General Hospital Update Friday 10/20/00


General Hospital Friday Update 10/20/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

The reporters ask inappropriate questions of Ned and Alexis, especially of Alexis because of her picture on the internet. Finally the Quartermaines have had enough so Reginald ushers them out. Monica and Alan are outraged that Ned invited them there. Ned is calm and thinks it went pretty well. He explains that he has a strategy, which he learned from Edward--to inundate the press with information about them so that they will get sick of them. The family doesn't think it's a good idea. There is the usual bickering...Alan gets paged to the hospital after he gives Emily another wad of cash. She rushes out, too. Edward grouses about Juan. It's a pretty funny scene as Alexis looks embarrassed and the Q's keep making comments about how many times Ned has been married. When Edward wags his finger at Alexis and tells her she should have kept her clothes on, Alexis says, "Put a sock in it, Edward!" Monica urges Alexis to just ignore Edward and she'll do fine. She threatens to bring Lila downstairs, too, so Edward leaves. Monica then proceeds to rate Alexis with points, she and Ned joke about how she stood up to Edward. Ned tells Alexis she can call off the wedding if she wants. She says she can handle it. She does admit she never thought she'd get married and how she worked hard in New York City to become a great lawyer. Ned says he's just like Edward. They agree they're "both a little nuts" and kiss. Alexis has to leave for a meeting with Sonny. Ned chats with Reginald about Edward as he waits for his grandfather to come back down to talk to him. A.J. comes in and notices that Ned is drinking early in the day. Ned tells him that he and Alexis are getting married. A.J. gives him a hard time about it being wife #6 and says she will wise up and leave him like all the others.

Lucky and Nikolas go to Laura's house but find it empty. They wonder where she is. Lucky finds the paper about Luke's trial (and Felicia's revelation). They wish they could have helped Laura through her troubles. They talk about their past with the house. Nikolas tells Lucky not to blame himself for how he treated Elizabeth, it was Helena's fault. Lucky asks Nikolas if he still loves Elizabeth. Nikolas says that's in the past. He can't chase after a woman who can't love him, the way Stefan did with Laura. He knows Elizabeth loves Lucky and nothing else matters. Lucky agrees to leave it at that. They decide to come back later.

Carly and Sonny talk while they walk through the park. She asks if she can visit the coffee warehouse but Sonny says no. Carly apparently made a mistake and sent 800 lbs. of coffee to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sonny explains about security at the company. Carly gets frustrated that Sonny doesn't seem to want to let her work there, only give her money to spend. Sonny makes a deal that they will either "work together" or "stay married", her choice. It's not a harsh fight, though, it's more like jovial sparring as both are smiling throughout. Carly points out how much fun it would be to work together but he's not buying it. They talk about her refinishing the sofa. Emily comes along and they say hi. Things are awkward as Emily is trying to meet Zander and get rid of them. After they leave, Zander comes out. She gives him her allowance plus another hundred from Reginald. He tells her that when she was his hostage, it was the best part of his life, and he'll probably never her again. She grabs him and hugs him as he goes to leave. Then he is tackled by Lucky and Nikolas. Emily tells them to let him go but then Taggert comes along with a uniform cop to arrest him.

Laura arrives at Gh and says hi to Bobbie. She is sheepish about her behavior at Luke's the other night. Bobbie forgives her easily and Laura keeps apologizing. Scott walks up for an emergency board meeting that Helena called. He asks how she is. She is fine and says she's staying in town. He bolsters her spirits. Bobbie observes how "friendly" Laura and Scott are. Laura is shocked at her insinuation, but not offended. Bobbie warns Laura to "be careful". Helena is there when Laura turns around. She tells Laura that her work appearances have been "sporadic". That's what today's board meeting is about. Laura is seemingly unaffected by Helena's comments. Bobbie rushes to her aid, too. They both stand there while Helena rattles off all of Laura's failings. Alan comes up so Bobbie says that Helena is trying to fire Laura. Alan stands up for Laura but she tells them she quits. She tells Alan she doesn't want to "answer to this sociopath". Bobbie tells Helena off. Helena tells Alan that the staff should show her courtesy but he excuses himself without commenting.

Laura brings a big box home and collapses on the couch. Scott arrives to see how she's doing and says he can get her job back. She says it doesn't matter, she feels good about quitting.

Luke phones to make plans to disappear and go to Central or South America. Roy walks in and Luke lies about who he's talking to. Roy can tell he's lying and asks what's up. Luke asks Roy to keep an eye on things while he's gone. Roy can't believe Luke would want to disappear again. Luke doesn't answer but eventually explains about the Cassadine feud. Luke tells him that Helena brainwashed Lucky, so she has won their game for now. Roy is a bit disgusted that Luke broke into Kevin's office and suggests that the reason Lucky didn't tell Luke about what Helena did, is because he was afraid Luke would go after her. Luke is not fazed. He takes his duffel bag and leaves.

Sonny visits Alexis in her penthouse. He can tell she's upset about something. She finally tells him she's "getting married". Sonny is surprised but congratulates her. She just wants to talk about work. He notes she doesn't seem very "thrilled" and asks her questions about it. She gripes about her problems with the press. She is very scattered, jumping back and forth between work and complaining about the Quartermaines. She says she doesn't know why she wants to be a Quartermaine. She doesn't like the Cassadines but understands them. Sonny watches quietly and a little bemused as she prattles on. She ends up breathing into a paper bag and opening a window to get fresh air. Finally she faints, out cold.

While Helena sleeps, a black-gloved hand moves quietly around her throat. She turns and it's Luke, smiling wickledly down at her.