General Hospital Update Thursday 11/9/00


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/9/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

There was some news break in so I missed the last 5-10 minutes.

Carly is coming downstairs just as Sonny makes a work phone call to Benny. She hears him ask him to let him know when Jason checks in and to see if Mike is still in Atlantic City. Carly lets him know she's there and he cuts the conversation short. She knows he misses Mike. Sonny says Mike can take care of himself and he'll call if he needs help. Later, Benny visits Sonny and tells him that Sorel wants a meeting, but he doesn't trust Sorel. Sonny suggests they do it in the afternoon on the pier, "out in the open". Benny doesn't think that's a good idea.

Carly runs into Mike, who is anxious to find Sonny at work and make sure he's okay. Carly suggests that Mike wants Sonny to catch him lurking. Mike says he will contact Sonny when he's doing better financially. Then he asks Carly for money. She smiles and reminds him what happened last time he borrowed from her. "Do you not care about his trust?" she asks. He says to forget it. All he can do is try not to hurt Sonny any more than he already can. Carly gives him some money, for living expenses, not gambling. He thanks her and asks her to let Tammy know he's okay.

Luke uses his laptop to try to find where Helena is hiding her finances. Laura visits and tells him that she's bringing Lesley and Lulu back to town after Thanksgiving. She also asks him to take Lulu to a birthday party she's been invited to the following weekend, since she misses her dad. He gladly agrees. He tells her that even though he's a little late with child support payment, he will get it to her within a few days. She wonders what's going on so he tells her about his financial problems. She is shocked. She asks if it was Helena. Luke says the civil servants are claiming it's not Helena but he knows better. He explains how the feds discovered his secret savings box and the ice princess. She is stunned that he's had it all this time. He says he earned it for "saving the world from Mikkos Cassadine". She says, funny, she remembers that she and Robert helped him do that. He apologizes. She says if things go the way she wants, she will soon be "an independent woman". She is vague about her plans but he hopes she gets what she wants. She hopes he does, too, "even though it's probably just revenge against Helena". He asks if she would stop him, but she says she wouldn't--unless he plans to use one of her sons in his plan.

Mac visits Luke to tell him that he's heard that Luke's been making threats to Helena. Luke asks him how the Cassadine murder case is going and reminds him that besides Stefan, Helena murdered Katherine Bell and tried to kill Alexis. But all he really cares about is that Helena is going after his "life savings". He wonders if Helena has bought Mac, too, or if he's just letting it happen because he hates Luke.

Lucky hears Gia and Nikolas arguing on the docs about being roommates. He smiles and keeps eavesdropping. Gia keeps nagging Nikolas about lending her his car and about getting her a job at L&B. Lucky has this great "I've got a secret" smile on his face as he watches them pass by. He goes to Kelly's where Tammy has called Mary Scanlon Collins to find out if she's heard from Mike (she's hasn't). She asks Lucky to ask someone if they've seen Mike. Lucky says he will try but he's not sure they will tell him. Tammy tells Lucky that Elizabeth left. Nikolas arrives and says hi to Lucky. Lucky pulls a joke on Nikolas. He tells him that he can't live at Jake's any more because of plumbing problems, so can he move in with Nikolas? Nikolas lies that his place is having problems but Lucky pushes until he finally admits he knows that Gia is living with him. They laugh. Lucky tells him what he overheard. Nikolas says they're not "dating", he's just renting to Gia. Lucky knows there's more to it than that, since he didn't tell him, Emily or Elizabeth. Lucky observes that Gia is "pretty hot". Nikolas suggests that he try getting the vacant room at Kelly's. Lucky says maybe it's not such a good idea to live so close to Elizabeth. He shares what happened in New York and why. Nikolas teases Lucky back about living close to Elizabeth.

