to speak to Ned alone. She suggests to Ned that a prenup might not be a bad idea. Ned throws Edward out when he tries to interfere again. Edward pokes his head back in to eavesdrop and then make more comments. Ned argues with Alexis about what the prenup represents. Ned asks Alexis to trust him. Edward interferes some more. Alexis can't help but think like a lawyer and worry about him. Ned agrees to sign. She asks if he doesn't want to read it first, but he says no, she's the lawyer, and he trusts her. They sign as the reporter snaps pictures. The reporters tells Edward it will run in tomorrow's society column. Edward praises Alexis and he says she might actually last a Ned's wife. Ned wonders if they should rethink the wedding if she doesn't think it will last. She looks at him, dumb struck. They sit down and she assures him that she loves him. She can't believe she sided with Edward for once. Ned promises to do anything he can to make the marriage work. They decide to take their honeymoon two weeks after the wedding instead, which solves that problem. They kiss.

Bobbie has errands to run so Roy says he'll drive her. Emily arrives at Kelly's. He asks her how Zander is. She thanks him for his help. She looks for Elizabeth. Juan arrives and tells her that he's making his "first promotional appearance today at the mall" and asks her to be there like she promised. She has plans to visit Zander but just tells him that she doesn't think she should, she will be in the way. She agrees to go. Bobbie and Roy chat as they leave Kelly's, about Luke's almost burning down the place.

Outside, Nikolas and Gia arrive to prepare for Juan's autograph signing. Gia says she will help out this time but next time they will negotiate her salary. They go inside and get Emily and Juan. Later, they return from the event, praising the success and how great Juan was. Emily slips out unnoticed while they all chat and makes a phone call. She asks someone at the jail to pass on a message to Zander. Juan comes out and guesses what she is doing. Em says, "We just had fun, can't we leave it at that?" Juan apologizes and says how great she's been. Em doesn't seem as excited as he does.

Inside, Nikolas and Gia continue to spar. He tells her that she was great today so she asks him again to get Ned to hire her.

In prison, Zander thinks about Emily's kiss. Later, Zander is disappointed when Emily doesn't stop by.

Hannah flirts with Taggert at the police station. She tells him she missed him. They make plans for the evening. He is working on Zander's file. Hannah says that Ford wants her to review his case so that they might give Zander protection for testifying against Sorel. Taggert says Zander is lying and he thinks Sonny planted the idea. Hannah doesn't think Alexis would go along with that but Taggert seems to convince her a bit. She looks unsure. She asks Roy what he thinks. He tells her he thinks Zander is telling the truth. Then he asks her if she's talked to Zander. She tells him it's Taggert's case and what he thinks. Roy knows she's in a sticky situation. He tells her that Taggert has a hard time dealing with anyone connected remotely to Sonny. Hannah asks how he came to chat with Zander, so he tells her it was through Alexis, not Sonny. When he calls Zander "an innocent kid", Hannah points out the kidnapping and drug selling. Roy agrees he should pay for those things but says he doesn't deserve lethal injection. Roy seems to identify with Zander when he says that he made a lot of mistakes but he's not going to get a break from Taggert.

Taggert visits Zander in his cell. He observes that Zander has a lot of concerned and rich friends. Zander wants to have his lawyer present. Taggert asks him if it was Sonny's idea to pin Ted's murder on Sorel. He suggests that Sonny offered him a great deal. Zander refuses to answer. Taggert tells him that Sonny is using him. Zander calls the guard but he doesn't come. Zander accuses Taggert of being on Sorel's payroll. Taggert grabs him by the collar and then throws him down on his bunk. He tells Zander he's too stupid to know when someone's trying to help him and accuses him of killing Ted. He urges him to confess so he will get only 20 years. Zander says he'd rather be dead and looks Taggert straight in the eye and tells him he didn't kill anybody. Taggert doesn't seem convinced and leaves.

Roy visits Zander. Zander tells Roy what Taggert said. Roy fills him in on the emnity between Taggert and Sonny. Zander is annoyed that no one filled him in on that and worries about his future. Roy assures him that Sonny has his back so as long as he continues to tell the truth about Sorel then he will be fine. Later, Zander gets served his meal: a dead rat. There is a note that says, "Snitches die!"

Taggert chats with Hannah about Zander again. He wishes he could help Zander but he is certain that he killed Ted. He wonders if Hannah is buying the story. Hannah would like to investigate it. Taggert wonders if Hannah is being swayed by her father's experiences. She says maybe some. She asks him if he would be so sure about Zander being guilty if his testimony didn't have an effect on Sonny's future. He hedges. Then he says "I'd hate to see this case get in our way". She says, then, that they have to be "completely honest" with each other and then leave their differences at the station. She wants to leave so he suggests they stop for pool at Jake's. She agrees.

Monica chats with Florence before her job interview. Florence shares that she thinks her kids might be hoping that Florence changes her mind and goes back to New York City. They chat about their kids. Monica wishes her luck and offers to put in a good word for her. Florence thanks her and say she will see how the interview goes first. Then she goes to her interview. Monica sees Bobbie, who got called into work even though she was supposed to off. Monica drops something and then snaps at Bobbie when she tries to help her. Bobbie wonders what's wrong with her. Later, Monica apologizes and says that she hasn't been sleeping well. Monica thinks that she may be starting menopause. When Bobbie asks about the doctor's opinion, Monica says she hasn't gone yet.

Florence tells Monica how great her interview went. Both Bobbie and Monica want her on staff. Alan comes up and observes that Monica should be off-duty. He offers to take her out to dinner and a concert. Monica is surprised. Alan keeps flirting with her and acting romantic as Bobbie watches happily.