General Hospital Update Monday 10/16/00


General Hospital Update Monday 10/16/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned and Alexis are hounded by reporters at their small impromptu wedding, so they decide not to elope right now.  Alexis makes it clear that she plans to keep her name professionally.

Carly talks to Sonny about Mike and says that she wants to cook for him.  He tries to stop her but she insists.  She promises to be kind to his pots and pans.  He says letting anyone in his kitchen is asking a lot.  She reminds him she made him sea bass once and even though their plans got interrupted, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any good.  He confesses he snuck in the kitchen and ate it, and it was pretty good.  But he’s still nervous.  Carly makes gazpacho but it’s too salty.  She makes baked chicken but sets off the smoke alarm.  The chicken is overcooked and she spills the gravy, burning hear hand.  She is upset so Sonny assures her that it’s the thought that counts.  She feels better.  They joke around and Sonny makes them food to share.

Emily has Zander hide so Juan doesn’t see he-im.  She tries to get rid of Juan but his feelings are hurt. She says she’s worried that their gardener heard Juan visiting and he’s going to tell Edward, who will have the tree outside cut down.  Juan says he loves her and no one’s ever going to keep them apart again.  But he leaves and then she tells Zander to come out from hiding.  Zander gives her pixie sticks and says he didn’t get to say a real goodbye last time.  She is amazed at the risk he is taking.  He says he didn’t really want to say goodbye so he came back to her.  He asks her to go with him on the road because he’s lonely.  He misses her so much.  She thinks he’s acting crazy.  Edward stops by so Zander hides again.  He wants to make sure she’s okay and sticking to her curfew.  He threatens to have the tree torn down and the window bricked up.  Then things soften and they have a heart-to-heart.  Edward says he was just so worried about her when she was gone.  Zander asks her if she thinks of him as just her kidnapper, but she assures him she doesn’t.  But she says her life is here with her friends and family.  Monica visits but doesn’t see Zander.  She asks Emily about her date with Juan.  She thinks Juan is under the bed so she tells Emo send him home.  Emily gives Zander her phone number in case of emergency and he tells her he will send her a secret post card.  She says he’ll need money to get back to Canada, so she asks him to wait so she can get him some money.

Laura insists on having a drink at Luke’s.  Bobbie, Felicia, and Roy are there, too.  Bobbie chats with Laura and tries to get her to stop drinking.  Laura is kind of drunk and obnoxious.  Laura says loudly that she learned from Felicia that if you want something, just take it.  So she insists on dancing with Roy.

Bobbie knows that Laura is just hurting so she lets them dance and leaves the room so she doesn’t have to watch.  Roy notices Laura is crying.  She asks him to help her out so she can keep some of her dignity.  Scptt arrives so Roy hands her over to him, pretending Scott came to pick up his “date”.  Luke watches painfully as they leave.  Felicia tells Luke he should just enjoy his freedom and apologizes for not coming forth in the first place to get him free.   They each make sure the other one is allright and then Luke goes upstairs to smoke cigars.

Laura is grateful Scott rescued her but says he has his own problems and shouldn’t keep rescuing her.  He just wants to make sure she’s okay. She says it’s “fitting” that he should be here at the end of her relationship with Luke, since he was at the beginning.  She says that she didn’t really believe it until she saw Luke and Felicia looking so happy together, that it was over.  She asks Scott to finalize the divorce for her, so he agrees.