Emily visits Elizabeth at Kelly's to invite her to go with her and Alexis to Wyndham's to find her bridal gown. Elizabeth agrees. Mac sees Em and asks her to talk about Zander. She asserts again that Zander did not kill the cop. Mac says Alexis has persuaded Zander to testify against Sorel. He wonders if Zander and Emily are telling the truth. She swears she's not lying. Mac points out the holes in her story. Elizabeth comes over and sticks up for Emily. Mac threatens Em with perjury and also threatens Zander with a stiffer penalty. Emily sticks to her story. Mac says he's just trying to help her, so Em suggests he do his job and prove that Sorel killed Ted, since it's the truth. She and Elizabeth leave for their appointment with Alexis.

Ned waits with Alexis at Wyndham's. She is very nervous, as usual. Ned wonders if maybe she should get her wedding planner to help, but she doesn't want his help on this. The store clerk arrives and ushers Ned out, saying that it's bad luck for him to be there. Ned and Alexis both try to protest but to no avail. Ned insists on staying but Alexis assures him that they have enough "bad omens" in their wedding and besides, Emily is coming to help her. The store clerk thinks that Alexis is the typical bride. Alexis wants to pick a dress fast, saying she only has one hour. The overbearing woman says she will be there all afternoon, trying on different gowns. Elizabeth and Emily arrive to help her. Alexis is already annoyed, just looking at pictures and making stupid decisions. Elizabeth suggests they just take it one step at a time. The store clerk is nowhere to be found. Alexis is annoyed that Chloe isn't there to whip up something for her wedding. The girls try to help Alexis feel better but then Emily mentions her maid of honor, which reminds Alexis that it's Carly. The saleswoman returns. Alexis tries on dresses in a funny montage. Finally they find a great dress that everyone likes (not very frilly). The press comes in and starts taking pictures so they shoo them out. Alexis tells the girls that she's done for now. They leave and she looks in the mirror and then lies on the floor as if beaten.

Edward shows up at GH for a board meeting but Audrey tells him there isn't one. Helena comes up and apologizes for her assistant's mistake. She wants to speak with him about Ned and Alexis' impending marriage. Audrey makes up a good excuse for Edward to escape Helena's clutches, so he takes the hint and brushes off Helena. However, Helena follows him to the non-existent board meeting. The two of them square off in the hallway. Helena tells Edward that his family should not only stay out of the fight between her and Alexis, but he should advise Ned not to marry Alexis. Edward tells her off, saying that he won't let her try to stop Ned and Alexis' marriage. Ned walks by just as he's saying that. He comes up and says Helena knows that Alexis is more of a threat to the Cassadine empire now that she'll have the Quartermaines aligned with her. Edward enjoys taunting Helena, too, so he says that Alexis is already like a member of the family so Helena should treat her with respect. Helena say icily that they're making a mistake. Ned says she's finally met her match because the Quartermaines are every bit as rich, twisted, and powerful as the Cassadines. She says, "As twisted, yes. As powerful....? We'll see". She leaves. Ned is surprised that Edward is sticking up for Alexis. Edward says while he doesn't approve of Alexis representing people like Zander and Sonny, Lila pointed out to him that Ned loves Alexis. So he approves of that and also says that since she's a Cassadine she is used to "back-stabbing and manipulation". He asks Ned, "Did you know that her father tried to freeze the world?" Unlike his previous marriages, Lila thinks "this one might take". Ned lists Alexis' virtues. That is too much sentiment for Edward, who cuts the conversation short.

Elizabeth comes back to Kelly's. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she would mind if he rented the room upstairs. Carly comes in and tells Tammy that Mike is okay.

Ned goes back to Wyndham's to find a dejected Alexis. The store woman is annoyed that Ned saw her dress. Alexis says it doesn't matter now because the media has ruined the dress by taking pictures of it. The woman shows her the camera and says she got the film but now it's too late because Ned has seen it. Alexis explains to Ned what happened. Ned tells her that the dress is "gorgeous". Alexis worries that this is just one more bad sign.