General Hospital Update Monday 10/23/00


General Hospital Update Monday 10/23/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny helps Alexis up after her faint and tries to make her feel better. She says she loves Ned but she worries that the marriage is a "huge mistake". They chat about her impending marriage. She is not being very rational. She says she is worried that she will "lose" herself after she gets married. Sonny shares his own experiences to try to help her, but it doesn't. He urges her to share her fears with Ned. She says she doesn't know why she has to marry Ned just because she loves him. Just then, Ned walks in. After Sonny leaves, Ned tells Alexis that he has to visit his daughter for her birthday; he wants Alexis to go along and get to know Brook Lynn. She says Lois is the problem. He tells her that Lois fell in love with Eddie, not him, and didn't love him the way Alexis does. "I never loved her the way I love you," he insists. They hug.

Laura assures Scott that she doesn't want her job back; she quit. He is surprised because Helena's been telling everyone that she fired her. He wishes he had seen Helena's face when she quit. Laura debates what she wants to do next. She says she spent too many nights wishing Luke were coming home and pretending Lucky was upstairs. She laughs that, "in a way, Helena has become irrelevant" because she and Luke destroyed themselves in a way she couldn't. Scott warns her not to turn her back on Helena. Laura reminisces about her past family life. He admires her courage. She just wishes she had her own life...she laments that while with Luke, she let him run everything. She assures him that she will call him sometime. He leaves. Amy arrives and offers her sympathy to Laura, who is unpacking boxes. Laura assures Amy that everything is fine. Laura explains that she is "moving on" as she dumps Luke's stuff out.

Taggert asks Zander why he came back to town and tracked down Emily. Nikolas thinks he was trying to shut Emily up but Lucky says Emily was just standing there so he doesn't think he was threatening her. As they read Zander his rights, Em says that Zander didn't kill anyone and just came back to turn himself in. Taggert questions him so Emily explains that they were both on their way to the station when Nikolas and Lucky jumped him. They wonder why she's defending Zander. She tells Taggert that he didn't kill Ted, Sorel's men did. Zander warns her to be quiet. Emily tells Taggert that she knows Zander didn't kill anyone "because he said so". He worries about what will happen to Zander, leaving Taggert and the other guys curious about her behavior. Taggert needs her at the station so Emily says she wants to make a statement that Zander didn't kill Ted. He says they'll have to call her parents, since she's a minor. Lucky accuses Taggert of trying to separate Emily from them so she'll change her story. After Taggert and Emily leave, Nikolas asks Lucky what's going on. **INTERRUPTION BY WEATHER NEWS** Emily tells Mac at the station that Zander didn't kill anyone and didn't hurt her. Taggert talks to Zander about why Emily would defend him. Em phones Monica. Monica and Alan come down, worried about Emily. Zander watches through the window and worries about her. Mac comes in so Alan starts yelling at him. Emily tells them she wants to make a statement. Monica wants a lawyer but Em says it's not necessary. Mac warns her not to lie. Mac records her statement. Emily tells them that Zander did not hurt me or kill anyone. She says that Zander came back to turn himself in. Mac asks why he would do that. She explains why she thinks Zander didn't hurt anyone. Monica and Alan yell at Mac some more. Juan arrives at the station and hugs Emily. He is worried about what Zander did to her. 

Meanwhile, Taggert questions Zander, who is not saying anything. He tells Taggert to just leave Emily alone.

Luke's hand is around Helena's throat and he's on top of her, so naturally they are doing their sick flirting game. Luke questions her about how long she's been trying to frame him for Stefan's murder. He approves of her murdering Stefan but doesn't like that she brainwashed Lucky. "Messing with my son's head, you see, that's a problem for me..." He just hates that she's "one up" on him. She urges him to kill her and says she'll enjoy it, but "Lucky will pay". She warns that Lucky can cause damage if things don't go her way. Luke kisses her hard and leaves. Luke goes to see Kevin but he's gone. He gives Amy a note to give to Kevin. Luke is uninterested in Laura quitting her job. He runs into Felicia in the elevator. He tells her that Helena "fried Lucky's brains". He wants to tell Kevin about what Helena said, that Lucky is programmed to act destructively in case anything happened to her. Luke says the only thing he can do is "strike back".

Helena phones to find out whether Lucky's programming will be broken by Kevin.