General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/1/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/1/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

At Kelly's, Alexis and Ned discuss wedding plans. She thinks the idea of being "given away" is offensive. But since it's a tradition she says Nikolas can do it. They laugh at the idea of their wedding. She panics that they haven't planned enough yet. Ned tries to calm her down. Sonny and Tammy watch in amazement as Ned gets Alexis a brown paper bag and they bicker.

Sonny comes in to Kelly's for coffee. Tammy asks if he's heard from Mike, but he hasn't. She worries about Mike and wonders why Sonny doesn't seem concerned. He doesn't want to talk about it. Tammy bugs him, saying she loves Mike. Sonny tells her to leave him out of it. Sonny asks Alexis if she's okay. Finally Ned suggests a wedding planner, yay! Ned leaves for some work. Sonny sits down with Alexis. She wonders what she should do about her panic attacks for the wedding. He suggests she figure out why she's having them. She says she does want to marry Ned but it's the big wedding that's making her nervous. Sonny suggests that she concentrate on the future; all her worries will be gone as soon as the wedding is over. They leave Kelly's.

Carly hugs Mike, saying she's been worried about him and to come in. He refuses to go in. Carly wants to know how he's been. He says he's been out of town making some deals. She fills him in on how things are with Michael and Sonny. Carly tells him that she doesn't think Sonny would kick him out if he comes in. Mike won't come in and asks her not to mention to Sonny that he was there. Then he leaves. Carly gets her coat and leaves, too. She follows Mike back to his little dingy apartment.

Felicia serves Maxie's birthday cake. Maxie turns down a pice of cake, saying she'll have it later. She serves Lucky a piece. Elizabeth wishes Maxie a happy birthday and says she looks great. Lucas shows Roy the candy he got and offers it to Roy, since he can't eat it (being a diabetic). Felicia asks Maxie why she's having a sudden mood change. Maxie watches Elizabeth feed cake to Lucky. Bobbie and Felicia chat about Maxie's crush on Lucky. Felicia says "it's ironic" that her daughter "is falling for Luke's son". Mac arrives and gives Maxie a present. Lucky suggests they leave and spend time alone. Lucky asks Bobbie to tell Juan they're looking for him and they say goodbye to everyone. Maxie gladly gets a hug from Lucky and then gets a piece of cake. Felicia sighs in relief. Maxie gets a gift certificate from Mac. They clean up after the party. Lucas wants to talk to Tony; he asks if Tony is mad at him and why doesn't he like Roy. Tony says he's not mad and that it's just "a dad thing". Felicia insists they take "a group photo". Roy and Tony are stuck next to each other so Bobbie gets in between them, LOL. Felicia tells Maxie she can buy some more makeup because she realizes she's not a little girl any more. Tony tries to make peace with Roy, a little bit, before the leaves. Roy and Bobbie kiss. Later, Bobbie looks at a picture of B.J. Roy notices and asks if she's okay. She says seeing Maxie grow up reminds her of B.J. and how much she misses her. Roy wishes he could help. They hug.

Laura asks Luke what happened with Nikolas. Luke glosses over what happened, saying that Nikolas helped him force Helena to tell what she did to Lucky. Laura just wants to know what Luke would have done if Lucky and Elizabeth hadn't showed up. He tries to sidestep the issue but she demands to know the truth. Luke explains about Lucky's programming, still not answering the question. Laura is interested when he tells her about what Helena said. She understands but chides him for not filling her in. He says there was no time and explains that he talked to Gail about it. They argue about Helena and Laura is back to telling him that he'd better not ever threaten Nikolas again. She storms out and Luke drinks. Nikolas drops by to chat about what Luke did to him. Nikolas says he knows that Luke loves Lucky and wants to protect him, and that he hates Helena. He understands it but he warns Luke that he and Lucky aren't involved in their feud. When Luke tries to make excuses, Nikolas tells him to go ahead and keep sticking his head in the sand rather than taking responsibility for his own part.

Alan talks to Emily on the phone, briefly. Monica looks for Dr. Townsend because she is late and wants to know if she's pregnant or if the hormones are just messing her up. The doctor is gone for the day. Ned drops by; they chat about the wedding. Ned and Alan bicker a bit over all the press that Ned has invited. Ned asks Alan to be his best man. Alan smiles and asks if he wouldn't rather ask A.J. They point out how much it would mean to A.J. Ned says he doesn't think A.J. would agree, even if he asked him. Ned gets annoyed and tells them that Alan is the man he wants standing next to him. They each ask the other to reconsider. Ned tells Alexis about how it went. She laughs, thinking he's kidding about A.J. He jokes that if A.J. is his best man, she should ask Helena to be her matron of honor. She laughs but then starts getting another panic attack.

Lucky and Elizabeth go back to Kelly's and sit outside. He says tomorrow is her birthday so he gives her a card. It says "Get Out of Port Charles Free". He wants to take her to New York City for a big date this weekend. She's all excited. They kiss. Nikolas comes up and sees them kissing. He is about to leave but Lucky sees him. Nikolas tells them about his visit to Luke's. Lucky doesn't understand how Nikolas can be so forgiving. Nikolas doesn't think Luke got his message. He reminisces about Stefan. Elizabeth and Lucky hug put their arms around him. Laura walks up and smiles to see them together. She talks to Lucky and Nikolas about her conversation with Luke, leaving out the part about Lucky's secret programming. Lucky apologizes for not telling her; he just wanted to keep it from Luke so he wouldn't "go off". Lucky kisses Elizabeth goodbye. Laura feels bad for Nikolas, who is watching them. Nikolas and Lucky walk Laura home. She tells them she's "proud" of them. They joke around about Laura's motherly speech. 

Sonny goes home. Carly tells him how the rest of the party went. She says it was nice being around family. She especially says how great it is that she and Bobbie worked out their problems (hint, hint!). Then she asks if he's heard from Mike. He doesn't want to talk about it. He knows she's up to something. She suggests he look up Mike and where he's living. He won't hear about it but she keeps on badgering him. She asks him to consider how he would feel if he and Michael had a big fight and Michael turned his back on him. Sonny says he can't think about it right now. She asks him to just talk to Mike. He's heard it all before. He doesn't want to hear about her comparisons because he doesn't treat Michael like Mike treats him. "That man is out of my life and that's the way I want it to stay", he tells her, with his voice breaking.

Tammy turns the lights off at Kelly's; Mike lurks around the front door and then leaves.