General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/31/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/31/00

Carly takes pictures of Michael in his Halloween costume while Sonny and Leticia watch. Michael is going to Bobbie's party for trick-or-treating. The person with blue jeans and boots approaches again and then runs to hide again. Juan arrives to ask Sonny for advice. He asks him to convince Alexis not to represent Zander. Sonny asks Juan to tell him the whole story, so he does. Juan shares that Emily is hung up on Zander. Carly, Michael, and Leticia goes down to the car to wait for Sonny and give them privacy. Sonny tells Juan that he already talked to Alexis. He tells Juan that putting Zander away won't help his relationship with Emily. If he cares for her, Sonny says, he needs to support her on what she believes in. Juan says Zander is "a murderer" but Sonny isn't so sure.

Alexis consults with her new client, Zander. He tells her about the people out to get him and how he doesn't want Emily involved. She asks him if he means Sorel. He tells her the whole story about his involvement with Sorel and with Ted's death. Alexis tells him not to talk to or trust anyone while he's in jail, and that she will help him for Emily's sake. Ned arrives and asks Alexis what she's doing. He is hurt that she didn't tell him about this. She tells Ned that she is helping Emily, who believes in Zander. She doesn't think he killed Ted Wilson, even though he's a drug dealer. Ned says finally that he trusts her instincts, but he is concerned about Emily's involvement. She says she thinks Emily will get involved, anyway. They agree to disagree, and kiss.

Luke goes to GH looking for Kevin but is told he's at The Phantom Ball. The nurse offers to call Gail instead. He says okay. He sees Laura with another box. She is still clearing out her stuff. She asks him what he's doing there. He lies that he's there to see Bobbie. She says Bobbie's not here, she's having her annual party for Maxie. She tells Luke about her business plans and he seems happy for her. She also says she thinks Kevin is doing wonders for Lucky. Their talk is very superficial. Laura speaks as if she's talking to some co-worker at the hospital rather than to her ex-husbhand. The facade breaks when Luke asks what "cupcake" (Lulu) decided to wear for Halloween. She tells him and says he will gets pictures, then runs off before he can even thank her. Gail arrives and asks him if he's there about Lucky. Luke tells her that she and Kevin should know something about "the possible extent of Lucky's brainwashing". He tells her what Helena told him. Gail discusses the possibility with him. She says there is no way of telling what has happened. She suggests keeping it from Lucky but telling Laura. He says Laura doesn't know much so asks her to tell him if she learns anything. She agrees. After he leaves, Gail runs into Helena. Gail wishes her a Happy Halloween. Helena sees Laura and asks her if she's heard what Luke is up to. Even though Laura isn't interested, Helena turns her that Luke tried to kill Nikolas. Laura doesn't believe her so Helena suggests she ask Luke or Nikolas. Laura tells her off and stomps away, upset.

Lucky laughs at Elizabeth's silly mask that she wears at the diner. He wants to concentrate on a future with her. They rehash recent history a bit. She asks him to remember the plans they had before. He says there's nothing to stop them from following through on their original plans. They discuss going back to New York. She says she would miss some things about Port Charles. He agrees and says he wants to get to know his family again. They decide not to leave and then kiss. 

Taggert and Hannah meet Florence at Kelly's. They chat about Halloween. Taggert wonders why she's still there. Florence tells him she's staying in Port Charles. Taggert is also surprised to hear that Gia might not go back to Columbia. He tells his mom that she shouldn't just stay for him and Gia, to "run their lives". Florence explodes, saying she was "too lenient". They argue again about his career choice. Taggert gets up and walks away to cool down. He asks Elizabeth and Lucky if they've heard from Juan today. Elizabeth gets out of work and they plan to go to Bobbie's but Tammy asks her to stay a little while longer. So Lucky leaves without her and she will meet him later. 

Florence chats with Hannah. Hannah tells Florence that she knows that with Taggert, the worst thing to do is to tell him what to do. Florence admires that Hannah knows Taggert so well. Taggert is sorry for being "disrespectful". His mom shares that she is staying for herself, as well, because she needs "a change". He agrees and they hug while Hannah watches, smiling broadly. Florence leaves. Taggert thanks Hannah but she says she likes his mom.

Alexis and Ned go to Kelly's. Alexis is annoyed about Helena's legal tricks that are keeping her from getting the Cassadine money for Nikolas. Ned changes the subject and wants to talk about the wedding. They kiss.

Bobbie, wearing a witch costume, puts a cape on Roy. He is resistant to dressing up. Felicia arrives with her girls. They meet Roy. Maxie moons over a picture of Lucky that Bobbie has in her living room. She and Georgie share lipstick. Tony visits with a birthday present for Maxie. Lucas comes downstairs wearing a gangster-looking outfit. He tells Tony he's "Roy". Roy tells Lucas that he can't figure out why he would dress like that, since he doesn't. Lucas says that he knows, but Sonny dresses like that, and Roy hangs out with him and is into all that cool gangster stuff. Tony smiles, trying not to show how angry he is to Lucas. Felicia takes Lucas and the girls out trick-or-treating. Tony yells, "And that is exactly why I don't want you near my son!" Bobbie and Tony argue. Bobbie tells Tony that it's his fault for planting these ideas in Lucas' head. Roy defends himself, too. Carly, Leticia, and Sonny bring Michael by, which is bad timing since Sonny is a mobster, so it seems to make Tony's point. Tony agrees to drop the argument for now. Carly asks what's going on. Bobbie tells Michael he can go catch up with the girls for trick-or-treating. Leticia takes Michael out. Carly is not thrilled to learn Mac might be showing up. Roy tells Bobbie he will need to talk to Lucas. Sonny suggests they leave. Carly jokes that they should go to the Quartermaines. They agree it's a bad idea. Sonny gets a call about work and has to leave. Carly tells Bobbie about Sonny's idea of her working with Laura. The kids come back and show their loot. Carly wants to leave because of Tony's presence and because Mac might show up, so she says goodbye with Michael and Leticia. Tony asks Felicia if he's wrong to be concerned. Felicia says he might be wrong about Roy. Tony knows that he's sounding like a hypocrite but he's just concerned about his son. Lucky arrives so a smile lights up Maxie's face. Maxie says hi and Lucky wishes her happy birthday. Felicia brings out a cake for Maxie, who blows out the candles. Elizabeth arrives and kisses Lucky, so Maxie's smile disappears.

Zander gets a visit from Juan. He asks Zander, "What the Hell do you want with Emily?" Zander half-expected him to show up. Juan tells him that everyone else knows what he is, a low-life murderer. Zander says he would never hurt Emily. They argue. Juan asks him if he would protect Emily if he had the chance. Zander says yes he would. So Juan suggests he back off and not have anything to do with her.

Carly and the rest arrive back in the penthouse. She goes back to the elevator to get something she left and sees the stranger who's been lurking around--Mike!

Luke goes back to his office and pours himself a drink. Laura storms in and demands to know if he really "threatened Nikolas' life".