General Hospital Update Thursday 10/26/00



General Hospital Update Thursday 10/26/00

Liz finds Em on the docks and apologizes for what happened the previous day. She says they've all just been worried about her because of Zander and don't understand how she feels about him. Emily denies she feels anything. Elizabeth asks why she defends him. Em explains how he needs help and why. She explains what Zander has said and how she believes everything he's said. She says that when you spend time on the run with a person, you get to know them. "If I don't help him, he's gonna die". Lucky comes up so she says she's going to help Zander. Liz and Lucky discuss Emily. He wonders if Juan can get through to Emily. Juan arrives later, breathless, thinking that Zander has escaped or something. Lucky tells him the news that Emily is determined to prove Zander is innocent. They explain to Juan why Emily seems to be thinking this. Juan is very annoyed. Lucky asks if Juan and Emily are still okay. Juan gets defensive. Lucky suggests that Em is "hung up" on Zander. Lucky says they're worried about her and asks for Juan's help in figuring out what's going on. Juan says maybe Zander threatened Em, but they shoot down that theory. Lucky asks Juan to talk her out of it. Juan is acting like a little jerk but says he will talk to Emily. Lucky and Liz discuss why Emily might be sticking up for Zander, then Lucky talks about his therapy with Kevin. He wonders why he gave in to Faison's brainwashing and compares it to what happened with Emily. She points out that it's very different. He shares that he told Nikolas about Helena's mind control and that Nikolas blew his top. Liz says "wow" and goes to visit Nikolas. Lucky runs into Helena on the docks. She says, "You've disappointed me". She chides him for telling lies to Nikolas and describes how she rescued him from Faison and brought him home. He says on the contrary, she engineered the whole kidnapping and had him brainwashed into hating his parents. He says "it's really pathetic" and walks away. She says "protect your queen" and he stops.

Dara interrogates Zander. Zander is being uncooperative and doesn't want to pin the murder on Sorel. Emily's name comes up. They argue about Sorel. He refuses to help her. She says if he wants to help himself, he's got to cooperate, but he won't. She leaves, finally, frustrated. Alexis arrives and asks Dara about the "unlawful flight" charges against Luke. Dara doesn't want to talk to her. Alexis asks about Zander and Dara brags that the case is "a lock". She almost seems to be daring Alexis to take his case. Alexis visits Zander and tells him who she is. They agree that Emily should be left out of his defense. Alexis tells him that he needs a good attorney. He turns her down even though she hasn't offered to be her lawyer. He worries about Emily getting hurt further and asks Alexis to convince Emily to stay out of it. She agrees but isn't sure yet about Zander.

Nikolas helps Gia move in. He notes that her CD's are all full of MP3's downloaded from the Internet. He jokes that L&B might not like him "harboring a pirate". They argue again about who gets the master bedroom. She loses the coin toss. She insists on talking about how they are going to split everything like the refrigerator and phone. She fears that her mom will find out she's living with him, but he tells her not to worry. Emily drops by and is disgusted to find Gia there. Gia lies that Nikolas is storing her stuff for her. Nikolas tells Emily that Gia is enrolling in PCU. Emily can't believe it. Gia leaves. Emily wants to borrow money from Nikolas to get a lawyer for Zander. Now it's Nikolas' turn to be disbelieving. They argue. He does tell her that he couldn't help her anyway, since Helena cut him off. Someone grabs Nikolas and chloroforms him. He puts up quite a fight first.

While Tammy is out, A.J. closes Kelly's to host a party for Hannah. He hands Tammy a wad of cash when she comes up. Hannah comes downstairs and sees the place decorated and smiles. A.J. comes in so he knows he did it. She says he shouldn't have. He says he had to, it's her birthday. He thought of buying her a car but figured that was too much. She is impressed at his attitude, especially when he assures her that she doesn't want to interfere with her plans with Taggert. Taggert arrives and sees her blowing out the candles on her cake. He wishes her "Happy Birthday" and kisses her. A.J. explains that he just wanted to thank Hannah for standing by him when no one else would. Taggert is not buying it but he's polite. Hannah and Taggert are heading out to their football date when he gets called. Taggert has to leave to do something with the case against Sorel. He has to go on a stake out so she insists on going with him. She picks up the cake and leaves with Taggert. Hannah and Taggert chat in the squad car. She observes that A.J. just likes "a challenge" but that Taggert is different, he really knows her (he knows that she likes football).

Laura and Scott come up to Kelly's and sit outside, so Tammy gets them coffee. Laura chats with Scott about what she will do for her future. She wants to work for herself. He suggests she become a lawyer but she doesn't want to spend the time in school. He asks her if she knows about cosmetics. He offers to let her buy Deception. She says she can't afford anything that big. He offers to lend her the money. She thinks that's ridiculous. He tries to convince her it would be good for her. She wonders if it's because he shared it with Lucy. He says no, it's just one thing in his life that they shared. She is not sure if she wants to be Lucy's competition. He says it might be good for Lucy to have something else to concentrate on. They talk about it some more and she says she'll have to think about it. She won't borrow money from him, though; she'll get her own financing. Scott leaves. Laura wonders where she will find "a small fortune". She makes a phone call to someone to ask him/her to meet her to "discuss a project". Edward Quartermaine arrives because of her call. She asks him if he would "be interested in making" her a "very rich woman".

Bobbie goes to visit Luke at his place. He is packing a duffel bag with stuff so she asks if he's "going away again". She wonders if he's in trouble again, but he claims he's just "being prepared". She doesn't buy it. She tells Luke that if Carly asks him for a job to turn her down. He agrees. Roy arrives so Bobbie asks him to tell her why Luke is leaving town. Roy squirms as Luke gives him a weird look. Luke assures her that Roy is not involved. Bobbie has to leave but asks Luke to let her know if he flees the country. Roy says to Luke, "So, it's all about Helena." Luke tells Roy this time, if he doesn't come back, not to come after him, and he leaves.

Gia meets her mom at Kelly's and tells her she moved into the place they discussed. Florence says she likes Port Charles so she is going to move there, too. Gia tries to talk her out of it. Florence plans to get a job at GH. She tells Gia that she wants to spend time with her daughter. Gia says having her mom there to watch her isn't going to change her mind about becoming a lawyer. But it's like talking to a brick wall.

Emily goes to visit Zander again; he doesn't want to see her but she begs for five minutes. She is surprised to hear that Alexis visited. He doesn't want her help. He tells Emily to "back off" and lays out what's in store for him. Maybe 40 years in jail, if he's lucky. She asks him to tell them that it was Sorel so he can get a deal. He thinks it's too dangerous. She gives him a speech about how he shouldn't give up and he's a good person. She holds his hand and begs him to "tell them the truth". Juan comes in and sees them holding hands. He doesn't look very happy.