General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/8/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/8/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

There was a news interruption for a few minutes so I missed some...

Ned asks Alan if he is going to be his best man or not. Alan still wants it to be A.J. and confides that stress is making his back hurt. Ned tells him that A.J. is going to be a groomsman. Edward and Monica come in. Edward gets on Ned's case again for Alexis' defending Zander. Alan agrees to be Ned's best man.

Emily visits Alexis and praises her decorating, then asks what's going on with Zander. Alexis asks Em to be one of her bridesmaids (or brideswoman as she calls it). Emily agrees but says she might be "a jinx". Alexis says she's not worried. Em hugs Alexis, much to her surprise. Alexis and Emiliy look through Alexis' bride magazines for her dress. Alexis worries about going from having almost no family to a whole household full of Quartermaines. Emily knows how that feels and says that's why she identifies with Zander so much, since he has no one. She thanks Alexis for her help with him. Alexis is expecting Elton, her wedding planner, but Carly visits instead. Em congratulates Carly on her wedding to Sonny. It is sincere and Carly sincerely thanks her. Em asks if she can visit Michael sometime and Carly agrees. Emily leaves. Carly offers to help Alexis with the wedding. Alexis tries to turn her unwanted help down graciously. Carly suggests that they have the bridal shower at the Tiki Room at the Kona lounge. Alexis is aghast at the Hawaiian-theme bar but Carly jokes around and then says she's kidding. One of Sonny's bodyguards hears Alexis' wedding planner talking to the paparazzi on the phone (he mentions "shooting her") and grabs him, throws him against the wall. He starts yelling so Alexis has to come out and rescue him. Alexis introduces Carly to him as "Mrs. Sonny Corinthos". Elton tells the person on the phone (the society editor at the newspaper) that he's with "Eddie's Angel", much to Alexis chagrin. He then asks for any gossip tidbit to give the woman, so Carly jumps in and says Alexis has asked her to throw her a bridal shower. Then she adds that Alexis stood up for her at her wedding, so she has asked Carly to do the same! Alexis is very annoyed but can't get a word in edgewise. Elton tells the society editor the news and then leaves. Alexis yells at Carly for the matron of honor idea. Carly is apologetic. Alexis softens and tells her that she has been really stressed out over the wedding idea. Carly doesn't understand why so Alexis says she has "control issues". Carly confides that no one has ever asked her to be in a wedding before except for Bobbie, so she will help her find someone else if she wants it. Alexis says it's okay and she can have the shower, too. Carly is overjoyed and rushes off to tell Sonny. Alexis realizes now she has to tell Ned that Carly will be her matron of honor.

Ned goes to Alexis' place and finds Alexis lying on the couch with an ice pack on her head. They fill each other in on their troubles about planning the wedding. Alexis sobs about the Carly fiasco but Ned tells her to "breathe" and suggests they elope. She points out that there aren't many islands left for them to elope to. She's happy to have a big wedding with their friends and most of their family and says they should stick it out. They kiss.

Carly visits Lila, who notices Carly is cheery. Carly explains about being Alexis' matron of honor. She tells Lila that she got some books on the subject and was hoping Lila would help her with ideas. Lila loves the idea of helping. Carly confides she's worried about Sonny and talks about what happened with Mike. She wonders if she can do something to bring Mike and Sonny together.

Chloe makes a fancy dinner for Stefan (with lots of candles), to thank him for being nice and helpful in the cave. They smile at each other. Chloe says she can't figure out why Helena has them there. Stefan says there's no way of knowing but they should just forget about her for the evening. They spoke again about his journal; she learned what his favorite food is from there. They toast each other, then they dance romantically, closely. She stops, upset, and he knows it's because she's remembering Jax and missing him. Stefan tells her "It will pass". She gives him a small kiss on the cheek and thanks him, then leaves to get dessert.

Bobbie welcomes back Audrey and asks her not to overdo it (she had hurt her ankle). They chat about how nice it is to see Lucky and Elizabeth together, and Audrey asks what's been going on with Helena. Bobbie says that firing Laura was the only "damage" so far. Bobbie greets Felicia, who was in for a checkup. Felicia is down about Mac but asks how Roy is. Bobbie says she has Roy's cell phone. Felicia offers to take it to Roy. Bobbie says Roy is working at Luke's but Luke is gone for the day. Later, Tony and Bobbie argue again about Roy and Lucas. Apparently Bobbie forgot something about Lucas' schedule. She confides it later to Roy and wonders why she's so forgetful lately. Roy wonders if she's really doing it or if Tony's the one making the mistakes. He suggests she take the rest of the day off and spend it with him.

Audrey chats with Elizabeth about Lucky. Later, Emily drops by Kelly's to speak with Elizabeth. They catch up. Elizabeth confides that they didn't sleep together and tells her why. Em tells her about Zander and Alexis.

Roy tells Luke that they are broke. Luke is annoyed and blames Roy for the problems. An interpol guys comes in and Luke tells him that he's too late, he's been acquitted. An IRS guy comes in and says that interpol informed them about his foreign bank accounts that he has been hiding from them. Roy and Luke are outraged. the IRS guy tells him that the very large diamond (the ice princess) and other money he has sitting in a safety deposit box is stolen property. Luke says he "won that rock a long time ago". The interpol guy says the property is confiscated for now and he can try to prove it in court. Roy points out that they'd need ironclad proof to confiscate it, so the IRS guy says they have documents for proof of ownership. Luke yells at him, accusing him of being bribed by the Cassadines. Luke tells him that he paid for the diamond "in blood" and he will again if necessary. Later, Luke confides his problems to Felicia. He plots how to get the diamond back from Helena. Felicia wants to know the details of his plan but he says "You don't need to know". She's happy not to get too involved again and to stay at home with her children. They share some memories, flirt, and joke around before she leaves.