General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/24/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/24/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Tony rushes around busily at work. Bobbie is working, too. Roy comes up and tells Bobbie they have to do something "and it's top secret". He asks her to meet him at Jake's but makes it sound mysterious. Bobbie is smiling happily. Tony blasts her for not doing her job when Roy is around. She missed a minor notation he made on a patient's chart so she apologizes for that. She protests about his comments about Roy and they get into the same argument about Roy's influence on her. Later, Bobbie tells Roy about her argument with Tony. Roy blames himself but Bobbie says it's just Tony and she can't let him control her life. Roy eats some hot salsa, trying to be macho, and then needs a lot of beer to wash it down, making her laugh. They dance romantically.

Nikolas says hi to Amy. She asks about Laura but he hasn't heard yet about her problems with Helena. Amy fills him in that Laura was forced to quit. Helena comes up and Nikolas quizzes her angrily. Helena suggests he apologize for yelling at her. He won't so she cuts off his money until he acts "respectfully". She taunts him that she is cutting off money for causes he supports. Bobbie tells him that she admires him for standing up to Helena and urges him to stand strong.

Chloe sleeps again and dreams about Nikolas yelling at Helena. He tells Helena to stop hurting people he cares about and to take her money, he doesn't care. She awakens and tells Stefan about her dream. Stefan looks worried. He thinks that Helena might be getting desperate. He discusses Nikolas' financial predictament with Chloe. She suggests that they try to escape in order to distract Helena from ruining Nikolas' life. He tries to talk her out of her wild escape plans. Then he says they have to wait for the next storm. Chloe won't be put off by anything he says. Stefan makes a phone call to alert his people and gives his man posthumous instructions that gives Nikolas "a large sum of money".

Gia brings her mom to Kelly's; Gia introduces her to Tammy and tells her about Elizabeth. Florence says she doesn't buy the sales pitch. She still insists that she is going home and Gia is coming with her. They argue again. Gia insists she's staying in Port Charles. She tells Florence why she likes it, but it's like talking to a brick wall. They keep arguing. Florence asks Gia to come back to Brooklyn with her and return to PC for the spring semester, if she still wants to. Gia says she can't, she found a place to rent yesterday and put down a deposit. Nikolas came in so Gia asks him to explain about the place she rented from him, putting him in an awkward situation. He sits down and explains how nice the place is. Florence questions him about it. Gia wants to get the fireplaces checked out to make sure they're still working and won't let Nikolas tell Florence how much she's paying for the place. Florence leaves to go meet with Taggert. Gia thanks him for lying for her, but he says he wasn't lying, he does own a place like that, and she can rent it. He tells her about his financial problems with Gia. She teases him that now he will have to sell his jag. He suggests that if she rents his place, it will help him because he could use the extra money. She agrees to look at it tomorrow.

Emily comes home and is surprised to find Alan and Monica there. They are acting over-protectively because of Zander, so she tells them to knock it off and assures them she's fine. She wants to talk to Ned and Alexis but is told they're in Bensonhurst. So Em talks to Lila. She asks to borrow a lot of money to help "a friend". Lila says she needs more details. She explains that it's Zander she wants to help. She says he is a good person and she wants to get him a good lawyer. Lila refuses to help her, saying the courts will help her. Edward comes in and wonders why Emily is saying Zander is innocent. Emily tells Edward that Zander "got in over his head" and made mistakes, but he didn't kill anyone and saved her life twice. They argue. Lila tells him to leave Emily alone, but yelling starts, bringing Alan and Monica into the room. Her parents freak at the idea that she is sticking up for Zander. Lila tells him to leave the room with her and threatens that if he eavesdrops on her one more time, "my bedroom door will be locked". He wheels her out and then Alan and Monica demand to know what's going on. Emily tells them that Zander has no money or family and that he didn't kill that guy. Her heartfelt comments make them look surprised but they still won't help her. She says she'll help Zander anyway.

Ned and Alexis meet Gloria and Brook Lynn (Lois' mother and daughter) in a park where Brook is going to have her birthday party. They unpack presents while Alexis frets that Brook doesn't like her. Brook runs up so Ned grabs her and hugs her. Alexis meets Gloria. Brook says hi reluctantly to Alexis but wants to know where Chloe is. Alexis looks hurt. Brook makes a wish on her cake and it looks like she wished that Alexis weren't there. Even though Ned explains to her why Alexis is there instead of Chloe, his daughter doesn't care. Gloria congratulates Alexis on their engagement. Gloria mentions that Edward sent the girl a giant toy horse. Ned and Brook go to see the balloon man, leaving Alexis and Gloria alone. Alexis attempts awkward conversation about Lois and Ned. Gloria realizes that Lois and Ned weren't meant to be so she tells Alexis not to worry about her and Ned getting married.

Brook Lynn asks Ned why Ned keeps getting married. He tries to explain the grownup ideas to her about divorce. Later, he tells her that there is a three-story dollhouse at their place (for when she visits). She is thrilled and Ned tells her that it's actually Alexis' idea. Alexis asks her if she wants to be a flower girl at their wedding. After a moment, she says she'll do it. She seems to be thawing toward Alexis. Alexis tells Ned that she is enjoying herself, and she and Gloria got along fine. Ned assures her they'll have "a great wedding and an even better life".