General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/7/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/7/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan's henchman tells him that Chloe is walking on the cliffs. They move a couch back out of the way and chat about Nikolas. He asks the guy to watch Helena, who might get suspicious about the money he "left" for Nikolas. Stefan practices Tai Chi moves with his shirt off (woohoo!). Chloe comes in with just tight pants and a tanktop. So much skin in one room! She asks him to teach her some moves, so he does. There is a lot of touching that Stefan seems to enjoy. (He really looks so good now with his shirt off!) She ends up literally falling into arms. He tells her that with practice she could become good and also shares that he took Tai Chi up to get his mind off his problems, such as Helena. 

Gia is phoning someone but put on hold. Nikolas comes downstairs bare-shirted and a face full of shaving cream. He asks her to get the door if someone comes because he's expecting an important package. She makes a suggestion about L&B and then there is a knock. He opens the door to see Florence there. Gia quickly hides. Florence wants to speak with Gia. Gia tells Florence that she won't move in with her. Nikolas, now dressed, tells Gia's mom that they are just roommates and friends. Florence doesn't want to hear it; she has bought into Helena's lies. They all argue. Gia refuses to leave. Florence finally gives up but urges Gia to admit it when she finds out she's wrong. Then she leaves. Gia assures Nikolas that she knows he is not using her. She mentions again about wanting a job at L&B and also confides that she does love her mom. She asks if he loves Helena. He says no, because of all the things she's done. Gia finds it hard to swallow, since she is closer to her family. He tells her that he's afraid of Helena and especially of what she's done to Stefan. Gia says he's not like that, he's "too good". They joke around about their house "rules".

Felicia goes to Kelly's and says hi to Bobbie. She shows her pictures from Halloween. They talk about Maxie's crush on Lucky, and about Roy. Bobbie invites her over for Thanksgiving. Felicia is reluctant but Bobbie talks her into it. They want Mac to be there, too. Felicia and Bobbie discuss her divorce from Mac. Bobbie warns that she invited Luke as well, but he probably won't come anyway. They mention voting, too, and what to bring for Thanksgiving. Felicia rushes off.

Emily visits Zander. He isn't happy to see her again. She tells him that she stayed away for a week and her family isn't happy about her seeing him, either. He is glad to see her, anyway, but he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. She urges him to testify against Sorel.

Alexis visits Roy. She asks him for help with Zander, who she thinks is innocent. She explains part of the situation and he knows immediately that Sorel is involved. He thinks Roy can share his previous experience with the kid, so he might listen to him.

Mac finds Roy when he visits Zander. Mac warns him that he'd better not try to break Zander out. He pumps Roy for information but Roy doesn't tell him much so Mac leaves. Zander is wary when he sees Roy but Roy tells him that Alexis asked him to stop by. Zander asks him if he works for Sorel, but Roy replies, "If I did, you'd already be dead". Zander gulps. Roy tries to talk him into taking Alexis' deal. He fills Zander in on his own past and maintains how lucky he was to get a deal so he could survive. He says prison will kill Zander even if he doesn't get his "throat cut". Zander doesn't know why he should believe him. Roy replies that he did it for Emily and how she might feel when she finds out he's dead. Roy leaves him a newspaper clipping of his "death" and then goes. (Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, though, since it was his "deal" with the FBI that caused everyone to think he was dead...?) Later, Roy is leaving his office but runs into Bobbie. They hug tightly. She is down about Felicia. He tells her what he did today and how he feels so grateful for what he has. They kiss and hug again.

Emily finds a letter from St. Catherine's Academy and asks Monica about it. Monica is livid that Edward applied to the boarding school in California without her permission. Emily only cares that Monica knew about it and didn't tell her. Edward comes in and just makes the situation worse. Emily tells him that she's not going. Monica says forget it. Alan comes in and they find out that he knew about it, too. Emily and Monica are both disgusted, but Emily blasts her for visiting Zander behind her back. Emily tears up the letter and tells them that she will leave if they want her to, but not to California. They argue more about Zander. Emily storms out in frustration and anger. Edward insists that they force Emily to go to the school. Lila comes in and says forget it.

Felicia runs into Mac at Kelly's when she comes back later. She invites him to Bobbie's place for Thanksgiving. Mac considers it but worries that it might be giving the girls false hope. They discuss it and Mac says he needs to think about it.

Emily is sitting at Kelly's when Juan comes in. She yells at him for going to Monica. He says he only did it because he's worried that she will get killed while hanging around Sorel's latest target. She can't understand his attitude but he knows that she's crazy about Zander. He asks why she can't let go of him. She says Zander is her friend and that his jealousy doesn't matter. She says they don't have anything else to talk about it if he can't understand Zander's plight.

Alexis visits Zander at his request. He is ready to talk to the police about Sorel. She agrees and says she can get him a deal. She is relieved and asks him what changed his mind. He says it was Roy's visit. He asks her again to protect Emily.