General Hospital Update Monday 11/6/00


General Hospital Update Monday 11/06/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

The Quartermaines discuss what to do about Emily and Zander. Edward and Alan want action but Monica and Lila think that whatever they do might push Emily toward her former kidnapper.

Sonny tells Scott, "You're interrupting a private conversation." But he doesn't back off. He tells them he won't sell Laura the company if Sonny is the one financing it. Laura asks Scott if he's trying to protect her, but he says he's trying to protect her "future business". He accuses Sonny of trying to get Laura to launder his money. Sonny and Laura discuss the idea of his investing in her business. Sonny promises not to do anything illegal. Laura asks if they can't work something else out besides Carly working for her. He wonders why Laura won't give Carly a chance. They discuss Carly. Sonny gives Laura some insight about his wife. Laura has a hard time forgetting that Carly stole her own mother's husband. Sonny points out how hard Carly worked to get her relationship with Bobbie back. Laura won't take his offer.

Scotty assumes Laura turned Sonny down. She bristles so he points out all the reasons it would be bad for her to go into business with Sonny. Laura points out that Sonny hasn't been convicted and that he made his coffee money legitimately. Finally she tells him that she's probably not going into business with Sonny anyway. He can't believe she didn't mention it sooner. She enjoys hearing his opinions.

Carly and Mike try to talk their way out of being beaten up by Sorel's thugs (who want money that Mike owes them) They don't believe it when they say they are Sonny's wife and father but they decide to leave just in case (Carly is convincing). Mike can't believe she took such a risk. She demands to know what he owes. They argue. She knows that he has been living in "a transient hotel" and she shares that she's worried about him. Mike says that he'd planned to go to Vegas and come back with more and then straighten things out, but he lost too much instead. Mike apologizes for hitting Sonny but she says he has to apologize to Sonny. "You've got to make this right" she says, but he says he can't. He's got too much pride to ask Sonny for help. She thinks that's stupid.

Sonny brings Carly flowers to apologize for snapping at her earlier. They joke about his taste in decorating. She suggests that if he wants to do something for her, he should share what he's thinking (like about Mike). He tells her about his meeting with Laura but says they are still working out a deal. Carly wonders why she just can't start her own company. Sonny relents and says that if the deal with Deception doesn't work out, he'll set her up in her own company.

Lucky stops making love to Elizabeth and says they should stop. He can't give himself completely to her as long as he's partly under Helena's mind control. She tries to convince him that he wouldn't hurt her, but he's adamant. They stay together even though they don't make love. He tells her how beautiful she is. They talk about the past a bit.

Ned asks A.J. to be one of his groomsmen, as a favor to Lila. A.J. makes jokes about what the family had to do to get Ned to ask him. Ned gets exasperated as A.J. continues to make fun of him and all his weddings. Hannh comes up and asks him if he's always this obnoxious (or does he have to work at it). Hannah chides A.J. for throwing Ned's offer back in his face. She suggests that maybe this is an opportunity for Ned and A.J. to bury the hatchet. A.J. says that he and Ned have no use for each other. Hannah suggests that A.J. is being selfish. A.J. finally gives in. Alexis comes in and asks Ned to step outside, then asks if he's crazy, for inviting A.J. She calls him "That weasel". She panics about A.J. ruining their wedding with getting drunk. Ned can't believe all the little details that Alexis has already worked out with the wedding planner.

A.J. tells Hannah he's glad that she convinced him to stand up for Ned. He promises to get her invited to the wedding if she gives him one dance. No way, she says.