General Hospital Update Thursday 10/19/00


General Hospital Thursday Update 10/19/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Emily chats with Zander. She's surprised to see him there and with no disguise. He won't go back to Canada even though she's worried about him. He tells him that Sorel isn't after him any more and he will avoid the cops. He tries to persuade her to go to a diner and have some pie, and relive some of their more fun moments. Before he can, Juan approaches so Emily gets rid of Zander. She lies to Juan that Zander was Justin, the gardener's son. He is a bit suspicious but asks her to go to the movies with him. She is reluctant and trying to think of an excuse to get out of it when she gets a call from home and tells him she has to leave.

Ned and Alexis prepare to tell Lila about their engagement; Alexis is very nervous about telling the rest of the family. They run into Edward, who is suspicious about why they want to see Lila. When they get Lila, they can't get rid of Edward, so they tell them both the news. Edward explodes. He doesn't want his family to be linked to the Cassadines. He points out that Ned has already been married five times (I can only count four, unless he married one of them twice? Dawn, Jenny, Katherine and Lois...?) Ned and Alexis try to make him see reason but he insists on calling the rest of the family about it. Alan and Monica are annoyed that they were called home from their jobs for this "emergency". They congratulate Ned and Alexis and tell Edward he's making a mountain out of a moehill. Emily also arrives and congratulates them. The press arrive because Ned called them. Edward immediately jumps in and takes over, making the engagement announcement as if it were his own idea. Alexis just grins and bears it as they start taking their pictures and calling her "Millenium woman", etc.

Chloe psycho-analyzes Stefan's childhood because of reading his journal. She wonders why he didn't escape from his family the way he planned to. He says that as he got older, he realized his parents weren't the big important figures he thought they were. Then Laura came along and he couldn't leave, and then there was Nikolas. He wants Nikolas to have everything that his parents had, even though Chloe points out he doesn't want it. Chloe shares her own experiences with trying to please her parents. She tells him a plan to hide out in the caves during the upcoming storm and then they can escape in the confusion when they are looking for them. Stefan persuades her to wait until the next storm so they can plan it out better.

Luke comes looking for Bobbie and finds Amy. She chides him for not visiting her more. Bobbie's not there, she says, but offers to have coffee or lunch with him. She wants him to fill her in on the latest about this life. Instead, he tries to get information from her about Lucky's sessions with Kevin. She doesn't know much, though. He makes his escape before Amy can force him to have lunch. She yells out to him as he leave whether it's really over between him and Laura, but he doesn't answer.

Nikolas drops Lucky off for his session with Kevin. Nikolas runs into Gia, who is trying to find the courage to visit her mom and tell her that she's not going back to New York with her. He's surprised. She asks him to help her get a job at L&B. He agrees to try. Taggert finds Gia and wonders why she hasn't gone in yet to help their mom get ready to leave. She starts to tell him she's not going back when Florence comes out and asks what they're talking about. Gia tells her that she's staying there and going to PCU and will get a job. Florence is aghast and says she won't pay tuition. So Gia says fine, I'll get a scholarship. Florence blames Taggert but he says it wasn't his idea. He does suggest that she cool off and let Gia change her own mind. She says she's not leaving town without Gia.

A.J. brings Hannah breakfast in bed. At first he thinks it's Taggert. When she realizes it's AJ, she yells at him to get out. She threatens to have him arrested. He tries first to use his charm, and when that fails he tries to get her sympathy by saying that he's upset because Sonny and Carly got married. She says he's "full of it" and one day he will "explode". She tells him to stop trying to get her to fix his life and to get out.

Lucky has his session with Kevin. He says, "It's like pulling a thread from a piece of fabric, watching the whole thing fall apart." Meaning his memories. Kevin has him focus on which of his feelings are real and which are planted by Faison. Lucky shares that his anger for Laura isn't real, and that he loves Elizabeth and doesn't think she should be with Nikolas any more. He's still very angry at Luke and has to work on how much of it is real (because of what he did to Laura and Felicia's family by sleeping with Felicia) and how much is not real. He tells Kevin about finding Maxie in the boxcar and wishes he could tell his father about Helena's brainwashing, but he knows he wouldn't really listen to him, he'd just rush off to continue the vendetta. Luke lurks outside Lucky's session and waits for Lucky and Kevin to leave. Then he goes in and reads Kevin's notes.