General Hospital Update Friday 11/10/00


General Hospital Update Friday 11/10/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

I missed the beginning due to news interruptions.

Luke and Roy discuss Luke's plan against Helena. Luke asks Roy for help in the plan. In a funny scene, Luke plays an ocarina that's been laying around the office while Roy lays out the idea with all its risks. Nonetheless, Roy agrees to help and they shake on it. Sonny drops by and asks Roy what he thinks about Zander, since he met with him. Roy says he thinks the kid is basically innocent. Sonny tells him that Sorel thinks he ordered it since he thinks Roy works for him. He also thinks Luke's club is a cover for Sonny's operation. Sonny advises Roy that he could be in for some serious trouble when Sorel finds out the truth. Laura arrives, surprised to see Sonny there. She asks if Luke is in "some kind of trouble". Roy says he thinks Luke is "doin' okay". Sonny tries to excuse himself but Laura says she's sure Sonny knows everything. She tells them she knows about all of Luke's money problems, etc. (she lists them all) Sonny smiles. Laura wonders if they're going to help Luke get it back. Roy can't say much, he tells her, but she shouldn't worry about Luke. Roy has to go out to the bar for something. Sonny asks if she needs anything, like cash (since Luke's money is tight), but she assures him she's fine. All she needs is his investment so she can buy Deception. They still disagree about Carly. She admires how much he wants to take care of Carly. He says he's always admired her, too. They chat some more, and even joke around. Laura leaves. Roy and Sonny chat some more about Sorel. Roy says he wishes he could take Sorel on sometimes for kidnapping Bobbie. Sonny says there's always a job open to him. Roy says he's "fine". Luke walks in and accuses Sonny of trying to buy his partner. Luke says rude things to Sonny, who warns that Sorel might be a problem, then he leaves.

Nikolas, Gia, and Emily are accosted by reporters as they enter L&B. They followed Ned and Alexis from Wyndham's. Ned and Alexis chat with the kids about what's been going on. Gia says that Alexis' wedding dress is probably already up on the Net. She can't understand why Alexis wouldn't want to be "famous". Nikolas introduces Gia to Alexis and Ned. Gia tries to be pushy about getting a job at L&B. Ned tells her she can fill out an application, but they're not hiring right now. He has a special assignment for Nikolas and Emily. He asks them to switch clothes with him and Alexis so they can decoy the press. Gia doesn't think it will work. Alexis doesn't think she can wear Emily's clothes. Elizabeth arrives and bitches about the press. Gia says, "This is so cool!" LOL!! Alexis doesn't like the plan, especially since Chloe got run down by Helena last time someone wore her clothes. Gia is shocked. Elizabeth shows Alexis a sketch from Chloe's last design book that would be perfect for her wedding dress. They all agree and Alexis goes to leave a message with Chloe's service. Ned wants to know if they're still escaping. They switch clothes after all and amazingly, they all fit (yeah, right). Ned and Alexis sneak out the back way while Nikolas and Emily plan to escape. Gia thinks it's a stupid plan. Nikolas and Emily pretend to kiss and then run out the door. Ned and Alexis drive Nikolas' jag away.

Bobbie chats with Audrey at GH. Audrey tells Bobbie her mistakes were no big deal. Hannah arrives at Bobbie's request. She asks Hannah to Thanksgiving dinner and asks if it will be a problem since she also invited Sonny and Carly. Hannah says it's okay, she'll be there. A.J. walks by just as Hannah's leaving. He wants to show her the playbook from the Port Charles Cougars. She can't resist. She sits down with A.J. to look at the book. Bobbie watches them worriedly. Hannah starts making comments about the plays, much to A.J.'s delight. She wonders how he tracked her down. Bobbie and Audrey observe A.J. at work and wonder if he will win Hannah over Taggert.

Carly finds Mike on the docks and then Tammy pops out from hiding. Mike is very annoyed at Carly for bringing her there. Tammy says she just wanted to make sure he was okay. He wonders why she still cares. She says, "I love you, haven't you figured that out by now?" He tells her she's making a mistake, but they hug and kiss. Carly says she'll let them be alone. Mike tells Carly thanks but this won't work so well with Carly. She doesn't agree but says she'll stay out of it. Tammy tells Mike she missed him. Mike laments that he was "so close" and all the dreams he had. She says she doesn't need all that. She wonders if he'll "be around for a while". He's not sure. They hug tightly.

Carly arrives late at Kelly's. Leticia's upset because it was her afternoon off. Lucky arrives and wonders what Carly said to piss off Leticia. He says hi to Michael. Carly makes some comment about the "overnight visitor's rule" at Kelly's. He asks why she has a problem with Elizabeth. She says, "She's not who you think she is". Lucky says quietly, "Leave her alone". Carly says he's getting more like Luke every day. He laughs and says, "Thanks!" Tammy comes back and thanks Carly for what she did. Carly wonders why Tammy's not spending the night with Tammy. Carly asks Tammy if she should tell Sonny about Mike. While she's chatting with Tammy, Michael sneaks out (where are the body guards??). Carly looks around for Michael and then sees the open front door. She runs around outside of Kelly's but doesn't see him. Meanwhile, Micheal wanders around on the docks.

Lucky, in his new Kelly's digs, goes to take a shower. When he tries to get back in, the door is locked. His towel drops off (darn it, we don't see anything). Of course, just then Elizabeth arrives.