General Hospital Update Thursday 11/16/00


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/16/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Tammy visits Sonny to tell him that Mike is back in town. She says he's broke and living on Cortlandt street. Sonny thinks she's there to borrow money for Mike and he's suspicious of everything. When she mentions that Carly is trying to help Mike, he's suddenly very focused (probably annoyed) since Carly didn't tell him about that part. She explains that Calry ran into Mike when he was watching her and Michael, and she's been trying to help him. Tammy says Mike is broke and ashamed to come see Sonny. She asks Sonny to reconcile with Mike, who needs to apologize for whatever he did. Sonny warns her not to rely on Mike. After she leaves, Sonny phones to ask someone to follow Carly and let him know if she goes near Cortlandt Street. Emily arrives and says, "Jason said to come see you if I needed anything". She asks him to protect Zander from Sorel. She explains the situation. He knows she's lying when she says that Zander came back to turn himself in, so she tells him the truth. She begs him to visit Zander in jail and tell him that he'll protect her and to ask Sorel to "back off". Sonny asks, "Why would I provoke Sorel over the man who kidnapped you?" He points out that she'll have to accept that Zander will still go to prison for other charges. She demands Jason's phone number but he won't give it to her, saying that Jason would want her out of it. She calls him a liar and reminds him that Jason got him out of trouble. Sonny yells, "I don't kidnap people! I don't kill cops! And I don't work with people who do." He says he will look after her for Jason but this won't help her. She is disappointed and says she thought he would understand since Zander isn't that different from him. Then she leaves.

Gia types on her laptop as Nikolas comes home. She is shopping on the internet for groceries. He can't believe the expensive items she's ordering. She tells him he's paying since he has a million dollars in the bank. He says he's not touching it. She doesn't believe it. Nikolas deletes the order. Juan drops by and asks if Emily is there yet. Juan says he left a message for Emily that Nikolas wanted to see her. Nikolas asks why, so Juan says he needs to tell Emily that she's "better off without Zander". Nikolas doesn't want to do it. Juan points out that nothing else has worked and that she spends all her time visiting Zander. Gia makes her usual obnoxious comments. There is a knock on the door and it's Emily. She sees Juan and thinks she's been set up. She tells Juan that if he's just singing the same old song about Zander, forget it. Juan calls her "deluded" and leaves. Nikolas says they're all "afraid" for her. Emily explains why she's pissed at Juan. They argue about Zander. Nikolas points out that Zander is hiding behind her. Emily tells him that he wouldn't understand, he's never been alone and afraid, and he's always had his family behind him. He says that's not fair. Gia steps up and defends him. She calls Em a "spoiled, self-centered, little brat" and blasts her, saying that Nikolas didn't even have time to grieve for his uncle this summer because he was running around trying to save Em, and she doesn't even thank him but instead shows up here and yells at him for not feeling sorry for her "drug dealing boyfriend". They argue. Em apologizes to Nikolas and he accepts it. He says if she thinks what she's doing for Zander is worth it, he believes it. Nikolas offers to give Em a ride home; he invites Gia, who accepts reluctantly.

Monica greets Florence, who is there to look for a job. Florence explains that Gia doesn't want to leave town so it might help if she stays. Plus, she likes it. Monica says she'll give her application to her husband, the chief of staff. Florence thanks her excitedly.

Luke does work with the documents that Felicia left him to look for a way to get Helena's money. Scott arrives and Luke yells at him to "get out". Luke says he can't pay his bill. Scott says he's representing Laura in their divorce and hands him divorce papers. He says it was supposed to go on a year ago but the paperwork wasn't complete. Luke didn't sign the papers to divide the property. After looking at the papers and seeing there's no alimony, Luke asks how Laura will support herself. Scott says she's going to run Deception as soon as he sells it to her, but he's concerned that she's getting money from Sonny. Luke is surprised but doesn't say much. He signs the papers and gives them to Scott. Scott says he'll still have to sign the final decree when it comes in the mail. Scott leaves. Luke says, "Happy anniversary, Laura".

AJ greets Hannah outside Kelly's. She has a big package that she's delivering to a child in pediatrics. She tells him that she's giving the child the football jacket he gave her (she had to rip out the embroidered name). He is nonchalant but she tells him that she can't be had for a football team, or jackets...he denies he's trying to buy her. She tells him that she's worried about Emily because she's been visiting Zander every day. He is surprised. She says Ned must know because Alexis is representing Zander. He thanks her for filling him in.

