General Hospital Update Monday 11/27/00


General Hospital Update Monday 11/27/00

By Suzanne

Carly is sore the next morning when she tries to get up; Sonny wants her to stay in bed. They argue about it. She says they have to go to Bobbie's. Sonny realizes that Carly was hoping Bobbie would change her guest list, but since she didn't, Carly wants to go there. He points out that Bobbie will notice her injuries. She wonders how she should handle it. He's just glad she's safe, he tells her tenderly. She phones Bobbie and says they're not coming because she feels sick. They patch things up. Later, Sonny brings Carly juice and vitamins. She is hungry but he tells her she has to wait for dinner. He gives her the yummy menu and says he gave Leticia the day off and sent Johnny to the mission with six turkey dinners with all the trimmings. He says, "It's what I'm thankful for -- you, me, and Michael together." They talk about how they hated Thanksgiving when they were children. 

Roy and Bobbie get the house ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Hannah arrives, bringing her spice bread. She doesn't think she should stay because of Carly; she doesn't want to ruin Bobbie's day. They said it's okay, Carly's not coming. Then Hannah feels bad that maybe it was because of her. Before Bobbie can answer, the phone rings with Carly's call. Hannah decides to stay but jokingly says she wants her father to make this Thanksgiving Popsicle stick thing that he made when she was a kid. She assures them she'll be there and says see you later. Bobbie and Roy wish their daughters could get along. Tony,Felicia, and the girls arrive. Lucas wants to play soccer with Roy again. Maxie and Georgie help out. Felicia and Tony chat about his worries about Roy, and her divorce. Mac arrives. Everyone wishes each other Happy Thanksgiving. Tony and Bobbie reminisce about past Thanksgivings. He says he loves the way she welcomes everyone with such good will. "You're the only person that I've ever known that could put mortal enemies on the opposite sides of the table from each other and you just expect them to work it out", he observes. Hannah, Florence, and Taggert arrive. Bobbie's mention of Gia is a bit of a sore subject for Florence. At the table, they tell what each is thankful for. Hannah is delighted that Roy made the Popsicle turkey thing (with Lucas' help).

Gia made Thanksgiving dinner (and a big mess in the kitchen). He teases her about the menu. He suggests that she can leave early and visit her family, if she wants. She definitely doesn't want to hear her mom lecturing her on Thanksgiving day. She does insist that he clean up after. He tells her that he also invited the gang-Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily, and Juan. She is annoyed that he didn't mention it to her. She says they don't have enough food, but he says they're bringing some, too, so there will be plenty. She is not happy about it. He points out that he and Lucky are family, Elizabeth is with Lucky, "and having Emily here with Juan will distract her from Zander". Lucky and Elizabeth arrive while Gia is changing. Lucky and Nikolas talk about Laura, who called each of them while she was in North Carolina. Lucky questions Nikolas about his feelings for Gia. When Nikolas denies it, Lucky gives him a hard time about living in the same house as Gia. So Nikolas asks what it's like living next door to Elizabeth, turning it around on him. Lucky says it's driving them crazy. Gia comes down and wishes them happy thanksgiving. They chat about the food and Gia feels a little left out so Nikolas explains about the big dinner they had before Lucky's kidnapping. Juan arrives, bringing some of Hannah's spice bread. They all speculate where Emily is. Juan hopes she didn't stop to visit Zander. Elizabeth says that maybe she did do that, to cheer him up on Thanksgiving, but Juan knows that's not the reason she visits him. Gia serves the turkey but leaves to go see her family after all.

Edward is cheerful and Lila wonders why, since he's usually grouchy. He tells her that this year there won't be "any mishaps". Emily wants to go to Nikolas' for dinner but Edward says no way. He has a "foolproof plan" to make sure they have a traditional turkey dinner. He tells them that he gave Cook the day off. Emily still wants to visit Nikolas. Lila suggests she go to Nikolas' and then try to make it back for their dinner. Monica agrees. Em asks them to make her pepperoni pizza look like little turkeys. Edward says there will be no pizza, they're having "turkey with all the trimmings". Alan asks how that will happen. Edward says they're having a dinner prepared by the Port Charles grill chef, whom he hired for the day. They jump on him for risking Cook's wrath for letting someone else in her kitchen. Edward tells them not to worry, Cook won't be back until after 11PM. Edward finds Lila ordering pizza. Alan and Monica think it's a good idea. Ned and Alexis arrive. They fill them in on what's going on and generally give Edward a hard time. They bicker, as usual. Edward gives Ned and Alexis a hard time about the new Eddie's Angel picture. Ned plans to stick to his media ideas. He feels bad for exposing Alexis to this but she knows she's marrying him, not his family. They say sweet things to each other. But then of course they all start bickering again. Reginald comes in and tells them:" Yeah, hey -- little problem, ok? See, cook seems to have come home early. Found the chef in her kitchen. Smoke should clear in,
I don't know, maybe a few minutes..." So naturally everyone gives Edward an "I told you so". Alexis wonders why Cook isn't glad she doesn't have to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner. No one wants to tell her that, so Edward goes to do that. They hear a big crash. A.J. arrives with pizzas to save the day. They sing "We Gather Together".

Emily visits Zander in jail to wish him a happy thanksgiving. They discuss the kiss again. She tells him that they can only be friends. She says she'd rather be in jail than with her family. He wonders why so she explains how they get a little crazy at the holidays. He insists she tell him about her family traditions, so she tells him they always have pizza. She goes back home for Thanksgiving dinner instead of going to Nikolas'.