General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/29/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/29/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky apologizes for exposing Elizabeth's birth control pills. She is very embarrassed. He says they don't have to wait any more. He shares how he came to that conclusion. She says she's ready, and as a matter of fact she also bought condoms. Lucky tells her that he loves her. They are both a little embarrased. They kiss. Elizabeth has to start work so she tells him, "soon". Lucky comes by later with a bouquet of white roses. They go outside; he gives her his jacket. She notices the roses were the same he gave her in the church. He says there are 16, one for each month they were apart. They say more nice things to each other. He asks if she will go away with him. He stresses that it's not just about sex if she doesn't want it to be. He just wants to spend some interrupted time with her. They chat some more...Elizabeth agrees to go so he says he'll make reservations at the Aubergine Inn. They kiss.

Stefan tells Chloe that he was planning an elaborate surprise dinner. She seems to buy it but then after the servant guy leaves, asks him what it was really about. Stefan tells Chloe that he was pretending to still argue with the guy about wanting to contact Helena. She believes that one. He points out again how dangerous the storm is but it doesn't work so he tells her the plan for escape. They prepare to knock out the guard. Chloe pretends to faint so one guard runs in, Stefan hits him from behind and he falls on her. Stefan pulls him off her and the other guard runs in. They overpower him, too (very easily) and run out with their stuff. Next we see them in a speedboat during a heavy storm. They take off.

Laura looks at the specs of their new offices to see how small Carly's office is; we can tell from her expression that it really is. Carly also wants the great view Laura has. Carly tries to throw her weight around (and Sonny's). They argue. Carly actually has a point for a change as she suggests that next time Laura wants to make a major decision, she consult her partner. They agree on it. Carly leaves, suggesting they work together tomorrow. Amy visits Laura's new offices and praises them. Amy wants to fill Laura in on how Carly behaves. Laura doesn't want to listen but can't help it. She wants to give Carly a chance and tells Amy that Carly has some good ideas. Amy jokingly offers to be her office manager. Then she teases Laura about her relationship with Scott. Laura denies that they have any relationship other than business and just being friends. She explains how she's lived her life for Luke and doesn't want another relationship with a man. She wants to be independent and discover who she is. Laura chats with Amy about the company. Amy snoops through the files to see memos that Katherine wrote. Amy teases Laura some more about Scott. Leslie and Lulu arrive to see the new place. Laura shows them the view and points out to Lulu where they can see Luke's club. Amy takes Lulu to see the other offices. Lesley chats with Laura about how she feels about owning the company. Laura is a little scared but Leslie assures her that she'll succeed. Amy and Lulu bring juice so they all have a toast. Laura toasts to her family.

Sonny brings Michael home (he fell and got a bruise on his face at school) and chats with him about what happened. Apparently a bully picked on him. Sonny assures him that they'll never let anything bad happen to him. Leticia takes Michael upstairs for a bath. Carly comes home so Sonny fills her in. When she suggests she talk to his teacher, Sonny says Michael's not going back there. After checking on Michael, Carly returns to talk to Sonny about what he said. Carly praises Sonny and how he treats Michael and keeps him safe. But she tells him that no matter what he does, Michael will sometimes fall, be afraid, etc. Sonny remembers how the Cerullo kids were punished once when they accidentally broke a chair. Sonny had expected their father to hit them but instead he just took away their allowance and some priveleges. He says, "I knew right there that the Cerullo kids would never have to be afraid like I was". He doesn't want Michael to be, either. Carly says it's not the same thing. They argue. Carly points out that taking Michael out of school will be punishing Michael, since he likes his school. She assures him that they might hurt Michael if they try to protect him too much. He knows she's right. She sings Sonny's praises, telling him how much Michael thinks of him. They kiss. Carly jokes that Sonny should find the kid who fought with Michael and bully parents. Then she gripes about Laura owning 50%. Sonny reminds Carly how far they've come in a year.

Felicia frets, stuck in the closet with Luke with Mac and Garcia outside. Mac notices the closet door is open and closes it. Now Felicia and Luke are stuck in there. Mac makes sure all the building closets are locked (for security reasons) and then leaves with Garcia. Felicia has a pen knife, she shows Luke. They bicker about why they're stuck in there. Felicia tries to pick the lock. Eventually she succeeds and they run out nonchalantly. Dara sees Felicia right after she comes out and asks if she has a moment. Luke tries to avoid getting Dara's attention. Felicia isn't sure she wants to speak to Dara, after the way she grilled Felicia on the stand. Dara says she was just trying to do her job. She swears she "had no personal agenda". Dara leaves. Felicia goes to Luke's club; he is taking off the makeup. He asks about Dara so she fills him in on what they said. She says that he doesn't fit into her world when she's not around him. She doesn't want to hurt anyone but she's been thinking about the night they made love. Her feelings for him are stronger than ever, but she can't take a chance with him until she knows she can't do any more damage. He is okay with that. She kisses him and leaves.