General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/25/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/25/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Elizabeth finds Lucky standing on the docks, looking out. She comes up behind him and says something sweet, then he turns and they hug. He gives her back her necklace and says, "What do you know, it worked". They kiss. She tells him about her trip with Audrey and how she's recovered from a fall she took. He tells her that he and Laura are close again. She's very happy. He tells her he saw Luke in jail before the verdict was read and told him that he was right that Faison brainwashed him. He also shares that he's kept from Luke about Helena's role so he won't start up the feud again, and that he's enjoying his sessions with Kevin. When she asks for more news and mentions Emily, he pauses. After a time he explains what Emily's been up to with Zander. Elizabeth argues that Emily might have some good reasons so she offers to talk to her. Lucky laughs, glad to have her back in town. He praises all her virtues, making her blush. Lucky says sometimes when he thinks of what Helena has taken from him, he wants to call Luke and "make revenge a father-son event". She helps him to see that Helena didn't win so that's not the answer. They hug.

Gia tells Nikolas that she loves his cottage but she can't afford it until she finds a job. He says he can't stay there much longer, either, now that Helena has cut off his phones. She says he can always move back to Windemere but he says no way. He tentatively suggests they live there together. She is unsure about the idea. They discuss the details. She says she wants the master bedroom and bath. He balks at the idea until she points out she needs him for the rent. Then she suggests they share the bedroom--they switch off every other month. They agree on it. She says they have to keep it a secret. He agrees but says it probably won't work with Elizabeth and Lucky.

Emily visits Zander in jail. He is not happy to see her. She says she wants to help him. He says she should just leave. She knows he's not a murderer. He blames himself for falling in with the wrong people.

At Kelly's, Carly continues to try to convince Sonny to let her help run the coffee business. He reminds her that he gave her a choice, work together or stay married. Tammy asks Sonny if he's heard from Mike. He says he hasn't. She is worried because he usually calls no matter what. Sonny is about to advise her to dump Mike when she says that she can't, and asks him not to cut Mike out of his life, either. Carly tells Bobbie she wants a job at Kelly's. Bobbie laughs and tries to talk her out of the idea. She points out all the drawbacks to being a waitress. Carly says she'd like to be a manager instead but Tammy says she's redesign. Bobbie says it just wouldn't work. She wonders why Carly wants a job all of a sudden. Carly says she wants to be independent, an equal so that Sonny doesn't think she's just with him because of his money. Bobbie points out her other responsibilities but Carly persists in wanting to prove what she can do. Bobbie suggests she look elsewhere. She wonders if Carly is trying to avoid something else in her life.

A.J. watches Hannah come back from her run and stretch. He offers to buy her breakfast and they spar as usual. Sonny and Carly come out so A.J. makes smart remarks. Hannah congratulates them. Sonny thanks her and he and Carly leave. A.J. admires her for being "classy" in her congratulations. Tammy comes out so A.J. orders breakfast, but when Hannah says she can't join him, A.J. cancels the order. When A.J. hears that it's Hannah's birthday tomorrow, he tries again but she tells him that she's spending it with her "boyfriend", Taggert. Later, Hannah meets Taggert in the park and he gives her a present. It is a bag with two pom poms. She is happy to receive them but he pulls out a jewelry box. It is a little gold football necklace. She's thrilled and he puts it on her and says "there's more". He has a friend who knows the coach of the New York Jets. He has tickets to the game tomorrow on the 5th yard line, and then they can meet the players. She is excited and hugs him. They make out.

Tammy is on edge waiting for Mike to call. Bobbie and Tammy are happy to see Lucky and Elizabeth walk in; they mention Carly's job aspirations. Gia and Nikolas arrive and welcome Liz back. She tells them about wanting to talk to Emily. Nikolas fills her in on what's been going on, including Ned and Alexis getting married. Gia is against the idea of marriage. She says she couldn't imagine getting stuck with a second family.

Monica, Alan, Edward, and Lila discuss Emily, who they think is in school. The newspaper has the story of her kidnapping and how she defends Zander, much to their disgust. Alan wonders if she is traumatized because of the kidnapping. Monica just thinks it's poor judgment on Emily's part. Edward thinks it's something wrong with the family, as he lists the problems that Jason, AJ, and Ned have had. Lila informs them that Alexis is coming to tea. Edward is not happy about the idea. Alan stands up for Alexis; he accuses Edward of being against the marriage just because he's afraid that he can't lure Ned back to ELQ. Edward finally agrees to treat Alexis nicely. 

Emily meets secretly with Alexis. Alexis is not happy to keep this from Ned; Em begs her not to tell anyone she skipped school. She tells Alexis that Zander is innocent and asks her to defend him. Alexis points out Zander's various crimes. Emily tells her that Sorel framed Zander and he didn't kidnap her until he was really scared. Alexis refuses and advises Emily to forget about Zander and go back to school. Emily says she can't. Alexis says that Zander could be using her, then she leaves. Emily goes back to see Zander. He tells her again to leave him alone. He is about to leave when she says, "You can trust me!' but he leaves anyway.

Emily runs into Elizabeth outside Kelly's; they hug. Emily shares that Zander is in jail and has nobody on his side. She talks about Zander and how he is innocent. Elizabeth compares Elizabeth's belief in Zander to her prior belief in Lucky when he was acting brainwashed. Lucky comes out and tells Emily that she has to stop this before Zander hurts her again. Emily protests and she and Lucky argue. Gia and Nikolas come out. Lucky asks Emily why she's defending Zander. Em explains that he's innocent of murder. Lucky can't get past Zander's kidnapping, comparing it to what Faison did. Emily says it's not the same. Gia thinks Emily "has a thing" for Zander. Emily gets angry and storms off, leaving them feeling like they're bad friends and blaming Gia.

Sonny and Carly fool around on the docks as they continue arguing about her working in the coffee business. He suggests she go back to get her interior decorating license. She doesn't like the idea. He tells her that he heard what she said to Bobbie, but she doesn't need to prove anything to him. She snaps at him. He tells her he fears that if they work together, they'll argue too much. She vows to find a better job and prove him wrong, then she walks off angrily. We next see a mysterious person walking carefully near them so as not to be heard, wearing black pants and brown loafers.

Alexis arrives and is not happy to hear that her tea with Lila will be with the rest of the family as well. Lila gives Alexis a present, a teacup and saucer that she got when she got married. Alexis is touched and thanks her with a kiss. Lila tells her that "the family can be difficult" but Ned's love is all that matters. Lila leaves temporarily to talk to cook. Monica comes in and chats with Alexis. Monica says she thinks Alexis is brave to marry into the family. She mentions Emily so Alexis pumps her for more information. Monica shares about Emily's strange defense of her former kidnapper. This prompts Alexis to tell them about the meeting with Emily, but before she can explain that she turned her down, Monica, Alan and Edward jump on her case. Alexis can't get in a word and they all start running around, Alexis blows a whistle and explains the situation. Alan apologizes. Monica plans to talk to Emily when she gets home but Alexis suggests that instead, she listen to Emily.