General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/14/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/14/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia goes to Luke's club and leaves something on his bar. He finds her and asks what she's up to. She has a way to find Helena's swiss bank accounts on the internet, she shares. Luke wants her to go on the road with him again, but she says she'll be his partner by phone only. She likes being in the field but can't do it any more. Bobbie comes in and hears Luke practicing one of his accents on her. Roy comes in, too. Bobbie is worried about Luke and Felicia getting together again. She thinks Felicia will get hurt again. Luke and Felicia continue to joke around and flirt. Luke says he can't have their relationship halfway. Felicia's face falls. Luke asks her to come back to the office so he can run his idea by her, but she has to leave. Bobbie chats briefly with Felicia about Thanksgiving stuffing but Felicia, who's down, leaves quickly. Roy asks Bobbie to dance but Bobbie wants to talk to Luke first. Bobbie asks Luke to not break Felicia's heart. Later, Luke stands at his bar, kind of sad, while Bobbie and Roy dance nearby.

Chloe tells Stefan that she will beat him at chess before they leave the island. He doesn't think so. They flirt. Stefan turns on the heat. They kiss, finally! Then she pushes him away, saying she sent him the "wrong signals". She still loves Jax. He says he knows that but she has those feelings for him. She agrees but says it's just because they're stuck together on the island. They agree to always be friends.

Elizabeth climbs in Lucky's window, cold (after being locked out). He makes her warm in a hug. Next (after the news interruption) we see them kissing. She stops. After he asks, she says that when she can't sleep, she goes to the fire escape. They look out the window to "wish upon a star" but it's too cold to do it for long. Lucky puts her in his bed to get warm while he goes to get the "pass key" from Tammy.

AJ is trying to talk Hannah out of dumping him from her life when the news interrupts.

Mac takes Maxie to Kelly's for dinner. She smiles at Lucky as he comes downstairs to get the pass key, then they chat. Maxie tries to hint to Lucky that she wants to go to some musical, but he asks if she thinks Elizabeth would like it. Then Liz arrives and gloms onto Lucky like she always do, making Maxie frown. Liz compliments Maxie's dress and then she and Lucky go back upstairs. Tammy phones to talk to Bobbie at Luke's, but Felicia answers the phone because Luke is busy. Mac doesn't look happy when he hears that she's there. Tammy tries to put a positive spin on things to Mac. Mac brings Maxie her ice cream sundae. She says she's not that hungry. She asks Mac what the youngest girl was that he ever liked. He remembers a girl that was 13 when he was in high school, but she was way too young. Then five years later she had all the boys "wild about her". His words make Maxie feel better. Felicia comes in and they greet her warmly. Felicia wants to take home a pumpkin pie for them and Georgie. They all agree so Mac orders the pie and he goes home with them. Lucky and Elizabeth share a passionate kiss before going to their separate rooms next door.

AJ brings a team jersey for Hannah. Taggert intercepts it and says it will look great on Hannah. Hannah comes down and sees them together. Taggert laughs and goes upstairs with Hannah and her new jersey. AJ looks pissed.

Carly is relieved that Sonny isn't mad about her losing Michael for a few minutes. She says she needs to get to know him better, like he knows her so well. They talk about why he didn't get mad about her lying. She wants to know what his time limit is, but of course he doesn't have one. He says she'll have to put more time and effort into "studying the subject" meaning him. They joke around. Later, we see them drinking brandy and kissing in front of a cozy fire.

Ned and Alexis discuss where to get married. She says it's okay to get married at St. Timothy's. Then the subject of where to live comes up. She thinks he should move into the penthouse. Ned says that won't work, especially for when Brook Lynn visits. Alexis thought that Brook Lynn would be there for two weeks but he thought she would be with them the whole summer. They find other things they disagree about for the future, like his touring as Eddie Main. She wonders what he's thinking. He says he wants to marry her and build a life that works for both of them. They end up eating popcorn in front of the fire.