General Hospital Update Friday 10/27/00



General Hospital Update Friday 10/27/00 by Suzanne Lanoue

One of Stefan's men tells him that Chloe is on her way. Stefan instructs him that from now on they won't be able to contact him. And to search for them, but don't find them. The man understands. Stefan says he wants to be alone with Chloe "to win her over completely". The man warns that the caves might be dangerous during the storm. Chloe comes up so Stefan suggests they wait until after the storm. She refuses to change their plans, thinking he's just being pessimistic. She says she'll meet him in 20 minutes (she has to get her knapsack). Later, Chloe and Stefan prepare their packs and lantern and discuss their preparations as they head out. They arrive at the cave all wet. He observes, "You look beautiful soaking wet". She is taken aback so he apologizes. She says it's okay, it reminds her of Jax. She notices that the cave is smaller than she remembered. They get dry with blankets.

A person with jeans and thick brown shoes creeps around. Alexis locks her penthouse and then leaves. She goes to see Sonny. Carly is at first chilly but then kisses up to her to try to get a job with Alexis. Alexis turns her down flat. Sonny comes in and they make fun of Carly's wanting to get a job. They have business but Sonny lets Carly stay since he knows she'll just listen anyway. Alexis apologizes to Sonny for ranting and raving and fainting the other. Carly is surprised and keeps butting in to find out what's going on. She realizes Alexis is "freaked about marrying into the Quartermaines". Alexis says it's "the institution of marriage" that unsettles her. Carly reminds her that she wasn't the "most rational bride" either. Sonny assures her that if he and Carly "can pull it off" then there is no sweat for her and Ned. Alexis looks doubtful. Later, Sonny asks about Emily. Alexis tells him that Emily wants her to defend Zander and why. Sonny questions her about it, interested because of Sorel's involvement. Alexis tells him what she thinks of Zander. Carly keeps trying to butt in. When Alexis suggests Carly try the want ads (because she's reading the comics), Carly says, "What, like I'm going to take some job from the newspaper? No way!" and Alexis leaves. Sonny says Alexis was just trying to help but Carly says no, Alexis was making fun of her. She asks Sonny where he thinks she could find a job. He smirks at her so she goes to look at the ads. He chats with her about Alexis' being nervous about the wedding. He suggests that she talk to Alexis since she's been married to the Quartermaines. Carly rejects the idea. He keeps trying to talk her into it while she looks at the classified ads. They have a joking argument about it. She says she'll think about it. She jokes about a belly-dancing job and then starts dancing around in her tight pants and midriff top. 

Laura visits to ask Sonny about "a business proposition". She explains about Deception. Sonny is surprised she'd come to him so she admits she went to Edward first. Sonny asks about Luke. She says Luke doesn't have anything to do with it. He understands. She wants to show him the numbers but he says fine, he'll back her. She is surprised and asks what the catch is.

Felicia and Maxie have lunch at Kelly's. Maxie tells Felicia they have to talk about something serious. She wants new clothes and to wear makeup. Felicia doesn't understand. Maxie wants to change her image so she can date someone. Felicia spills her drink all over, she is so shocked. Maxie regrets mentioning it. Lucky comes in and Maxie suddenly gets quiet. He talks to her about her schoolwork and she asks him if he wants to sit down. He's looking for Elizabeth and goes to talk to Tammy. Maxie has a puppy-love smile on her face. Felicia finds Mac; at first he thinks something horrible is wrong because she's so upset. She tells him that her little girl "wants to date some guy". He laughs and points out that she gave Robin "The Talk" when he couldn't. That was different, this is her girl. Mac says he'll talk to Maxie. Mac goes in while Felicia sits outside. Mac and Maxie have a reasonable conversation. Maxie knows she's young but wants to prepare to date. He asks if she has a guy in mind. She does but she won't tell him who yet. She wants the guy to notice her first. They discuss wearing makeup. Mac suggests that she take Felicia's offer of "lipstick on special occasions" and work from that, and ask hers to hold off for a while on dating to give Felicia a chance to get used to the idea. She agrees. Maxie and Felicia chat for a minute and then Maxie heads out to see a friend of hers. Felicia talks to Mac. He says he bought her some time with Maxie but the lipstick "isn't going to cut it". She isn't sure.