Laura phones and leaves a message on Scott's machine because he's late meeting her. Carly comes in looking for Tammy. She's not there so Carly gives a waitress a list of stuff for her party (Tammy's catering it). She thanks Laura for helping to find Michael the other night and also for suggesting she tell Sonny the truth, because it worked out. They sit down and chat. She shares with Laura about how protective Sonny was when Michael started school. Laura laughs. Carly talks some more about Sonny and their relationship. She thanks Laura again for her good advice and for saving Michael. Carly observes that Laura is working on her Deception business. Laura says she's working on something hoping to impress prospective investors. Carly says Sonny really wants to invest in the company and she doesn't have to be part of it. Laura makes it clear that it wasn't personal. She just doesn't want a partner. She wants to do it on her own. Carly offers to talk to Sonny. Laura says that's not necessary but Carly insists. She leaves. Laura looks bemused. Scott arrives and apologizes for being late. She tells him that she might be able to work with Carly after all. He is disgusted and points out what Carly did to Bobbie and Tony. She dismisses that. Scott makes some suggestions about some items that Sonny will have to agree to first if she wants him to invest. Laura wonders why Scott is leaving. He has something to tell her but he is reluctant. She realizes it's about her divorce. He says there are some documents she has to sign again now that Luke signed it. She looks sad as she signs and dates it. Laura realizes it's their anniversary as her voice cracks. Scott apologizes for messing up her wedding; she apologizes for Luke hitting him. She assures him she'll be okay.

As Laura is leaving Kelly's, Luke walks in. She is flustered and says she didn't expect to see him today. They smile at each other painfully. They talk about the divorce papers. He insults Scott. They bicker. She says archly, "Did you notice the date" and he says, "Happy anniversary". She says she thinks she'll celebrate.

Edward looks for Reginald, so Lila tells him that he's out buying her shower gift for Alexis. He says she can't go to the shower. Monica comes in and they all argue about it. Alan comes in and joins in on picking on Edward. AJ comes in and asks if anyone cares "that Emily has been making daily visits to her kidnapper?". Edward gives him a hard time. They explain the problem they've had with Emily. Lila and Monica explain why they aren't fighting Em on it any more. Alan suggests if AJ thinks he can reach Em, to go ahead and try. AJ says he'll try and says he owes them "an apology"; they are doing the best they can. Then he leaves.

Mike tells Carly she doesn't have to meet him at Cortlandt Street. She says Sonny might see them together anywhere else. She tells him that he should contact Sonny and let him know he's in town before he hears it from someone else. Mike says he doesn't think Sonny will believe him if he calls and says he's broke but doesn't need money from him. Carly points out that Sonny doesn't care about that, only that Mike runs when he needs him. Yes he'll be pissed but he needs to hear that apology for hitting him. Just then, we see Sonny and the guy he had following Carly, lurking nearby. Mike tells her that she shouldn't have come down there. Carly says, "Does that mean you don't want the money I brought?" Sonny looks dismayed. Carly gives him just a little bit, for living expenses, so he won't gamble. They argue some more and she gives him the money. Sonny leaves. Mike walks her to get a cab.

When Carly comes home, Sonny is on the phone. He tells someone that if Emily comes by looking for Jason's number, not to give it to her. Carly asks him about it and Sonny explains. She says Em must be falling for Zander. Sonny asks her where she's been. She says she went by the diner but he knows that's not the only place she went. She realizes he knows about Mike and that he had her followed. He accuses her of lying but she tells him that she didn't lie, she just didn't tell him. She tells him what Mike is feeling. He yells, "Forget Mike! You went behind my back!...Does my trust mean so little to you?" He yells at her some more, reminding her about what happened last time she went behind his back to Mike. She sarcastically stands up to him. She says she is not doing this for Mike, she's doing it for him because if anything happened to him, he would blame himself, and she can't have that (she almost says she loves him but instead says "I need you too much"). She says she won't go behind his back and she'll tell him what she's doing, but she'll still do it. He yells, "My father is not worth it!" but she retorts, "You are".

AJ fills Hannah in on his conversation with his family. She suggests that he talk to Em, but he's not sure she will listen to him. He asks her what she knows about Zander. She says she doesn't know him that well, that all evidence for the murder points to him, and that Mac doesn't believe the story about "Sorel's involvement". Hannah also tells him that Zander backed out of the deposition, so she thinks he realized his story wouldn't hold up. He worries that Emily might get in trouble for perjury. Hannah suggests again that he talk to Em.