General Hospital Update Monday 11/13/00


General Hospital Update Monday 11/13/00

By Suzanne

Elizabeth blushes while Lucky puts his towel back on. He explains what happened and apologizes. She offers to go get Tammy's "pass key". They make small talk while she tries to get in the door. There is a lot of sexual tension and flirting.

Ned and Alexis made a clean getaway from L&B in Nikolas' jaguar. Alexis makes fun of Emily's outfit that she has been forced to wear. Ned suggests they make the best of the experience and pretend she's out cruising with her boyfriend. They play the make-believe game. They go to a motel. After some joking, Ned kisses Alexis and asks her if she'll dance with him (pretending it's their prom). He sings "Only You" while they dance. She giggles and they kiss. Later, we see them naked in bed after making love. They chat about wedding plans. Ned plans to get married at St. Timothy's. Alexis notes that it is the same place where Sonny left Brenda at the altar and Kevin left Lucy at the altar. She thinks he might be tempting fate a little.

Ned and Hannah continue to chat about football. Amy makes catty observations to Bobbie, who gives her charts to give to Tony and suggests she mind her own business. AJ plays dumb about football so Hannah can tell him what to do (and spend time with him). Taggert arrives on the elevator (you knew he would, didn't you?). Hannah kisses him hello and explains what's going on. Taggert tells her that he's got a better idea about what plays the team should do. AJ looks annoyed that he no longer has Hannah to himself (and that his plan to make Taggert angry didn't work?). Taggert sits down with AJ's playbook to give him his ideas. Bobbie and Amy laugh. Roy arrives and asks Bobbie if she's ready for her night off. Bobbie fills Roy in on what's going on with Hannah, Taggert, and AJ. Roy asks, "So does AJ just not understand the word "no", or is my daughter not sayin' it?" Roy asks Bobbie to go on ahead so he can talk to Hannah. AJ finally has had enough and leaves. Hannah praises Taggert for how well he handled the situation. Roy asks Hannah to chat and Taggert leaves. (Missed some here because of news interruption) Later, Hannah drops by Kelly's where AJ is. He starts asking her football questions again. She tells him that this can't happen any more. It has to stop, she says. She realizes that she's given him mixed signals, but she won't any more.

Carly is frantic with worry about Michael. Tammy looks inside Kelly's for her. Carly runs around. Meanwhile, Michael walks on the docks with his toy. Fortunately, Laura finds him right before Carly does. Carly is very upset and tells Michael not to wander off again. Laura is sympathetic as Carly breaks down crying about what might have happened. Laura shares her own experiences with Lucky at that age. Carly worries what Sonny might say if he finds out so she begs her not to tell Sonny. Laura assures her that it's normal but Carly tells Laura how Sonny is kinda paranoid when it comes to Michael since they lost their baby. She also shares that it happened once before and Michael was kidnapped, so she thinks Sonny will think she's a bad mother. Sonny and his bodyguard come up. He picks up Michael while Carly wipes the tears off her face. Laura says that she and Carly were discussing "motherhood", then she leaves. Sonny chats to Michael about the boats in the water but notices that Carly is upset. Carly lies that it's nothing. Later, we see Carly and Sonny telling Michael a story, and she takes Michael to bed. Sonny looks suspicious. Later, Sonny asks Carly what's bothering her. She denies it but he knows she's upset. Now it's his turn to make her share her feelings with him. Carly decides to fess up. She confesses what happened, putting herself down. Sonny is poker-faced and silent.

Emily and Nikolas go to Kelly's, dressed in Ned and Alexis' clothes. They are laughing about the reporters losing their tracks. Gia arrives (having taken the bus). She looks jealous of Em and Nikolas' relationship. They all go inside. Gia can't believe they've escaped the press. Just then, some reporters run in, thinking they're Ned and Alexis, until they look at their faces. Lucky comes downstairs looking for a hammer, so he comes over to chat. They fill him in on their escapade with Ned and Alexis. Lucky invites them up but they can't go. Gia asks Nikolas how he feels knowing that Lucky and Elizabeth are practically living together.

Later, Lucky is lying on his bed when he hears a noise at his window--it's Elizabeth out on the fire escape. She says she locked herself out.