General Hospital Update Thursday 11/2/00


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/2/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas and Gia chat at home. She suggests that he sell Sheba since she is so expensive, but he says Sheba is family. Nikolas' lawyer comes by and says that Stefan left a large sum of money to Nikolas that is separate from the Cassadine estate, so Helena can't touch it. He leaves papers for Nikolas to sign. Gia comes downstairs after the lawyer leaves and wonders what the guy was doing there. He lies that the lawyer just gave him a progress report on his fight against Helena. He wrestles orange juice away from Gia, joking that she took juice from his side of the fridge. It spills all over his shirt and she blots it dry. They are smiling at each other when Helena walks in and says "well, obviously I should have knocked first". Nikolas is not happy to see her and tells her to talk to his attorneys. She wants to discuss his inheritance. He tells Gia that Helena knows she only controls his estate until he's 25, and then she may be the one who is cut off. He then tells Helena to arrange a meeting elsewhere to discuss business. Helena makes a lewd remark about Gia and Nikolas and asks Gia to leave. Nikolas informs her that Gia lives there. Helena is stunned speechless for once. Then she blasts Nikolas for "using" Gia. Gia and Nikolas tell her that it's just business, but not her business. Helena leaves. Nikolas is very annoyed. Gia just doesn't want her mom to find out.

Nikolas and Chloe share a fish breakfast over a campfire. They chat and he notices that she has some ash in her hair. It is an intimate moment when he touches her hair. She leaves to get berries for dessert. Stefan seems to be losing his composure. One of Stefan's goons comes by to tell Stefan that Nikolas got his money and that Helena did indeed cut Nikolas off from his money. Chloe returns so they stage a fake fight. Chloe jumps on the man so another man comes in and pulls her off. Stefan yells at them to get out, so they leave. Chloe is annoyed that their plan is ruined. Stefan suggests they go back to the house and have a luxurious dinner before planning their next escape.

Monica phones to get her test results and yells at lab technicians. Bobbie makes some observations and Monica snaps at her. Bobbie realizes that the tests are Monica's and lends a sympathetic ear. Monica shares that she is late, but she thinks it's menopause, not pregnancy. Bobbie offers to go downstairs to look up the tests. Juan comes by and asks her if she knows that Alexis took Zander's case. Monica is confused and shocked. Juan says she thinks she's trying to help Emily. Monica is outraged at Alexis' choice. Juan shares that Emily thinks Zander "deserves a second chance". Monica promises to take care of the problem. She phones Alan to ask him to come there immediately.

Alexis visits Zander in jail again. She tells him that they got a deal; he will get lesser charges if he testifies against Sorel. "No way!" he declares. She tries to talk him into it. He's afraid of Sorel going after Emily. Alexis doesn't think Sorel would see her as anything but a victim, but he doesn't want to take any chances.

Ned is going into Kelly's when he sees A.J. outside Kelly's. A.J. gives him a hard time and they spar with each other. A Mr. Herbert comes up to meet with Ned; he is the wedding planner. A.J. laughs and goes inside Kelly's. He sees Roy and asks him if Hannah is joining him. He doesn't know. A.J. asks Roy if Hannah got her love for football from him. Roy concedes they used to go to games. A.J. says that Hannah now owns her own football team. Roy is shocked and doesn't look happy. A.J. says he bought the local semipro team, The Cougars. Roy tells A.J. that Hannah isn't for sale. A.J. says he just likes to make her laugh and be happy. Roy wants to stay out of it. A.J. asks Roy if he wouldn't rather his daughter end up with him rather than Taggert. Roy tells him "Drunks are dangerous". A.J. assures him that he wouldn't hurt Hannah. Roy says he knows, because if he did, he "wouldn't live to tell about it". Hannah arrives so Roy tells her about A.J.'s surprise. Hannah can't believe it. Roy jokes that if she's not interested to let him know because he's always wanted his own football team. Then he leaves. Hannah tells him that she can't accept it. A.J. asks her if she wants to give the coach advice, then. She is tempted but agrees to just taking the season tickets he offered earlier. 

Ned and the wedding planner go inside Kelly's; Mr. Herbert is unhappy that they are at such a lowbrow place. Ned tells the wedding planner the details he would like for the wedding, including that he wants the press to be given every detail. Alexis meets with Mr. Herbert. He assures her that everything will be done as Ned asked. He asks her what kind of wedding she wanted as a little girl. She shares that she hated the idea of marriage growing up because of her family. He makes some suggestions, some of which she likes, but she's clearly uncomfortable.

Amanda visits Lila and wants to talk to Edward as well. She wants to know about Ned and Alexis. For instance, she wants to know about her past as "Eddie's Angel". Ned comes in and catches her attempts to gossip. Edward mentions A.J. as best man, much to Ned's dismay. Amanda enjoys the gossip and comments on A.J.'s alcohol problem before she leaves. Ned yells at Edward about where he got the ridiculous idea about A.J. Edward tries to calm him down and tries to use Lila to get Ned to agree. Lila comes in and interrupts, telling Edward off for "emotional blackmail". Lila assures Ned that the wedding is his and Alexis' but says that in a perfect world all the Quartermaine men would be standing beside him. Edward picks up the ball and tries to convince Ned. Ned starts to come around to the idea and relents to asking A.J. to be a groomsman.

Monica visits Zander in jail. He's so popular! Monica berates Zander for what he did to Emily and tells her never to see Emily again. Zander tries to make nice but she won't hear it. Zander tells her that she has no clue about what he "feels for Emily or what she feels about anything". Monica says she doesn't know whether he's guilty or innocent, but he will go to prison for a long time anyway. They argue about the kidnapping. He says that he and Emily "understand each other". She says that if he cares for Emily, he won't get involved with her when his future is in prison.

Alan paces at home. Edward and Lila wonder why so Alan lies that Monica has been feeling unwell. They discuss the idea that Ned might ask A.J. to be his best man. Lila excuses herself. Edward suggests that he will make sure Ned picks A.J. Later, Alan goes to GH. He and Monica confer about Emily. He is more angry at Alexis but she just wants to work on the problems with Emily. Monica asks Bobbie to reschedule an appointment for her later and then notices that Bobbie made a mistake about a patient's chart. She asks Bobbie what's going on. Bobbie argues with her, then checks the chart and apologizes. Monica leaves. Florence arrives and says hi to both Monica and Bobbie. Florence asks Bobbie if there is still an apartment in the brownstone she can rent. Bobbie doesn't know why she wouldn't to go back to Port Charles. Florence says she's staying for her children. Roy arrives so Bobbie introduces them. Roy asks Bobbie what's wrong. Bobbie is annoyed about her work mistake and can't figure out why she's made two big mistakes like that lately. Roy lends her a sympathetic ear. She is grateful for having him.

Helena runs into Florence and introduces herself. When Florence learns who she is, she praises Nikolas' virtues. Helena asks her if she has a minute to talk about Gia. She tells Florence that Gia is living with Nikolas. Florence is shocked. Helena paints a picture of Nikolas as being spoiled and manipulative. Florence thanks her and says she'll speak to Gia.

Nikoals and Gia go to Kelly's. She tells him they should economize more. She worries about Helena talking to her mom.