General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/28/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/28/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny calls to see if his men have any information on the ones who attacked Carly, but they don't. He plans to stay at home with Carly. To his surprise, Carly is all dressed up and ready to go give Scott his money so they can buy Deception. She is a little sore but in good spirits. He reminds her that she's going to be partners with Laura. They leave.

Laura is in her new offices and makes a phone call to someone about advertising. Scott comes in and greets her. Laura is determined to succeed even though she has no experience. Scott thinks she will be. Scott frets when Sonny is four minutes late. He asks Laura if he can ask Sonny some questions. She agrees. Carly and Sonny arrive. Sonny takes out his checkbook. Not so fast, Scott says, he has some questions. He questions Sonny about his illegitimate past, worrying that Laura will lose everything if Sonny's holdings get confiscated. Carly points out that Scott has been arrested a lot, too. Sonny tells Scott that he already made the deal with Laura and that he's assured her that the money is legal and not at risk. Sonny threatens to pull his money. Laura is annoyed. She and Carly try to calm the two men down and get them to take it one step at a time. Carly speaks with Scott about the agreement, and then Laura reminds him that they had an agreement. Sonny says that for their deal, he will hold 1% as a silent partner, Carly will have 49% and Laura will have 50%. Carly balks but they all agree to close the deal and sign the papers. Sonny hands Laura the check and she hands it to Scott. Laura kisses Scott on the cheek as she escorts him out. Carly tries to argue with Sonny about that 1% but he excuses himself. The women are left alone, both giddy and nervous. They each talk about what they think they need in the company. It goes well until Laura tells Carly that her office is the one across from the reception area, or as Carly says, "The little one".

Mac meets with Felicia at the county clerk's office to file for the divorce. He is worried about Sonny and Sorel's impending war. They are both on edge and sort of upset. Mac still has some questions about the papers so they go through them. He gets unlimited visitation rights with the girls. Mac insists she and the girls stay in the house. Robin told him that she wouldn't accept rent. She doesn't want alimony so he asks how she will do. She says she will finish Lila's book and then re-open the private eye firm. She laughs, with tears in her eyes, that she couldn't top her last partner so she will go solo this time.

Luke is wearing a wig, costume, etc. as he finishes his makeup and practices his speech to impersonate Darius Cassadine. He walks out of his office, still practicing.

Mac has some important calls to make on his cell phone. Felicia goes ahead out into the lobby (to go to the filing office ahead of him) where she spies Luke doing his Darius impersonation. He tells the woman at the desk that he wants to get documents about Helena's financial holdings so he can keep Helena, his "cousin", from bleeding their estate dry. Felicia tries to figure out a way to keep Mac from seeing him without blowing his cover. Felicia comes back and tells Mac the office is still closed and tells him she will bring the papers back for him tomorrow. He says that public offices don't just close in the middle of day and wants to go investigate. She stops him and blurts out, "You can't!" She then says what she means is that he shouldn't be throwing his weight around as police commissioner. His phone rings again so she points out that he's obviously very busy so why doesn't he just let her take care of it. He lets her. She goes back to where Luke is and pushes him into a broom closet so they can avoid Mac. Luke makes salatious remarks since they are very close together in the small closet. He moves to kiss her...she asks him who he thinks he's supposed to be. He explains and she rants that Mac is out there and points out how stupid his plan is. They are about to leave when they hear Mac right outside, talking to Mac. Mac wants to know why both Sonny and Sorel were allowed to visit Zander.

There is another rainstorm on the island. Stefan paces. His man comes in and tells him that the storm will last 2 or 3 days. Stefan says they'll be leaving right after the storm passes. Chloe comes in and wants to use the storm to leave like they tried before. He says no, it's too dangerous. They argue. She says if they stay, she will go blind. "I'm getting off this island, with or without you", she says stubbornly. He won't help her by telling her where the sleeping pills are but finally gives in and says he'll go with her. He strokes her hair and she hugs him. He says they have to do it his way. She asks him to promise her that he's not just stalling. He swears he's not. Stefan's man comes back later when he's alone and tells him his escape is ready, but warns that the weather is very dangerous. He asks Stefan about his original plan to use Chloe to control Helena, but he says that Chloe is getting sicker so they must leave. He tells the man to make sure the guards are convincing at looking drugged so they can escape. Right then they see Chloe standing there, asking, "Stefan?" and looking suspicious.

Lucky runs into Nikolas at the hospital. Nikolas is there to check into something for Robin, who emailed him. Lucky is there for his appointment with Kevin. They sit down and chat about Lucky's therapy. He wants to go deeper into his programming, even though it's hard. They joke again about Lucky and Elizabeth living right next door to each other. Nikolas asks him how long he thinks it will take, but Lucky gets called in for his appointment. Lucky is emotional when he comes out so he asks Nikolas if they can talk about it later. They go to Kelly's. Lucky talks about the programming to Nikolas, how it can't make him do something he would never do. So they know it's okay now for him to have sex with Elizabeth because he would never hurt her. Lucky is ready to move on with his life. Nikolas advises Lucky not to rush Elizabeth and asks if he has protection. Lucky assures him he has everything covered.

Emily drops by Kelly's to talk to Elizabeth. Liz asks Em to come with her to GH, where she's going to get a prescription for birth control pills. Em is surprised but supportive. Liz shares that she bought some condoms and it was embarrassing. They joke about that. Em asks Liz if Lucky has been tested for HIV. She plans to ask him. As soon as Lucky and Nikolas leave GH, Liz and Em arrive. Liz talks about how much she hates gynecological exams even though she realizes they're necessary. As Liz is going into her exam, Em asks if she can have an exam, too, because she also wants to get birth control pills. The doctor nods (yeah, right, maybe only if your father is chief of staff can you get an appointment that quick!) and Liz looks shocked. After their appointments, Em explains why she wanted the pills, so she doesn't have to worry about it in the future. Liz asks if she's thinking about Zander. Emily quickly denies that she has those feelings for Zander. Liz wonders if she's sure. Em confesses that she kissed him but she knows it was wrong. Liz asks how it felt. Emily insists she's waiting for her "Prince Charming". Elizabeth assures her that "relationships are difficult".

The four meet up at Kelly's. Emily and Nikolas leave Lucky and Elizabeth alone. Lucky tells her that he had a "great session" at the hospital but he'll tell her later. He offers to take Elizabeth's coat upstairs but as he grabs it, the birth control pills fall out.

Alan visits Zander in jail. Alan gives him a hard time. Zander says he was "trapped" and "desperate" when he kidnapped Emily, but he's "not sorry". Alan can't believe it. He tells Alan that he doesn't regret meeting Emily. Alan points out the things he did to Emily. Zander says that Alan has no respect for his daughter, that she's not "crazy" or "dumb". He says earnestly, "She fights for me because we are connected" and implies that Alan doesn't really care about or know his daughter. He says that Alan thinks Emily is an embarrasment to him because she went and got herself kidnapped and now has feelings for her kidnapper. Zander praises Emily some more and says there is nothing Alan can do about their feelings for each other. Alan looks moved or upset by Zander's speech, but says, "My father calls you a 'deviant'. He's too kind." Then Zander goes back to his cell.

When Sonny returns home, Leticia tells him that Michael's school called to say he fell, but it's not serious. Sonny and Johnny rush out.