General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/21/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/21/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis quickly puts the teddy back in the box. Gia wonders what all the fuss is about. Carly asks Johnny to get the reporters' film and cameras, but Alexis yells, "No!" Alexis takes Carly aside and says they can't handle the press that way. She worries that they'll write something nasty about her. Carly suggests that maybe if the press didn't like her so much, they would leave her alone. Alexis just asks her to get the reporters out, but nicely, and let them keep their film. Carly apologizes to the reporters and asks them to leave. Monica starts in on Carly, accusing her of setting Alexis up. Carly says she didn't know the reporters were coming, but when she learned that, she put her gift upstairs on the bed for Alexis to open in private. Monica doesn't believe it; Gia stands up for Carly (and kisses up to her). Carly and Monica bicker. Monica warns Alexis to watch her back and leaves with Lila. Carly asks Alexis if she wants to take her "best shot", too. Alexis is not upset with Carly but wonders why Carly wanted to make this special for her. Carly says she is grateful that Alexis helped her out on her wedding day and says she doesn't have many women friends. Alexis appreciates the thought and knows it wasn't Carly's fault. Carly asks Alexis if she liked the negligee. Alexis is dumbstruck.

Laura tells Sonny she understands that Carly comes with the deal. He tells her that his lawyer will "hammer out the details". Sonny says he thinks that Laura will be "pleasantly surprised" by Carly's abilities. Laura suggests a "trial period". Sonny says it's not necessary and they already shook on it. He knows them both and says they'll both be great together. She wants to know why. He says they're both alike in a lot of ways and also jokes that they're "family". Laura laughs and reminds him that she's no longer a Spencer. He asks why Carly isn't running his business if she's so great. He says that because they're married, they shouldn't work together. Sonny tells her some things that make Laura worry, like Carly getting her feelings hurt easily, and she doesn't always do the right thing. He advises Laura to give her a chance and trust her, and Carly will be loyal forever.

Sonny comes home so Carly fills him in on what happened at the shower. Carly can't figure out why everyone always thinks the worst of her. Sonny asks her why she lets Monica get to her. He says the people who look down at her don't really know her, like he does. He knows her heart and sees what she did for Alexis. She says that at least he and Michael are on her side. He says Laura is, too, and explains about their deal. She can't believe Laura accepted it. Sonny suggests she do it right; she vows to make him proud of her.

Emily apologizes for kissing Zander. He's not sorry, or surprised. He tells her that he came back to town because they "weren't finished". She doesn't want to talk about it. She tells him she just got carried away because she was happy. He pushes, asking her to admit she has feelings for him. Em says he doesn't understand, there are too many problems, like her druggie past and the fact that he was a drug dealer, and the kidnapping. "This cannot happen; it's wrong" she says, and then she leaves. He looks dejected.

Felicia and Alexis continue to joke around about his plan to impersonate a Cassadine. Luke flirts; Felicia smells something burning. He doesn't think there is a fire but then the alarm goes off. Luke runs into the kitchen, assuring her that it's okay. Felicia panics. Luke stupidly throws water on the grease fire. Felicia phones for help.

Elizabeth is nervous as she tries to explain Lucky why she's there. She says she wanted to surprise him in bed. He's happy and makes her feel at ease. He tells how "beautiful" she is. She gives him a great speech about why they should be together physically, ending with "we can get through anything as long as we're together". She asks him to make love to her, so they get started. They hear the fire alarm but decide to ignore it. They chat romantically first before they go on. He tells her that is she ever wants him to stop, to tell him. They go back to it. Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door from the fire dept. They have to evacuate. Elizabeth and Lucky run out. Luke is annoyed that the fire dept. is breaking down doors. Tammy comes up and is upset about the fire, saying she shouldn't have left Luke in charge. Mac comes up and sees Felicia and Luke together in an embrace. Felicia has grabbed Luke to stop him from angering the firemen.

Elizabeth flashes back to the fire when she thought Lucky was burned up in his room. Lucky is by her side and asks her what's wrong. She explains and he holds her. She explains what she went through that night and then puts it behind her.

The fire dept. tells Luke that the building is safe to go back into. He does, but is upset at all the damage by fire and axes. Felicia tells Mac where the girls are. He wasn't worried, he says. "Let's just say I trust your judgement and leave it at that", he suggests. Mac leaves. Luke thanks Felicia for her help.

Hannah arrives at the Port Charles grill to find a private party thrown by A.J. They are the only two guests. She is annoyed at the trick. She tells him she's glad he lived to see his birthday, since he almost died. When she blasts him for being an alcoholic, he asks her to be his sponsor. She can't take that responsibility. He says she didn't have to sit up all night with him in detox. She insists they're just friends, but if he keeps it up, they won't even have that. He says he just wants one dance for his birthday. She refuses. He says just having there at all makes this the best birthday he's had in a long time. A.J. celebrates his birthday alone.

Alexis fills Ned in on what happened at the shower. They know that there will be more internet trouble because of the press' pictures. They snuggle.

Hannah finds Luke and Tammy cleaning up the mess at Kelly's. She offers to help but they said they have it. Luke insists on cleaning it up by himself. Felicia returns and helps him; he doesn't turn her down.