General Hospital Update Thursday 11/23/00


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/23/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned and Alexis chat about their wedding details while the fax of her at the shower (holding up the teddy) is coming in. Ned shows it to her. They discuss it in their usually funny way. Alexis goes to look at her email--she has 942 from the last half hour. Ned gets a phone call from someone who wants her to start a line of lingerie. She decides to hide, turning off the phone and laptop. Then there is a knock on the door from someone who won't go away. It's Edward; he wants to stop the "media orgy". Edward wants to know what to tell the Port Charles Herald, who sent him the faxed picture. He insults them both. They bicker. Edward says that they will have to get married without him. Ned doesn't care. Finally, Edward leaves. Alexis wonders again if they should elope. As he points out places to go, she starts thinking about the plans they've made for the big wedding. She admits that she watched "Father of the Bride" (both old and new versions) and he knows she wants a wedding after all. They decide to go ahead with it.

Stefan puts Chloe on the couch and frets over her. She says she's fine, just "dizzy". She realizes she's going blind again, since the room is very dark. Stefan wants to leave and get a doctor but Chloe wants him to stay. She points out that they won't be able to get a doctor there, and anyway Helena won't give her the antidote. He wants to go anyway but she begs him to stay with her for a minute. She starts to see better and thinks it's getting better. She says it's happened before. He is shocked. She says it's usually just for a second but this time was longer. He asks why she hasn't told him; she says, "What could you do?" This renews their determination to get off the island. Stefan brings her tea. They discuss the problem some more. She is suspicious that he all of a sudden thinks they have a chance to get off the island. Stefan wants to go with her suggestion of drugging the guards. She mentions the dreams but he yells, "To Hell with your dreams!" He gently tells her that she should stop focusing on Helena now, but to focus on fighting her disease. He promises to get her off the island and to get help. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. Stefan tells his man that, "It's over!" and that their next escape will be successful. The man asks him what about his plan and his fight against Helena. He says that doesn't matter now. He chuckles at how people will react when he comes back to town.

Luke phones to speak to Helena but gets Andreas instead. Luke claims to be Darius Cassadine. He finds out that Helena will be away for a few days. He laughs after he gets off the phone.

Laura looks at office space for her new job. The real estate lady is really obnoxious and snooty but Laura handles her well. She tells her she's buying the place. Scotty visits so Laura shows him around. He wonders how she will pay for it. She tells him she got the money. He is not happy about her getting it from Sonny but he guesses she knows what she's doing. She says she's very confident even though she doesn't really know what she's doing. He compliments her and then they kiss. He apologizes but she says it's fine. He babbles about how well she knows him. She says maybe they should go forward; they are not the same kids they were. He says if he could get a time machine, he'd go back to those days. They joke around. She's glad they remained friends and thanks him for everything. She thinks that it's not a good idea for them to get together since they are both "going through transitions". He agrees that they can stay just friends. She tells him she's going to South Carolina for Thanksgiving, to get her mom and Lulu. 

Roy tells Sorel that he's not welcome at Kelly's and makes threats. Sorel tells Roy to tell Sonny to stop protecting Zander unless he wants war. Roy tells him that he doesn't work for Sonny. They trade threats and insults, then Sorel leaves. Bobbie comes out and wants to know what's going on. Roy tells her what Sorel wanted, briefly. Roy says he thinks that his visit to Zander made Sorel think he still works for Sonny. Roy says he still owes Sonny so he should deliver the message. Bobbie is scared and thinks he should stay out of it. Roy has to leave so he tells her they can talk about it later. She is not happy. Luke arrives. Bobbie asks him to talk to Roy about staying away from Sonny and Sorel's business. She fills him in on what happened. He says he'll try but it has fallen on deaf ears before. He tells her that Roy is loyal to Sonny and he doesn't think he can talk him out of that.

The thugs won't let Carly go. One of them has her jaw in a death-grip. She keeps threatening them with Sonny. Mike comes up and tries to rescue her but they beat him up. One of them holds her while the other one paws at her as if he's going to rape her. Mike gets up again and they beat him down again. Carly wrestles with one and then they run away. Sonny comes up with his thugs and they chase the other thugs while Sonny tends to Carly, who has been knocked to the ground. She is upset and doesn't want to get up yet. She tells him who did it and that they beat up Mike, who was trying to help. Johnny is checking on Mike and says he's okay. Sonny helps Carly up. She has some scrapes and bruises. About Mike, Sonny tells Johnny to "rent him a room, clean him up, pay all his debts". Then he and Carly leave.

Sonny wants Carly to go to the hospital because her wrist is injured. She just wants to rest at home, take a shower...he tends to her wounds while she explains what happened. He wants to know if they said they worked for Sorel. She says no, and she shares that she thinks the one guy was going to rape her. Sonny is very angry but holding it in. Carly goes to take a shower. Sonny makes a call to Benny. He wants him to find out who the men were and who they work for. Carly comes out and hears the tail end of the call. She asks him if he's mad at her. Yes, he is. He points out that she risked her life for him. He says he may have been doing this for his happiness, but she is his happiness, so she risked that. She apologizes profoundly. She understands, she says. She looks so bereft that he takes her in his arms and they hug tightly. He tells her, "I can't lose you" and they hug again. He muses that he swore it would never happen again (fall in love). She promises she won't risk her life again. They keep holding each other.