General Hospital Update Friday 11/17/00


General Hospital Update Friday 11/17/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky writes in his journal to remember what happened while he was kidnapped, and to separate it from what Helena planted. He hears an appliance and then a big thump, so he rushes next door to see if Elizabeth is okay. She opens the door in only a towel, explaining that the blow dryer cord knocked off a lamp. After an awkward pause, she rushes to get ready for Alexis' shower.

Taggert and Hannah arrive in his kitchen we groceries. She's making "holiday spice bread". She tells him that she expects him to help. He agrees to clean up. She gets all messy making bread. Taggert gets his hands in the bread, too, but he doesn't know what he's doing so she shows him. It's kind of sexual like that scene in "Ghost". Taggert enjoys the bread-making and gets flour on his face. She teases him so they have a flour-tossing fight and then end up on the couch together. Later, after cleaning up, Taggert gets ready to leave for work. They kiss and make plans for tomorrow.

Alexis visits Zander. She is not happy to be there. She can't believe he decided not to testify against Sorel and she yells at him for his stupid decision. He keeps quiet but then says he's "dead no matter what" but he won't let Emily get hurt. He tells her about Sorel's visit. Alexis asks for the guard's name so she can report him, since he's been bribed by Sorel. He tells her about Sorel's threats. Alexis says he needs to find another lawyer if he won't testify. He thanks her as she leaves. She is not happy when he calls her bluff and she asks him to give him something so she can fight Sorel. He congratulates her on her wedding and she leaves.

Elizabeth shows up at Kelly's and chats with Tammy (they are both going to Alexis' shower). Em is going with Elizabeth. Tammy made the food for the shower. Luke comes in and jokes around about Emily's big present for Alexis. He's there to do bookkeeping for Bobbie while she's in surgery. When Tammy hands him Bobbie's notebook, he makes more jokes. Elizabeth comes downstairs. Elizabeth and Emily realize they got the same toaster from Wyndham's for Alexis. Tammy's package looks the same, too, but she got the coffee maker. Lucky comes downstairs, hugs and kisses Elizabeth. They chat and he leaves. Emily quizzes Elizabeth about how it is to live next door to Lucky. They discuss her problem of not being able to have sex with Lucky. Emily suggests that Liz make the move on Lucky so he'll know he won't hurt her. They go off to the shower.

Felicia goes into Kelly's and then Mac finds her. He tells her that Maxie needs them both as parents, even though they're divorcing. They talk about her crush on Maxie. Felicia asks Mac if she's coming to Bobbie's, and he is. They make plans for Christmas. Things are only a little awkward between them, not too bad. They are both trying really hard.

Sonny watches Carly wrap a lingerie gift for Alexis. Sonny wonders if that's a good idea for "Eddie's Angel". He goes to leave but things are still tense between them after their big fight about Mike. Sonny won't make up yet and he leaves, telling her to have fun at the shower. Carly does a last minute check around the penthouse, getting ready for the party. Laura arrives to talk to Sonny. She asks Carly to have Sonny call her, since he's not there. Carly invites her to stay and then says oops, she should have invited her. Laura says it's okay, she and Alexis have a "complicated past". Carly says she doesn't really like her much, either, she's only doing it because Sonny wants her to be nice to her. She asks Laura's opinion about the decorations and says she hasn't spoken to Sonny yet about Deception. Laura asks her to "hold off" because she wants to negotiate with Sonny herself. They have a little laugh together. Alexis and Ned arrive, and Laura leaves. Carly goes to the kitchen, leaving them alone. Alexis worries about the shower and how no one likes Carly, etc. as usual panicking. Ned reminds her that they are spending their lives together "in happily wedded bliss". The wedding planner arrives and they aren't sure why he's there. He tells them that the Port Charles Herald is sending over a reporter to cover the shower. Alexis is surprised but he reminds them that's what Ned asked for; Ned agrees. Alexis doesn't think that Sonny would like it, although Carly doesn't mind. Ned asks Alexis to reconsider. She suggests just one reporter for 15 minutes. They are fine with that. Alexis lays out a bunch of limits to what the reporter can do. Elizabeth and Emily arrive. Ned leaves the women to the shower. Alexis thanks Liz and Em, since Carly has been "awful" to them. Gia arrives with the same package as the others. Alexis introduces Gia and Carly. Later, Carly chats with Lila about the decorations. Monica asks Alexis how Carly weaseled her way into becoming matron of honor and tells her to watch her back. Gia complains about the food being cheap (from Kelly's) to Elizabeth, who observes that Gia seems to be eating a lot of it anyway. Emily comes over and chats with Elizabeth, ignoring Gia. Gia wonders why everyone hates Carly so they sort of explain. Carly overhears Elizabeth saying to Em, "At least she's not your sister-in-law anymore" so she gives Elizabeth a hard time about Jason. Gia enjoys the bickering and goes over to kiss up to Carly. Alexis suggests to Liz and Em that they leave (since they've been so good to come in the first place), so they do. Em takes a bunch of cookies to Zander. Liz advises her to be careful so Em thanks her for being a good friend.

The reporters arrive just as they are about to open presents. Alexis tries to rush them. She opens one toaster present and they ask her for one more picture. As Carly's back is turned, Gia hands her Carly's lingerie gift. Before Carly can stop it, Alexis is holding up the lingerie and the reporters are taking pictures.

Sonny visits Zander to tell him that Emily is under his protection. Zander thinks he just wants him to get his competition out of the way. Sonny blasts him for everything that happened: dealing drugs, kidnapping Emily, trying to shoot Jason, coming back to bother Emily, Roy and Alexis speaking with him. "You caused me trouble, Mr. Smith. And what do I get in return--disrespect", Sonny says, and then pounds on the table. He calls Zander an "unnecessary complication" and wonders why he should care if Zander lives or dies. Zander asks him sincerely if he's sure he can keep Emily arrive, and Sonny says he can. Zander asks him what he would do if he were in his place. Sonny tells him that he gives Sorel too much credit, that Sorel is stupid for leaving him alive. He lets Zander know he would fight it and testify against Sorel.

Sonny runs into Ned at the Grill. Ned thanks him for what Carly did for Alexis. Elton the wedding planner comes up after Sonny left to go over some things with Ned. Ned gives Elton some instructions about how the reporters should have access to the wedding.

Laura finds Sonny and chides him for not checking his messages. She asks him if the offer is still open for Deception. It is, so she says she agrees to work with Carly. They shake on it.

Luke is cooking while Tammy's gone. Elizabeth arrives as Tammy is leaving for the shower. Felicia arrives and wonders what the racket is. She can't believe he's cooking again. Hannah arrives and asks about the noise. Hannah gets a birthday invitation from AJ. Luke and Felicia flirt around as usual. He does a very funny Stefan impression. Meanwhile, oil spills on the grill in the kitchen, causing a fire. Upstairs, Elizabeth sneaks into Lucky's apartment to make it ready for romance. Lucky comes in as she is getting undressed. He asks her what she's doing there.

Emily brings Zander the cookies. He tells her that Sonny was here and that he will testify after all. She grabs him and kisses him in happiness.