General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/17/00


General Hospital Tuesday 10/17/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan’s guy tells him that Chloe’s dream was accurate, according to their surveillance of Helena.  Now that Luke’s been cleared, Stefan hopes Helena will be charged of his murder.  He says he has to make other plans to keep Nikolas safe from her.  Chloe comes to see him in his room so the guy leaves.  Chloe has made a chart of when the sentry guardes come and go, to aid in their escape.

He says he has his own plan, to use her dreams to find a more effective way to lure helena to the island.  She tells Stefan that she hasn’t been sleeping well enough to dream because she keeps worrying about whether she can dream about Helena.  He suggests she find a boring book to make her fall asleep.  They look for one and she finds his journal from when he was a boy.  He remembers hiding it there years ago from his mother and big brother.  He reminisces about his brother Stavros.  He said he was usually kind to him and Alexis, but Helena managed to ruin most of what was good in him.  Chloe continues to read the journal.  Stefan angrily tells his man that he was supposed to remove everything that showed he owned the house and island.  The man promises to check everything again.

Helena goes to see Alan at his office and runs into Bobbie.  She taunts Bobbie about Luke’s affair and how it could affect Laura’s mental state.  Bobbie assures her that Laura is stronger than ever.  Helena says, “Well, the hospital will have to make that decision.  An employee who suffers from emotional instability is a substantial risk.”  Bobbie makes a crack about the hospital getting funding from Helen, who “murdered her own son and framed an innocent man” and calls Laura a “good, caring person”.  Helena sees Gia and asks to speak with her.  She apologizes to Gia for jumping to the wrong conclusion the other day, that she and Nikolas are only friends.  Gia says it’s none of her business what they are to each other.  Nikolas comes up and starts defending Gia again.  Helena threatens to cut off funding for the hospital.  Gia can’t believe she would do that but Nikolas assures her that Helena would do it in a second.  Still, he isn’t going to let her tell him who to date.  Gia assures him that he can’t go out with her, anyway.  He says he wasn’t planning to.

Roy plays soccer with Lucas and jokes around.  The ball goes over and Sorel picks it up.  He greets Roy and says, “It’s been a while”.  Roy sends Lucas a little ways away to play.  Sorel asks Roy to work with him but Roy tells him to go away.  Tony finds Lucas and then goes over to chat with Roy.  He tells him to keep “that thug away from my son”.  They argue about it.  Bobbie arrives and isn’t happy to hear they’ve been fighting.  Tony tells them that he never wants Roy alone with his son again and takes Lucas away.  Bobbie asks Roy what happened.  He tells her that Sorel barely spoke to Lucas, that he wants Roy to work for him.  He assures her he won’t work for anyone that would put her or Lucas in danger, so she accepts that promise.

Lucky visits Laura at home.  Lulu is still in North Carolina with Lesley.  He offers his sympathy about how she’s been lately.  He apologizes for pushing her away since he’s been back and says Faison programmed him.  He explains how he knows and how Elizabeth helped him, and how he is going to go to Kevin for help.  She asks about Helena.  He says he doesn’t care what she did, he just wants it over.  She agrees.  He hopes Luke will get past it without trying to punish Nikolas’ family.  She consoles him and tells him he wasn’t “weak” for being brainwashed by Faison.  They’re glad to be back together.  She pleads with him to make amends with Luke and says they love each other, too.

Mac visits and they tell the girls about the divorce.  Felicia admits it’s her fault but Mac says it’s his decision, too.  They plan to stay friends.  Despite the girls’ pleas, they say they will live apart, but they will still be a family.  Maxie asks if he is filing for custody again.  Mac says they belong with their mom but he will be there all the time.  Georgie wonders if she made them mad but they assure her it’s not her fault.  After Mac leaves, Felicia has another discussion with Maxie about the future and how things will get better.  Felicia asks Maxie if she wants to go out for ice cream, but she declines, so Felicia goes out with Georgie.  Maxie packs some things.

Mac visits Laura for a chat to see how she’s doing.  She shares the news about Lucky.  She says she had decided to leave town but now she’s not sure because of Lucky.  He tells her about his divorce.  He thinks Laura should stay.

Lucky runs into Nikolas in the hallways of GH.  Nikolas warns Lucky that Helena is “prowling the halls”.  He keeps Lucky company while he waits for his appointment with Kevin.  Nikolas tells him about the runin with her and Gia.  Lucky says that Nikolas really controls Helena; she does everything she can to please him, in her way.  He suggests that Nikolas should pretend Helena is winning him over and to use that as a weapon.  He is repelled by the idea.  Lucky goes to his appointment and Nikolas goes to get lunch.  Helena snoops and finds out about Lucky’s meetings with Kevin.