General Hospital Update Monday 10/30/00



General Hospital Update Monday 10/30/00 by Suzanne Lanoue

Taggert walks Hannah home after their stake out. They kiss and joke around about dating while on stake out. They go inside Kelly's, which is closed. She sneaks into the kitchen for a surprise for him. He gets impatient so she invites him in to the kitchen. Someone in fancy shoes and pants walks into Kelly's so Tammy runs downstairs with a baseball bat. It's A.J. and he asks for "A coffee to go". This brings out Hannah and Taggert. A.J. says the door was open. Taggert admits he left it open. They all argue. A.J. tries to stick around but no one will give him coffee, milk, cake, anything. Hannah and Taggert are explaining how their birthday plans were ruined when A.J. butts in to say he watched the game from the 50 yard line. They glare at him. A.J. suggests that they join him so he can fill them in on the game they missed. They try to ignore him as Tammy serves them coffee and sandwiches that Hannah made. A.J. pulls out an autographed program that he got for Hannah. Tammy goes to bed. Hannah admires the program as Taggert chokes on the jalapeno on the sandwich. A.J. leaves and Hannah says she thinks A.J. is finally getting the idea. Taggert doesn't buy it. Taggert wonders if she would have rather been at the Jets game but she loved her birthday. They dance and kiss.

Stefan and Chloe joke around while setting up their camp in the cave. He realizes there is no wood for the fire. They both leave to get some, even though it means getting wet again. They come back in with wood, completely soaked again. He expresses concern for her but she points out that she doesn't melt in the rain. He admits she's got a lot of good strong qualities. They chat. He admits he's never watched much TV. He builds the fire while she changes behind him. He peeks at her getting naked from behind. They huddle by the fire. She talks about how they will soon be free and tries to get him to be more confident. Her own confidence is waning because she's so cold. He sees that she's really cold, with blue lips, so he suggests they get close to share body heat. She doesn't object because she's so cold. He enjoys it a lot as he rubs her all over her body. They joke around; she suggests that he change his name to "Bo", "Brick", or "Steve". He laughs at how preposterous the idea is, especially Steve (ha ha ha). He is impressed that she has memorized parts of his journal. She wants to know why he changed drastically and stopped laughing easily, on a critical afternoon in his childhood. He says there was a beautiful girl dancing in the surf with her little dog, and he watched her from the bluff. He noticed "how free she looked" and the way she laughed. Marie was the daughter of the Cassadine's groundskeeper. He introduced himself. He pretended that he was a stable boy even though she knew better. She pretended to be a princess. He describes her as being a beautiful blonde. "It was a magic summer". He says what happened was "just a kiss". Two days later, he shares, she disappeared with the rest of her family to some other Cassadine place, by Helena. He never saw her again. Chloe is touched by his story and understand why it changed him. Chloe shares about her childhood, too, and her first kiss. Stefan praises her charms as she tells her story. They get to know each other more just as he had planned. She says she had given up on "fireworks" until she met Jax.

Laura tells Sonny that she can't launder money for him. He says he wouldn't ask that. He doesn't even want profits; he tells her to take the profits and put them back into the business. Carly comes in with her want ads, babbling away. Laura suddenly realizes what the catch is and says "no way". Carly wants to know what's up. Sonny keeps trying to get Laura to say yes. Laura tries to politely get out of it but can't. Carly says that's okay, "I'd rather scrub floors than work for you". Laura laughs at the idea. She and Carly bicker while Sonny keeps trying to convince them to work together. He dangles a lot of money in front of Laura but Laura can't accept it. She does ask Sonny not to buy Deception out from her and he agrees. Laura leaves and even Carly wishes her luck. Laura has Johnny walk her to her car. The person with jeans and brown work shoes still lurks out in the hallway. After Johnny and Laura leave, he/she walks toward the penthouses. Carly whines to Sonny why they can't buy Deception. He says he can't go back on his promise to Laura (why would Scotty sell it to them anyway?). Sonny says he'll buy her any business she wants except that one. She feels better now and they start to make out. The person is almost at their door when Johnny returns to his post, so the person runs back to hide again.

Luke demands to know what Helena did to Lucky. Faced with Nikolas' impending death, she confesses that "Lucky is programmed to kill someone you love--himself, his sister, Laura, perhaps all three". He doesn't believe her. She says if Luke leaves her and Nikolas alone, then Lucky will never find out or do anything. She says "In chess they call that a stalemate". Luke retorts, "In poker they call it a bluff". He moves menacingly toward Nikolas again. She asks if peace isn't better than this and won't he miss the ones he loves. She says if he tries to deprogram Lucky it will trigger him to kill. Luke doesn't believe that, either. She says Kevin can help Lucky remember his time with Faison and how he loves Elizabeth but the part about his killing is separate. She asks if he's going to kill Nikolas or do they have a draw? He says, "Oh what the Hell" and starts to pull the wire around Nikolas' neck. Just then Lucky and Elizabeth rush in and he yells, "Dad, no!" Luke warns him to stay back. Lucky tells him to move away from his brother. Helena urges Luke, "Go on, unleash the gates of Hell". Luke takes away the wire and says "it's no fun with innocent bystanders". Luke asks if Lucky is coming with him but Lucky says he won't leave without his brother. Luke says, "That's the choice I thought you'd make". Lucky narrows his eyes as if trying to figure out what he meant by that. Luke says he knows Lucky is safe there. Helena says he's as safe as Nikolas. Luke leaves. The other three rush to Nikolas. They try to wake him up but can't. Helena wants to take him to a hospital. Finally he wakes up, dazed. He asks Helena what she did. Lucky tells him it was Luke, not Helena. They fill him in. Nikolas says of course Luke threatened him after what she did to Lucky. He tells Helena, "I hate this side of you". Lucky says, "You're alone. And my father's alone. Why don't you try to kill each other next time?" Nikolas tells her off some more and then they help him out. Helena looks worried.

Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas discuss what happened. She asks if they are going to tell Laura what happened. They decide not to because it will just stir up trouble. Lucky sees Luke and tells them he will meet them in a little while at Kelly's. Lucky asks Luke if he has something to tell him. Luke says it was a bluff. Lucky points out he almost strangled Nikolas. Luke says sarcastically that actually, he was close to "snapping his neck". When Lucky asks if he cares about anyone or anything but revenge, Luke replies acidly, "No, son, you called this one right. I don't give a damn". He throws up his hands dramatically as he says it and walks away.

Nikolas and Elizabeth walk back to Kelly's, discussing Helena. Laura comes up and says hi. She notices they look grim and attributes it to her firing by Helena. She giggles like a schoolgirl as she shares that it's a very happy time for her.

Helena phones a doctor to find out whether Lucky's conditioning can be broken by a therapist and gets good news.