General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/22/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/22/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned brings in the papers and tells Alexis that she's not in there. She's surprised but skeptical. She can't believe that her teddy picture is not in the paper. She enjoys being a has-been, she says. He asks her if she's "ready for a comeback". Nikolas knocks and Ned knows it's him. There's lots of joking around. Ned leaves them alone. Nikolas asks her if he can think of walking down the aisle more like lending her to Ned than giving her away. She assures him she won't lose him. He asks her help in stopping Helena. He shares that Helena is threatening to take funding away from GH. They joke about how Stefan might have reacted to "Eddie's Angel" and Nikolas does a funny imitation of him. Luke visits and she slams the door in his face, then opens it again reluctantly. Nikolas tells Luke that since Lucky seems to be making great progress with Kevin, his kidnapping problably wasn't necessary. Luke just smiles and tilts his head. Alexis is outraged to find out what Luke did. Nikolas leaves.

Luke nibbles on Alexis' breakfast. Luke puts his own spin on his kidnapping of Nikolas and tells her about Helena's programming of Lucky. Alexis can't get past the kidnapping. Luke tries to convince her to help him get rid of Helena permanently. But when she tries to pin him down on a plan, he balks. He asks her to tell him where Helena keeps her "stuff". Alexis says she can't help but she'll be cheering for him, but warns that she'll press charges against him if he hurts Nikolas again. He makes sure he is invited to the wedding and she pushes him out.

Later, Ned returns and tells Alexis that the reporters seem gone. Alexis asks him wedding details. She has made a list of the pros and cons of their respective families and has concluded that she's getting into a much better family than he is. They discuss the murders, tortures, etc. and it is very funny and droll. They share a cruller and then make out on the couch. The fax rings so Ned decides to ignore it. He doesn't see that it's the picture of Alexis holding up the teddy with the caption "Eddie's new angel".

Chloe has another dream, this time of Helena going into a safety deposit box and examining the Ice Princess. She puts it in a metal deposit box with some CD's. There is a note from Faison that says the discs will ensure her continued control of Lucky and through him, Luke. Chloe awakens abruptly. She tells Stefan about it. He questions her about any details of the box or where it might be. She didn't see anything like that. He suggests that she take a sleeping pill so she can keep dreaming. He brings her the pills but then she collapses in his arms.

Chloe makes an appointment to have her hair done. Bobbie visits. Carly hugs her. Bobbie asks about the shower but Carly says it was "a disaster". Carly asks her to guess so Bobbie thinks she's asking about Thanksgiving dinner. Carly hits the roof when she finds out that Bobbie invited Hannah and Elizabeth. Bobbie says she wants her to be polite. Carly doesn't know why she would want her to come if she invited people that hate her. Then Bobbie shares that she's also invited Mac and Taggert, for Felicia and Hannah. Bobbie says she did invite Luke but he won't come. Carly is adamant about not coming. Bobbie leaves quietly.

Sonny visits Roy at Kelly's. Roy is helping to fix up Luke's fire mess. Sonny asks him what he thought of Zander and tells him that Sorel is threatening Zander. Sonny is worried that Zander might decide against testifying and leave Sonny with a pissed-off Sorel on his hands.

Gia and Florence go into Kelly's. Gia tells her that she's not going back to school (she can't afford it). Florence recognizes Sonny as Deke's son and goes over to say hi. Sonny is a little taken aback. He tells her that she's "mistaken". She asks if he's not Adele's son, since he looks just like her. He says curtly that Adele was his mother and she was married to Deke, but he wasn't his father. Taggert walks in and she asks if he remembers him. Taggert drags her away. Roy asks if he grew up with Taggert. Sonny says "no" and leaves it at that. He finishes his conversation about Zander very quickly and then leaves.

Taggert is very short with his mom about Sonny. He tells her that Sonny is a "racketeer and very dangerous". She wishes that Deke had pushed his stepson into being a cop and pushed Taggert into being a lawyer. He can't picture Sonny as a cop. She starts in on Taggert again, telling him he's "wasting" his life. They bicker about it. Gia helps argue. Taggert tells Florence that one day he'll prove that Sonny killed Deke. Florence harps on about how she wants Taggert to have better things in life. She leaves. Gia is annoyed at how Florence puts Taggert down. They bond. He encourages her to follow her own goals. Nikolas drops by and chats with Gia. She shares her family woes. He says maybe Taggert and her mom have the right idea about her going back to school to study music. She tells him to get off her back. They jokingly argue as usual, this time about shopping for Thanksgiving.

Roy's FBI friend Ford arrives. Roy asks him if he's heard of Zander's case. Ford perks up when he hears that Zander has the goods on Sorel. Roy thinks the feds should protect Zander. Ford doesn't know if he can offer Zander the Witness Protection Program or if his testimony will be honest. Roy says he thinks Zander is telling the truth and he's just trying to help him. Bobbie comes in and is not happy to see Ford. Ford leaves and Roy fills her in on what the meeting was about. She's worried that Roy might be lured back to the FBI but he assures her that's not going to happen. He asks about her visit with Carly; she doesn't share what happened, just says that they have "different ideas". 

Sonny comes home and finds Carly sad. She tells him what happened with Bobbie. Sonny comforts her. Carly feels like Bobbie chose everyone but her. Sonny tells her that they'll celebrate with their family and that Bobbie just made a mistake, "It doesn't mean she doesn't love you". She says the same is true for him and Mike, but he is not in the mood to discuss that after hearing Deke's name. He tells her what happened, after some prodding. Carly says he was right about his mom. She's lucky to have found her. She compares Sonny's anger against Mike to her anger against Bobbie when she first came to town. He says that it's too late for him and Mike. She asks what if Mike changed, went to Gambler's Anonymous, etc.? but he says that it's not the gambling, it's the lying and his lack of character. Carly leaves to "get some air".

Instead Carly visits Mike in a gambling hall. Mike hits her up for money. She blasts him for being such a loser and leaves. Two thugs follow Carly outside. Bobbie phones Carly but gets Sonny. He's surprised to learn Carly's not with her. Bobbie turns around and Sorel is there. He wants to chat with Roy, who comes out and says they have to go outside. Sorel praises Bobbie's looks in that sleazy voice.

Sonny is not happy to find out that his bodyguard lost Carly. He tells him to go down to Courtland street now to find her. Meanwhile, Carly is yelling at the cab company on her cell phone (she'd had a cab waiting but he left) when the two thugs take her phone and approach her menacingly. She backs away, scared, but they catch her when she tries to run. One of them grabs her face and tells her to tell Sonny that Sorel has a message for him.