General Hospital Update Friday 11/3/00


General Hospital Update Friday 11/3/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky and Elizabeth go to New York for her birthday. They wanted two rooms but instead get one room, but an upgrade to a much nicer room. They aren't upset to get a nicer room. They go out to the balcony to look at the view. They hug; he asks if it's okay for them to share a room. She says they have plenty of times, but tonight it's different. They chat again about staying in NYC and reminisce about the things they love about the city. He suggests they go to the village first. They return later, bummed out that their old apartment has been condemned. Lucky points out they could still live there, but she says she would rather paint in Port Charles. They are disappointed that their New York has changed. "All the future we planned has gone" he laments. They wonder how to move past their old dreams but she assures him she won't move past him. They kiss and decide to look on the bright side. They are sitting on the bed and kiss more. They finally make love.

Gia and Nikolas go to Kelly's. She is trying to get him to lend him her car, to no avail. He suggests she take the bus. She asks for a ride but he says he has an appointment with Alexis. She is determined to get a job so she can pay him rent. As she's leaving, he gives her bus fare and money for a coke. "You're a real prince" she says sarcastically. He grins, enjoying their game.

Alexis tells Ned that she's not happy to be called to talk to his family when she's so busy. He thinks they want to try to convince them to have the reception at their house, but when Alan and Monica arrive, Alan demands to know why Alexis is defending Zander. Alexis tells them that Zander is innocent and needs an attorney. Also she is doing it for Emily. They argue about Zander and the Quartermaines beg her to get off the case. She tells them succinctly all the reasons she can't and then leaves. Ned tells them while she agrees with them, this is not the way to go about it with Alexis. They bicker about it. Ned says that he can't tell Alexis what to do but suggests that they be parents to Emily and try to convince her that Zander is not good for her. Ned leaves. Alan and Monica keep arguing. Alan wonders if Edward isn't right about sending Emily to boarding school. Edward prepares to phone a Swiss boarding school, but Monica says it won't work. They would have to strap her down to get her there. Lila comes in and tells Edward to knock it off. She says he'll drive Emily away for good if he's not careful.

Alexis meets with Nikolas and tells him she's getting married to Ned. She asks Nikolas to walk her down the aisle. He's honored. They share that they both miss Stefan. Helena walks in so they both grimace. She comes over and threatens Gia. Nikolas warns her away but Alexis convinces him that she can handle Helena, so he leaves. Alexis says, "You spent your whole pathetic life trying to please Nikolas--why are you threatening his friends?"
Helena comments on Alexis' wedding instead of answering. Alexis tells her to "back off Nikolas" but Helena keeps insulting Alexis about the Quartermaines. They exchange some really harsh words that leads to Helena telling Alexis that the Quartermaines can't protect her. Ned walks in just then and says that the Quartermaines will protect her by doing what they do best--taking away all their opponent's money. He and Alexis joke about envisioning Helena with no money. Helena watches Ned with a steely smile, then says she doesn't want any trouble with Ned. But she threatens him anyway, then leaves. Ned apologizes for the way his family acted earlier.

Gia goes to the Port Charles Grill to apply for a job. She tells the manager that she worked at a bunch of ritzy New York City places and he is impressed. Nikolas meets Gia and tells her to be careful about Helena. He worries that Helena might hurt her. Gia is not worried.

Sonny plays with Michael and a toy plane. Carly watches them from the stairs. Sonny assures Michael that he and his mommy will always be a family. Leticia comes down and takes Michael out to the park (and may I say, that is one UGLY kid!). Carly tells Sonny she could tell how much Sonny misses his dad. She keeps pushing Sonny about Mike. Sonny tries to get her off the subject by talking about her need for a job again. She is interested in his buying a company for her, but she doesn't want to be bribed. They share a special moment. She points out how he's pushing her away but assures him that she won't leave him. Sonny hugs her, touched. He tells her that he needs her to leave the subject alone. He leaves to meet Benny.

Laura pitches her idea to Amanda to try to get her to fund her company. Amanda wants to know why Laura didn't go to the bank. Laura says the bank wouldn't give her a loan without collateral. Amanda is intrigued but wonders if Laura has the right experience. Laura agrees that while she has no particular experience, she has the drive and ambition to get the job done, she ran the youth outreach program, and has traveled extensively. Amanda lays out all the risks she would be taking and turns her down. Then she makes some condescending suggestions. Scott drops by after Amanda leaves. He can tell that Laura is annoyed. She tells him why she was meeting with Amanda. He can't understand why she wouldn't want to take the money from him. She laughs at his jokes about his hair. He suggests she take his money and just pay him back from the profits. She won't let him rescue her again. He says she's "stubborn". She asks him how he would get the financing. He says investors need to see new ideas. He suggests that she lie that she's already been running Deception and tell people that she's come up with a whole new look for the company. Basically, to take a chance. She sees Sonny and agrees that Scott is right, so she goes over to talk to Sonny. Laura tries to get Sonny to change his terms (i.e. she doesn't want to work with Carly). Scott comes over and says that she shouldn't take money "from a no-good gangster".

Nikolas watches nervously as Laura meets with Sonny. Gia sees Laura and Sonny for the first time and notices that Sonny is "cute". Gia meets with the manager. He tells Gia that she didn't get the job because she isn't 21 yet and he knows her references are fake. Nikolas steps up and tells the man that his attitude is lacking. The manager apologizes. Gia convinces Nikolas to buy her lunch.

Meanwhile, two loan shark thugs are about to beat up Mike when Carly comes up and tells them to stop. She tells them who she is but they don't believe her.