General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/18/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/18/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

At the playground, Carly's trying to take pictures of Sonny and everything to remember Michael's first day of preschool.  Sonny is slightly annoyed.  They are both nervous about him being on his own.  Sonny frets but Carly tells him to chill.  Carly asks Sonny to push her on the swings, so he does.  They reminisce about getting in trouble when they were kids in school.  AJ comes along and they start bickering.  Carly tells AJ that the charges against Sonny were dropped and taunts him that Michael just started preschool and treats Sonny like his daddy.  They pick Michael up from school and treat him like a little prince, making plans for the rest of the day.

Ned and Alexis prepare to leave Belize and go home.  She doesn’t want to leave but he says they can come back on their real honeymoon.  Ned wonders if Alexis has changed her mind about getting married, but she assures him she hasn’t.  They wonder how private they can keep their engagement and marriage.  Ned plans to feed the media as much info as possible about the events so that they will get quickly sick of “Eddie and his angel” and move on to other things.

Emily hits Alan and Monica up for money at work, lying that it’s for new clothes.  Just as she’s trying to think of something to tell them so they’ll give it to her, Juan comes up.  Monica says Emily wants money for “whatever you two have planned”.  Emily is squirming so Monica offers her Wyndham’s charge card.  Emily says she already found an outfit she wants, so Alan hands her a bunch of cash.  They ask her to buy something that Edward won’t have a cow about and have a fashion show after dinner.  She quickly agrees and leaves with Juan. 

Alan and Monica regret spoiling her but after her kidnapping, it’s hard to deprive her of anything.  They discuss Monica’s appointment with Dr. Townsend and plan to meet after it. Later, Monica and Alan are disappointed that she’s still not pregnant.  They wonder what to do next.  They talk about it and think maybe fate is telling them they don’t need another baby.  They decide to stop the treatments but “keep having fun trying”.

Juan tells Em she doesn’t have to buy new clothes for his sake.  She says she just wants something new after having the wear the same thing for weeks.  He offers to go to the mall with her but she brushes him off.  She feels guilty so she makes a date to meet later at Kelly’s.

Gia brings her mom flowers.  They bicker some more about Gia going back to school.   Florence knows Gia’s been lying and hasn’t been at Columbia all summer because she got a call from Columbia about her tuition being refunded.  Gia doesn’t want to talk about it but Florence insists.  Taggert arrives so he and Gia both try to persuade their mom not to get upset.  Florence tries to get Taggert to talk Gia out of not going back to school.  He won’t because he knows she has to follow her own heart.

Felicia finds out from Georgie that Maxie has left home.  Mac calls everyone out to look for her.  He and Felicia are frantic.  Felicia blames herself.  Mac assures her that they’ll find her.

Lucky discovers Maxie in his boxcar, trying to run away.  She won’t go back because her parents are divorcing.   He tells her to help herself.  Lucky lets Maxie vent and share her problems.  Then he tells her he went through the same thing when he discovered his parents weren’t what he thought they were.  He tells her what a hard time he had when he ran away, sleeping on the docks.  He shares that his running away didn’t change anything with his parents, and all he did was hurt his little sister.

Gia runs to Nikolas with her hurt feelings from her mom’s scolding.  She rages on about her mom.  Nikolas advises her to just take a stand and tell her mom “no” and tell her what she really wants to do with her life.  Gia says she wants to go into music.

Hannah finds Taggert in the hospital.  He’s upset about his mom and sister fighting and his being stuck in the middle.  He knows the reason Gia’s lying and acting up is because she feels trapped by her mom’s expectations, like he did.  He wonders how he can get them to stop fighting.

Mac gets a call from Garcia and tells Felicia that they found Maxie and are bringing her home.  Felicia greets her enthusiastically.  Lucky is there so they thank him for making Maxie see the truth.  They invite him to stay but he has to go.  Maxie explains why she left and why she came back.  They assure her that they’ll always love her and Georgie.  Georgie comes out and there are family hugs.

Emily brings Zander the money.  He asks her if she wants to come with him, but she can’t.  He wishes things had been different, that he could have met her at the rave instead of Ted.  She asks him if he can stay until Friday when she gets her allowances.  He agrees.