Juan anxiously watches Emily and Zander through the window. He tries to get the guard to let him in. Mac comes by so Juan begs him to let him in to stop Emily from visiting Zander. Meanwhile, Emily keeps urging Zander to fight. He seems persuaded. Mac tells Juan that he can't do anything. Juan is bitter. Emily comes out and is shocked to see Juan and the look on his face. After Zander leaves, Mac lets them have the room to talk. Juan tells her how worried they are all for her. He asks her why she's doing what she's doing, including holding hands with him. Emily tries to make him understand how scared and helpless Zander is. Juan says that it's a "total crock". Alexis comes up so Em wants to talk to her. She asks if she'll defend Zander. Alexis says she will if Zander will agree. Emily hugs her in gratitude. Juan says, "What is happening to you?" They argue some more. She suggests they go to Kelly's to talk some more but he says coldly that he has to talk to Taggert, he'll talk to her later. She leaves. He looks really pissed.

Luke drags Nikolas after chloroforming him. Elizabeth is coming by to see Nikolas and sees what's happening, then rushes off.

Helena thinks saying "protect your queen" has put Lucky in his trance, but he turns around and tells her he's "had enough". She doesn't get it at first and says they need to spend more time together. He declares, "This is over! No more!" She looks surprised. He demands to know what Faison did to him and why he changed--hate his parents and pushing away Elizabeth. Helena denies any brainwashing. When she says that Elizabeth belongs with Nikolas, he asks her why she keeps saying that and why she keeps telling Nikolas that, when all it does is hurt him because it reminds him of something he can never have. "You lost!" he says. She "won't be discarded". He warns her to stay away from him, Nikolas, and Elizabeth. Then he walks away.

Laura asks Edward to lend her the money to buy Deception. He thinks the company is a "loser". She explains the situation. He flatters her and says he's interested, if there is profit in it for him. They discuss it. She wants to make cosmetics for "real women". He likes her ideas. She shows him the price that Scott wants for Deception. She offers to pay him back with 5% of the company. They are interrupted by Elizabeth, who is looking for Lucky frantically. Laura worries about Lucky but lets Elizabeth go. Edward says he will back her but he wants 65% of the profits. Laura says forget it. He tries to talk her into it but she won't be taken. She leaves. He looks grumpy but admires her.

While Elizabeth looks for Lucky, she runs into Helena on the docks. She tells Helena to leave her alone. Helena asks her if Lucky has told her "that absurd story about mind control". She says Lucky is confused, that she helped Lucky and asks Liz to help Lucky remember that. Elizabeth tells her she will do anything she can to help Lucky get over what Helena did to him. Helena makes fun of her and Liz says, "I am not afraid of you". Helena says Liz reminds her of Laura. Then she asks if her family is still living in Bosnia, making a veiled threat. Liz walks away angrily.

Alexis meets with Ned, who wants to talk about wedding plans. She is talking fast like usual, nervous. She says Chloe will be her maid of honor. He would like Jax but since they don't know where he is...She abruptly suggests they call off the wedding. He is surprised but she says she's joking, mostly. She tells him she would like Emily to be one of her bridesmaids. He thinks that's a good idea. He says he doesn't have a lot of friends so he was thinking maybe Lee, his bass player, or Alan....she says fine as long as they don't argue at the altar.

Elizabeth finds Lucky and tells him she saw Luke dragging an unconscious Nikolas out of his cottage. Lucky realizes that Luke figured out what Helena did. They figure he took Nikolas to Helena's, so they rush off.

Helena returns home to find unconscious Nikolas sitting tied to a chair. Luke walks in holding choking wire and says, "Before I do something nasty to yours, what exactly did you do to my kid?" As he holds the wire to Nikolas' neck.