General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/15/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/15/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky is lifting weights in his room with his shirt off while listening to music (just like Jamal on PC the previous week!). There is a knock on the door and Elizabeth is there. They chat. She brought him a key to her room. He made a copy for her of his room, too. She has to rush off to work and he has an appointment later with Kevin (oh well, guess Kevin won't be making that one since he's locked in Rachel's car trunk...). Instead they talk about what Lucky might do with his life. He is not sure what he wants to do but says "only one part" of his life "makes sense right now". They kiss. She waits outside while he gets dressed. They are both sexually frustrated.

Roy helps Bobbie go over Kelly's financial records (including Luke's messed up records). Roy says Luke is desperate for money. They wonder how Luke will get the Ice Princess back (even though Luke already told Roy his plan?). They agree to each watch Luke when they see him. Roy leaves and almost runs into Helena and Andreas. 

Lucky and Elizabeth go downstairs. They greet Bobbie. Lucky leaves for work. Bobbie and Elizabeth chat about Liz and Lucky's frustrated relationship. A man comes in looking for Bobbie and gives her a summons for not paying Kelly's property taxes. Bobbie is worried that she forgot to write the check. She asks Roy what's happening to her. 

Helena asks Andreas if he's finished searching Nikolas' accounts. Andreas shares that Stefan left Nikolas "well over a million dollars" in a separate account. She is not pleased. Inside Kelly's, she greets Florence. They discuss their mutual worry about Gia and Nikolas. When Florence says that Gia claims they are only living together because Nikolas needs the rent money, she asks Helena if that's true. Helena smiles evilly and shares the honest truth that Nikolas is rich. Florence rushes off. 

Gia phones again about jobs as Nikolas comes home. She is frustrated that she can't get even a simple waitressing job. Also, she shares, Columbia won't give her tuition deposit back that she gave them in the summer. He realizes that's where the blackmail money went. She says she can't pay the rent but he tells her not to worry. He claims he put some aside, just in case. They argue as usual about food and money. Gia clips coupons while Nikolas makes fun of her, not really knowing what it's like to be poor (or even middle class). Florence arrives. Gia tells her about the coupons. Florence spills Nikolas' secret about having a million dollars. Nikolas confesses that he did find out a while ago about the money his uncle left. He apologizes to Gia while her mother tries to convince her he's a lying cad and to leave. Gia tells her that she can't move in with her. They argue again about her going back to Columbia. Gia puts her foot down and says she won't move back in with her. She wants time to think. Florence leaves, frustrated. Gia asks Nikolas, "How could you lie to me?" She yells at him. He tries to explain. He says he's not touching his inheritance. She doesn't buy it and blasts him for living so well. She is very hurt and said that she thought he was the one person in town who wouldn't lie to her. Lucky arrives and sees that Nikolas is upset. Nikolas tells Lucky his problems. Lucky points out that "acting like you don't have money doesn't mean you're broke". Nikolas is grateful for his help. Lucky asks him for advice on his relationship to Elizabeth. Lucky says he had envisioned coming back to town and doing all these things, like making love to her, but instead he's stuck doing this therapy to undo Helena's programming. They see Helena's limo pull up. Nikolas opens the door and tells Helena he's "so glad to see" her. Nikolas offers her coffee or wine while Gia watches from the stairs. Helena is taken aback. Nikolas tells Helena that he wants her out of his life. She tries to protest but he reminds her that he's the prince and will soon come into his inheritance. Helena doesn't like his attitude. After Helena leaves, Lucky warns him to be careful. Gia comes in and agrees; she seems to have forgiven him.

It's storming on the island. Stefan is concerned as to where Chloe might be. He remembers their kiss. Stefan yells at his men to look for Chloe until she's found. Chloe comes in, soaking wet. He is very worried and yells at her for being out in the bad weather on the cliffs. He puts a throw over her. She apologizes and makes a sarcastic comment about his over-reaction. He apologizes for what he said. Chloe enjoys a brandy by the fire. Stefan watches over her. She's hungry so he gets her some food. She looks thoughtful. Then she falls asleep and has a dream about Nikolas and Lucky throwing Helena out of his house. She awakens and tells Stefan about the dream, and that she heard their voices this time.

Juan visits Zander, who doesn't want to see him. The guard insists he stay (why???). Juan demands to know why Zander didn't back off Emily like he swore he would. When Juan says he shouldn't let Em visit, Zander says he doesn't try to control Emily, unlike Juan. Juan tells him that "Emily feels sorry for you because you're a loser". Zander taunts him for ditching Emily for "some blonde" the night of the rave. Juan says it doesn't matter because soon they won't see him, after the trial. Zander hints there might be a deal so there won't be a trial. Juan says he knows Sorel and used to work for him. Zander doesn't believe him. While Juan is explaining, Sorel comes in to the room just outside. He pays the guard some money. Zander seems touched and scared by Juan's story of his hospitalization. Sorel comes in so Juan leaves. Sorel threatens Zander, who is cuffed to the table. Emily comes in to visit but is told Zander has a visitor already. Zander tells Sorel that he understands. Sorel tells him that he showed promise and he regrets this outcome. Sorel greets Emily pleasantly and leaves while she looks dumbfounded. Zander tells Em that he can't testify against Sorel now. He tells Emily, "I'm dead". She reminds Zander that Jason Morgan is her brother, so she's safe. She urges him to take away Sorel's power by testifying against him.

The Quartermaines argue again about whether to send Emily to boarding school. Em comes in and says she's going to visit Zander. Edward tries reverse psychology, saying, "go ahead". They trust her, even though they don't agree with her. Edward suggests that if she wants to rebel, she should dye her hair pink or pierce some body part "but please, spare me the details"! LOL Emily says she's not trying to rebel, just trying to help someone who saved her life. Monica says they're not sending her away or trying to keep her from Zander. But they urge her to be careful and ask her to include them in her life. Emily says she loves them. Emily leaves. They go back to bickering. Reginald brings in the mail. Edward tries to open Lila's invitation. Monica and Emily got them, too. They are invited to Alexis' wedding shower that Carly is hosting at Sonny's penthouse. Edward says they can't go.

Juan tells Elizabeth that Sorel was at the jail when he saw Zander. He thinks Zander is still working for him. Elizabeth isn't sure that's the right conclusion to make. Juan doesn't care; he doesn't want them together. They talk about whether Em has a thing for Zander or not.